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Hey ho, Hello!

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Hi, I 'm an import from another time and space.  

j u s t   k i d d i n g . . . 


though I do feel that way sometimes.  I love to write and lyrics has been my go-to because it doesn't take as long as some other writing does.  I do a little singing, but I don't know if I will here.  I've got to feel my way around.

I'm a little excited and a little nervous.  I've heard great things about this forum and I can't wait to check things out! Kris

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Hi Kris,


Welcome to SongStuff!  Nice to have you join us. I love to write lyrics too and probably from another time and space.. haha 😎


Jump in and check things out and see you on the boards. 



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Hey Kristiana, welcome to our family!


What do you hope to get from Songstuff?

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@john @Taking Notes


Thank you for the welcome!

In answer to your question, @john


*I’d like to refine my writing skills, learn new methods and writing styles

*experiment, experiment, experiment!  I’d like to get to know about things I don’t even know that I don’t know yet

*maybe develop some collaborative relationships with musicians

*find some good feedback on experimental ideas.

* I wouldn’t mind developing relationships with other lyricists to share feedback with.  

*I’d like to learn the actual terms for things I’ve been implementing through practice and intuition in my writing.  

*Even though my music theory is limited, I’d like to learn enough to be able to follow conversation involving it and as it relates to interaction between lyricist and musician.  For example:  what a measure is and to understand it audibly and not just by term.

* I’m learning about how to pick out timing for songs thanks to a family member, but not necessarily the odd timings.  That would be something I’d like to learn.  


I’m sure there’s more that I haven’t thought of just yet.  There’s plenty Id like to learn.  

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It’s a good starting list!

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