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A diss for my friend, tried atleast

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Little boy, a f*cking wuss,
looking for some puss,
im coming straight to your face,
with a katana swinging, woosh.
Ugly f*cking  bastard,
thinking he's as strong as Superman,
stop thinking about bullshit man,
what the f*ck man, goddamn
Skinny f*ck, you're as white as the moon,
as smart and beautiful as a chimp,
as strong as a sheet of paper,
come on bitch,pick up my dick.
Don't let it fall in your face,
cause it will get bad,
you already have a hole in your buttcrack,
you don't need anither one in your head.
You have the mind of a fish,
blind as f*ck and a braindead,
if i'll throw with dicks in your head the whole day, you wouldn't notice from where.
You're like f*cking Dracula,
the cheap chinese ripoff of him,
your teeth are like nails,
and you're as cold as a warm fresh piece of shit,
all you get to suck are giant dicks,
you are a good person good at anything,
and looking nice but just in your dreams.
I am your little nightmare,
im about to f*ck you up bad,
better watch your f*cking mouth,
or you'll might get smacked,
useless piece of shit.


I tried to write something and i said that why wouldn't i write about my friend?

I tried to, not too much but i tried, tell me if its not good enough and if should make it better.


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Not 100% sure, but I think he's gonna LOVE IT!!!

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