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Bluegrass in the round

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Music can fill your soul and make your heart soar. This is what happened to me last night at The Station Inn, Nashville.

Wowza! Had it not been for the crowded room, I would've sworn I walked on to a porch pickin mountain cabin. There had to have been 10 guitars, 1 upright bass, 2 mandolins, 2 fiddles, a banjo, and the best darn harmonies in Bluegrass I've heard live ever.

I got to meet the young banjo player Kelsey and a great singer Eugene who was playing the guitar but I suspect he could play anything...

I'm going back next Monday to hear some old country! Can't wait.

Does anyone else like Bluegrass? Play Bluegrass? I'd love to know!

bluegrass round.jpg

station inn.jpg

Station crowd.jpg

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When I was in college I worked part time in Louisville, Kentucky. My uncle took me to a club along the river called The Great Midwestern Bluegrass Hall. My first time there, a young musician named Ricky Skaggs was playing with his band called Boone Creek. I was bitten by the bug and completely indoctrinated from that point on. He came over to our table between sets and chatted. That night led to me getting a Martin D28 and furiously learning bluegrass. I eventually became the most proficient I've ever been on guitar playing bluegrass. The Martin guitar unceremoniously left my possession years later and I made a bitter vow I was never going to play guitar again (it's a long story). One day after my oldest son shamed me by saying I had lost my musical soul, I got the only guitar I could afford, one that in no way compared to the Martin. By then, so much time had passed that I lost my bluegrass chops and was never motivated to work at it again. But to answer your question, I love it. I have in my collection a few vinyl lp's of Clarence White and the Kentucky Colonels that are very collectible. Still spin them a few times a month.

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Dave that's a cool story! One of my friend's knows someone who plays Ricky Scaggs (I can't seem to get an introduction though... Maybe she's not a good friend? LOL)

I'm glad your son was able to open your eyes to get you back to playing. Even if it isn't bluegrass.

Speaking of vinyl, I just got a $5.00 turntable at a thrift store this weekend and was finally able to listen to some of my late husbands collection. Ok...his mother's too. she has 5 Hank William Sr and young George Jones and a stunning Loretta Lynn album where you can hear her vibrato. I love it! You've got some good ones I see.

I've got to get better speakers. I hooked it up to my TV's sound bar but only get minimum level of sound. I'm working on it.

Chat soon!

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Lisa, This looks like so much fun! There are many bluegrass artists I love, writers and performers..Bela Fleck, Allison Krauss, Robert Hunter...etc, etc. 


Can't wait to hear about old country night.


Nice photos!



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I enjoy some bluegrass. A guilty pleasure of a few albums I play from time to time. I do enjoy playing the odd tune on guitar too.

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John, that's incredible. Bluegrass can be so fast. it amazes me that fingers can move that fast and make music. lol

next hold music can i request a little bluegrass? 😜

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