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I am a forty something that has something to say, as we all do. Over the past 9 or so years I have composed several different lyrics with different tones, feeling, and rhythms. My main influences are Scott Stapp (don't judge me), Jeff Scott Soto, Journey, and Judas Priest.  I would love to find someone to collaborate with, allowing full creative license and shared ownership of the song. It has been my dream for a number of years to hear music that I helped create. I hear the music in my head as I write the lyrics, I just don't have the skills to create the music. If anyone is interested, here is one of my 50+ songs. Hope you enjoy.


Waiting for sunset

Life weighs heavy on my mind

Stress and worry have taken my day

Sunset gives me a chance to stop and think

 Would I go back and do it all again

If I did would it stay the same anyway

The last light of day sits on the horizon

 I stand here as the world fades away

Watching the end of another day



I’m waiting for sunset

To come my way

So I can clear my mind

 Just one more time

 So I watch the day

As it fades away

All my cares and worries

Start to fade away

If just for another day

Life has a funny way

Of getting me through the day

With every challenge that comes my way

It gets harder each and every day

But I get through it anyway

That’s why I’m so glad to say

Tomorrow is just another day

A day to rise above and overcome

That’s why I’m waiting for sunset to come


(Repeat chorus)


It’s always darkest just before the dawn

This is why we must carry on

So we can see the gift of another dawn

So we can rise above and overcome

We must carry on through the dark

And rise above and overcome

We must rise above and overcome

So we can stand up and meet the rising sun


(Repeat chorus)

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Thanks. I hope to make a difference to at least one person with my lyrics.

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Well then, join in! haha.  While you look around, check out the critique boards (you'll need 10 posts to start a lyric topic).  There are also tons of articles on writing songs and lyrics, etc. We also have the lyric challenges and collaboration areas. If your into social networking and marketing, we have a Music Marketing and Promotion club you might want to check out, too.


Most of all have fun in the community and take your music interest to new places. 



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