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Rap critique needed. (Warning, explicit!)

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Hello there, I've been making rap songs for almost a year now (before that I dipped my toes here and there in making rap but never really took it serious up to this point).

I know that my music isn't perfect, in fact I believe it is far from it.

However, I am in need of some brutally honest constructive criticism, especially when it comes to my voice, my pronounciation (because I've heard that I have a thick accent) and the overall vibe when it comes to my voice and the beat.


So far only got critique like 'I like it' or 'you shouldn't rap' and it obviously isn't helping me at all understand where I need to improve and what I should hold onto.

I excluded lyrics simply because I know that my lyrics aren't good, and I'm already working on it, especially by learning new words to expand my vocabulary.


A quick warning though. I'm portraying a very offensive character in my rap. Please keep that in mind. If you're easily offended, or simply don't want to listen to some guy saying everything offensive imaginable in their music, then maybe skip on this one. Thanks.


Here's a song of mine which I actually like (but know that it definitely is far from being perfect) (WARNING: Offensive Lyrics):



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firstly embrace your accent and apply into your music, for example how you may pronounce things in your city or slang etc. I can understand you might want to rap in English to reach an audience but doesn't mean you need to have an accent. don't be afraid to add lil german words in too. an listening to the feel of your voice I wouldn't say sounds offensive. can tell you got talent bro, keep working on music an proggesin

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