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Hello All

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Hi there, just thought I'd tell you a bit about myself before getting involved in the forum.

I'm originally a guitarist / co-songwriter, been in & out of indie bands for a few years now. But now I've moved to a more remote part of the country and it's hard to find people to collaborate with... so I've set up a little home studio and I am 60% excited / 40% nervous about this 'solo project'. :-[

I'm trying to piece together all the ideas I have on tapes / CDs and in notebooks and striving for a simple, melodic and dreamy sound, inspired by Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, The Smiths, Doves , elbow, etc.

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Steve / Nightwolf... I'm in the Norfolk countryside... 35 miles from anywhere that has what could be described as a music scene!

typo... I have recorded some stuff in other bands, but it's time for a clean break. I don't really want to go over old ground, so i'm not going to post any old tunes.

I have spent today trying to work out how to program a drum machine, so it doesn't sound like a drum machine... aaaagh!!!

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Happier music? You've never even heard The Cocteau Twins, have you? Allow me to enlighten you, fellow noob:


If I could sound half as good as this, I'd die happy.

:D That wasn't a bad track I'll admit! I once bought one of their albums, I think it was called Victorialand (?) Only played it twice! I've been scarred for life! ^_^ Maybe I'll check out some of their later tracks on YouTube. You never know? I might be converted!...

But I'll never listen to the Smiths again! :-/

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btw, what is this "warn" box to the left... am I on probation? :D


Everyone can see their own warn box. Moderators and staff can see them all :)

Basically we use it to warn members when they are naughty :0 By click on it you can see a description of why you have been warned and there should be a percentage displayed. In your case you have not been warned ;)

The board rules link is at the top of the forum pages in the menus. If you are concerned about any rule, or that a post may break any rule (there aren't many) feel free to contact a mod for clarification.




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