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I'm new to the board

I was hoping to find a forum for music

critiquing for making instrumentals

I mainly use Reason 3.0 and an Axiom 49 keyboard

It's almost been a year of making beats, 11 months

I'll try to stay active in the Music Technology section

because that is what I know best

I'm also a songwriter, but have put it on hold

for making beats

My website is www.soundclick.com/pzykwardproductions

I hope you all like it [smiley=rockin.gif]

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How exactly do you make a sig??

I'm new to boards period haha

and thanks everyone for the warm welcome

At the top of each page you will see an array of buttons like this:

Admin CP · My Blog · My Albums · My Controls · View New Posts · My Assistant · My Friends · 0 New Messages

Hit 'My Controls' Which will take you to your own profile page. On the left hand side of the page is a menu with a whole bunch of options. Scroll down to 'Personal Profile' where you will see several options for editing your profile, including your avatar settings (Little picture by your name) and Signature settings.

If you want to put a website link in your sig, you need to use the square bracket '[' then 'url= and then in quotation marks, put the address i.e. "http://www.songstuff.com] Songstuff and then another closing set of brackets

So to see this:


Just hit reply to this message and you'll see how it looks! Simple... :-/ Any problems, I'm out writing lyrics for the rest of the month...

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