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  1. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    As long as there are listeners that can relate to a lyric it is fine. It is also important that the storyline unfolds with a little more information unfolding in each verse in order to retain the interest of the listener. Chorus or hook should kick home the crux of the story. Having stated the above it is not something set in stone because there have been plenty of song lyrics that have charted that defy logic.
  2. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    As I stated earlier, it is a good write and if you are open to advice the main thing that needs addressing in my humble opinion is just to retain the first "Dear Dad" and replace the others with something else.
  3. Hi Richard, The songs that I listened to which didn't have melodies were "Electronic genre". Please be aware that I am so under the cosh at the moment writing with a number of people so I don't have much time to search for songs on songstuff. If you think anything will grab my attention you can send them in "A folder" to ray@midaskingproductions.com With your name on it and I will be able to listen to each of them whenever I get a break. I hope that is OK with you? Regards, Ray
  4. Hi Richard, I listened to your instrumental tracks but as I only write to melody nowadays it was difficult to tell if I could be inspired by any of them. I listened to "Midnight Hour" and although the hook was cliched inasmuch as it was used in a well known song back in the sixties, I found it interesting. Lyrically I would have prefered it to be more personalised by turning the "You" into "I" and working from that perspective because it could be much stronger but thats just my personal view. Listening to the vocal it was difficult to ascertain your vocal range being that the melody didn't stretch it. Do you have any other songs that can illustrate your vocal range? Kind regards, Ray
  5. Hi Richard, Thanks for taking the trouble to introduce yourself (I only respond to those that do). I used to craft lyrics cold but found that some composers didn't always translate the feeling of the lyric so I now mainly craft lyrics to melodies. I find that if a music arrangement and melody inspires me I instinctively know what the subject matter of the song should be. I don't need a full arrangement, Just a guitar or piano with either a La La'd , Synthetic saxophone, or lead guitar melody would suffice. That way, if a co-writer is not happy with what I craft they are not obligated to continue with that particular collaboration. As long as I believe a song to be commercially viable to either release, pitch to mainstream or independent artists or for Film or television I'm open to working with it. I will have a listen to the track you have pointed out and I will also have a listen to your voice and some of the songs via your links. Kind regards, Ray
  6. Arrogance

    Yep, I am most certainly unique, but then again we all are. True beauty lies in the individual's soul. What we see on the outside is just an illusion.
  7. Arrogance

    It's amazing that a discussion about arrogance can attract so many posters. All I have to say to symphonious7 is that I am by far better looking than him. If you all take a look at the photograph of me on the left you MUST agree that I am the most handsome individual on Songstuff, on this planet, the solar system, the Milky way and the universe. It feels so good to be a humble personality and one day I must give up the crack pipe.
  8. Lyrics Writing Challenge Wk1 2016

    This is a song where a mother is speaking to her child and advising her about life. Don’t Take Too Long Lyric by: Raymond Fry & Steve Manning Verse 1: As you step into the future I may never see, Let yourself become the person you could really be. I know the days move slowly as you wish away your youth, Beware of those who claim that they alone have found the truth. Chorus 1: Don’t take too long to realize that you're strong, Don’t let people fool ya, when they tell ya you're wrong. Don’t take too long to see we’re not inside the Matrix, love is real, Don’t take too long to find that scars can heal. Verse 2: If you find that there are roads which you must walk alone, Try to find a self that you can truly call your own. If after failed relationships you can't bare them any-more, Don’t take too long to realize that love’s worth waiting for. Chorus 2: Don’t take too long to realize that you're strong, Don’t let people fool ya, when they tell ya you're wrong. Don’t take too long to see we’re not inside the Matrix, love is real, Don’t take too long to find that scars can heal. Bridge: I can see your natural spirit clearly shining through, And I’m so proud that I can spend this precious time with you. Believe there’s not a single problem you cannot surmount, And while this life caresses you, make every moment count. Verse 3: Wish I had more to say, wish I had more to give: A mothers inspiration for every day you live. And I hope that when the course is finally run, You’ll look back and say “Those days were good, and I was loved”. Chorus 3: Don’t take too long to realize that you're strong, Don’t let people fool ya, when they tell ya you're wrong. Don’t take too long to see we’re not inside the Matrix, love is real, Don’t take too long to find that scars can heal. Outro: Don’t take too long to realize you're strong, Don’t take too long © Copyright worldwide all rights reserved
  9. My baby girl

    I know I am 14 months late but congrats on you new arrival. She must be toddling around the house by now
  10. Camden Run- Studio

    You managed to record nice guitar and piano sounds on this song. Well done. Vocally I would have liked to have heard a little more expression in some parts but thats just my personal view.
  11. Raymond Fry Lyrics collection

    http://www.midaskingproductions.com/lyrics.html Recommendations (15) https://www.linkedin.com/pub/raymond-fry-prs/42/155/934 Giampaolo Pasquile - Composer/Producer (Platinum & GMA Award Winner) - Musician presso Play Records Ray is a wizard with a pen and also a very professional manager. I am currently working with him and his team on projects for three of his artists and have also co-written and co-produced with him. It's been a real pleasure to combine my melodies, arrangements, and productions with his beautiful lyrics. I can recommend Ray to singers and composers who are looking for a professional who can guide them in their professional growth.Niki Clarke - Record Label Owner/Music Producer/Music Artist Raymond Fry was a co-director in Third Eye Music Productions and also Stepping Stone Studios. Ray was always a very focused and down to earth director within our business partnership. He has a lot of drive, is very committed and also a good guy to get on with. On the creative side he is a very passionate and gifted lyricist that injects an incredible amount of insight and meaning into his lyrics in a very relatable and commercial way. I cannot recommend Raymond more highly for any future projects and endeavours that he may get involved with. A real pleasure to work with. Pete Maher - Owner, Pete Maher Mastering Raymond is a fantastic songwriter and musician. I had the pleasure of mastering one of his songs and found him to be dedicated and hard working. He certainly knows where to place the hooks.. Great working with you Raymond, keep up the great work Richard Stephens - Songwriter/Producer/Engineer (Recommendation as founder of `Midas King productions`) Ray is a very talented songwriter and musician who has an incredible ear for melody and also as a lyricist. He has formed a business of top notch artists and writers and has given me and incredible opportunity to work with him and his team. He is very informative and communicative in all of our collaborations going above and beyond to complete our projects until they are perfect. Ray also goes above and beyond songwriting and melody. He wears many hats working on marketing and artist management handling the business end as well. Ray has a true passion for the music industry in all aspects and the time and effort he puts into projects is incredible. I look forward to continue working with him. Richard Stephens Songwriter/Producer/Engineer (Recommendation as Director of `Oracle records`)Raymond Fry is an exceptional Lyricist who has a great ear for melody and arrangement. He wears many hats and is extremely knowledgeable about the entire Music Industry. Raymond is also a good communicator who makes sure his entire team is in the know at ever move and direction. He never gives up and always pushes hard to get any task done correctly, professionally and with high dignity. He is very well respected among his peers and I highly recommend him as as Managing Director at Oracle Records LtdAmaryllis Santiago - Artist and Independent Music Professional I am writing this recommendation for Ray after collaborating with him for almost a year. Throughout the year, we have had many conversations on the music industry, styles, genres, and staying true to oneself's vocation, passion, and instinct. Ray has an outstanding ability to pen lyrics based on first giving the credit to our Creator God and then for the person he is writing the song for. He always asks if the lyrics are suitable or if the lyrics have touched the artist. He doesn't just write for the sake of writing. He writes for the sake of creating timeless lyrics to music that lasts and touches those that hear it. I can attest to his utmost professionalism, tireless dedication, truth, and the ability to work in unison with people from all demographics without being judgemental. I am honoured to be collaborating with Ray and his team who have become part of my musical journey. George Shashin - Composer/Producer I have co-written several songs with Ray over the past two months and found him to be an extremely creative and versatile lyricist. He has an inbuilt sense of rhyme and metre and his subject matter is extensive. He has been very helpful in procuring the right vocalists for different song genre's, and has freely introduced several of his contacts who have proven useful to me. He possesses a keen eye for an opportunity and is currently pitching a composition of mine for advertisement. Ray is an all round nice guy and I hope my working relationship with him continues long into the future. Raymond is the best lyricist Marina Makarova - Composer/Producer Raymond is a creative and gifted lyricist who pays much attention to detail. He injects 100% effort in skilfully crafting his songs and is great to work with. A+ rating for Raymond. Dave Haertel - I have known and worked internationally with Ray for a few years now and although I have not met him in person. I have found him to be very consistent in our relationship. He always pays attention to detail concerning his lyric crafting and stays on point with all projects from beginning to completion. Ray in all honesty is the fairest man I have dealt with in the music industry. He is a great mentor, has a great sense of humour and I now consider him to be a good friend. Ray was instrumental in me procuring a record deal, and I consider it a privilege to be a member of his team at Midas King Productions. Gian Marco La Serra - Pianist/Composer/Arranger/Transcriber I've had the pleasure to compose a melody for a song written by Raymond Fry, and now we're working on another project. He's a very professional, meticulous and inspired songwriter, which loves nice music and is available to discuss and collaborate with other artists. I'm really glad to have known him. Enrico Giuliani Audio Engineer at Samurai Sound Raymond is a very unique lyricist. He is incredibly passionate about music and puts all of his energy into his job. I have engineered for Ray and his artist on several occasions, and collaborated with him in procuring vocal recordings from the artist that he was working with at the time. I am pleased that I was given the chance to see how he operates and I was impressed by his dedication to detail when directing how the lyric should be sung to the melodies. It was refreshing that he remained open minded to my suggestions and allowed me to express them freely to the artist. Certainly one of the few I've worked with that does his job with patience, great passion, and good manners. He has years of experience in the music industry and I would recommend his work to anyone. I look forward to working with him again in the near futureRudolf Jerome Ragay - General Manager of Internet Secrets Made Easy Pty. Ltd. in Australia I found Raymond to be a gifted and creative lyricist who's work on an emotional level digs deeper than many other writers. He has been a great mentor for me in the music industry. Great to work with you Ray! Lorenzo G Lotito - Professional Journalist presso Retesole I met Ray in a Linkedin forum and in a few days we started collaborating on a pop music project. I really believe Ray has great imagination and accuracy, two essential qualities for a professional lyricist as he is. Moreover I appreciate his honesty and pleasantness. All his capacities are even more important when working remotely as Ray does with me and other music professionals all over the world. Steve Johnson - Songwriter/Artist I am a BMI affiliated songwriter I have only known and worked with Ray for a short time collaborating on songs and song ideas. He is an excellent lyricist and has a keen musical intuition. He is great to work with from a collaboration standpoint. I highly recommend Ray he is an excellent songwriting partner and is truly knowledgeable in regards to the music industry. Carroll Kiphen - Lyricist at Self- employed Over the past year Ray Fry has given me invaluable advice in the art of creating lyrics and crafting songs. I have sought out his wisdom in music related business matters and followed his guidance to avoid making mistakes. Ray is talented , knowledgeable and sincere in his intentions and I consider myself lucky to know him and learn from him. With sincere appreciation.
  12. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    I really love this song and it has much potential. it's a really good write although it would be advisable to come up with something to replace the repeated Dear Dad's. My reasoning is that the song reads like a letter which is a good thing but you wouldn't say dear dad three times. Once is Enough. I am guessing that the melody is in the early stages of development because some parts really work well and some feel a little sticky but it may be the case that you sang and played live. I also like your voice because there are many that can sing but there's few who can express a song with the feeling that you put into it. Once you have ironed out the melody get yourself into a studio and record it properly, it will be a great song. If you were in London I would get you into my studio pronto and not let you go until you had an album recorded. I would have no problem with buying the song if it was completed and radio ready. Well done so far
  13. So Hot

    I co-wrote this Pop song with John Night and George Egor Shashin. Music by George Egor Shashin Mp3 Attached So Hot Lyric by: Raymond Fry & John Knight Verse 1: Ninety eight degrees, no sign of a breeze I’m breathing heavy for my man steaming all alone, picking up the phone Get yourself around here if you can Chorus: Oh oh oh oh oh oh, Because I'm hot, baby, I'm so hot Just get into your car, I don't live to far, I'll leave my door ajar so you better come and get me while I'm hot now you better come and give me all you've got Verse 2: Your my one desire Set your wheels on fire Don't wanna play a waiting game you're the only guy Sends my pulse sky high Better bring some ice cold lemonade Chorus: Oh oh oh oh oh oh, Because I'm hot, baby, I'm so hot Just get into your car, I don't live to far, I'll leave my door ajar So you better come and get me while I'm hot, so hot Now you better come and give me all you've got Bridge: Your so hot, baby, your so hot come around treat me sweet, lock on to my heartbeat I want you now so give me all that you've got give me all you've got, give me all you've got Chorus: Oh oh oh oh oh oh, Because I'm hot, baby, I'm so hot Just get into your car, I don't live to far, I'll leave my door ajar So you better come and get me while I'm hot, so hot Now you better come and give me all you've got Chorus: Oh oh oh oh oh oh, Because I'm hot, baby, I'm so hot Just get into your car, I don't live to far, I'll leave my door ajar So you better come and get me while I'm hot, so hot Now you better come and give me all you've got © worldwide Midas King Productions all rights reserved So_hot_Victoria.mp3
  14. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    I don't concern myself with how others perceive my lyrics. As long as I feel that I have got my message across it's OK with me. In my experience (which is a very long time) different people will perceive a lyric according to their own individual experiences. Not everyone will be able to identify with it or even get close to understanding your intended meaning. Back in the sixties there was a song written by Gary Brooker titled "Whiter shade of pale" whose meaning nobody except Gary understood and he had to explain it. It didn't stop the song from becoming a hit.
  15. How candid are you in your lyrics?

    I'm not a musician so don't use pitch correction personally but it doesn't bother me because the majority of songs in the charts nowadays used it to varying degrees. It's a sign of the times with the advancement of technology i'm afraid. No sins involved unless you happen to be a purist. Anyway I am only responsible for lyrics so don't have to concern myself about that aspect so my perspective is neutral on the subject.