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  1. Or me lol
  2. Ahhh now that wasn't too difficult was it? your not the tin man after all. I also gave him some feedback on one of his lyrics lol. I think that we must be saints as well as sinners lol
  3. I think I should just shoot myself lol before it gets any worse.
  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it makes a lot more sense to me now. So your not so nasty after all. Hopefully he would have learnt a lesson just like I have lol. Ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeee
  5. Yeah, us humans are prone to that sometimes lol.
  6. Hey David, I missed a lot of other artists and bands out Lol, he's a great guy and anyone who has been on Songstuff for a while and posesses proven integrity and is looking for radio ready masters are welcome to ask me for his contact details. Please note that I will not be giving out his contact details willy nilly.
  7. Hi Randy, I'm not sure if your budget for mastering all 5 songs would stretch to £250 but if so I would like to put you in touch with a friend of mine who likes to help artists. He has mastered songs for all the artists and bands below: Message me if you require contact. U2 – Invisible (Superbowl Edit 2014) U2 – U22 – Live Double Album (360 World Tour) U2 – From The Ground Up – Album (360 World Tour) U2 – Breathe (Acoustic Version For Nelson Mandela ‘Miracle Rising’ Documentary) THE ROLLING STONES – Archive Music And Testimonials from Johnny Depp, KATY PERRY – The One That Got Away LANA DEL REY – Westcoast (Favela Remix – Polydor Official) PAUL WELLER – The Poacher NICOLE SCHERZINGER – Try With Me NOEL GALLAGHER – Here Come The Nice DAMIEN RICE – One THE KILLERS – Ultraviolet PATTI SMITH – Until The End Of The World SNOW PATROL – Mysterious Ways PIXIES – Baal’s Back (2016 Album) DEPECHE MODE – So Cruel TOPLOADER – Seeing Stars (2017 Album) BOWIESONGS1 – David Bowie Piano Project By Clifford Slapper (Endorsed By Harry Maslin, Mike Garson) JACK WHITE – Love Is Blindness Martin Scorsese, Iggy Pop etc.. LA LA LAND – City Of Stars THUNDER – Wonder Days (Top 10 Album) LINKIN PARK – Lost In The Echo NINE INCH NAILS – Zoo Station BRIAN AUGER – Anthology (featuring ROD STEWART and JIMMY PAGE) SCISSOR SISTERS – Invisible Light ALESHA DIXON / DAME VERA LYNN – We’ll Meet Again DONKEY KONG (curtasy of Hobo Sage)
  8. Yeah, I never listen to anything where it requires sign-up, it's not just the fact that it wastes your time, you also get bombarded with emails and I receive far to many already. This is an excellent rule Songstuff.
  9. Nice idea here with a lot of potential although there are parts that could do with ringing truer. You have begun the first verse in the present and by the end of the song you are speaking in past tense. You could get around this by changing your opening verse to past tense. I have started you off with a few pointers. Well done so far. There's a passion that burned, between you and I, Ignited a fire, that would light up my sky, So bright was the fire, it burned through the night, It blinded our perception, of what's wrong or right, All that I wanted, was for love to take hold... I could feel the fire that burned, With white hot emotion, that was out of control... and flames that wouldn't be turned, But how is there love, and a passion so strong, When two minds can't meet, and everything's wrong, With no understanding, and nowhere to turn, Like throwing gas on a fire, stand back let it burn, When the back fires are lit, there's no turning back... as another lesson is learned, But I knew all along, the danger involved... play with fire, you always get burned, I did not want to lose us, but it seems I have... as the flames have burned us down, And as I walk through the rubble, of whats left of my life... not a thing is left to be found.
  10. los peelos I love this lyric with the edits. First class write in my humble opinion. Can't wait to hear it when recorded.
  11. Hi David, Maybe I'm thicker skinned than I thought I was but it didn't come across as a complaint to me. I saw a newcomer desperate for recognition and although he came across as immature I can remember a time when I was first starting out and needed affirmation. I don't know if you can remember yourself being in that same position or maybe you haven't? Maybe it's just a case of us seeing things through different eyes. I have a tendency towards compassion because I see beyond how a person comes across. Yes your entitled to your opinion David, I guess that I was just hoping that you might glimpse him from a different perspective. It's possible that my own perspective is skewiff but my nature is to go where angels fear to tread. For some unknown reason I thought you were admin so I apologize for getting that wrong. I still feel the same about my view of ttec4U
  12. Hi Hobo, I'm not sure if all the posts are still here on the thread of if any have been deleted? From what I have read above it feels like you may have treated this newcomer a little too harshly. I don't hear him condemning this site, I just hear him questioning why he hasn't received the amount of feedback he would have liked. I agree that 4 posts on the same day was a bit strong but I'm sure that once he was told he would have complied. I realise that you are admin and it's possible that I may have missed something here but I am not a person that can stand by and say nothing if I feel an injustice has taken place. It feels to me that you have ridiculed this guy. I hope I am wrong and that there is something more that I am unaware of.
  13. Hi Arty, Even though I state in my profile "No critique", if I ask for it like I have above it is OK so no problem there. I'm not sure if I explained myself in an understandable way but I represented "LOVE" as "MUSIC" allegorically so my line "We sing our songs until the music dies" is really saying "We'll be loving each other until we die". Hopefully it will now make sense to you. Also Arty, I never once mentioned "Perfect rhyme" and as stated in the outset the whole thing was an exercise and a self challenge to see if I could write a song that made sense rhyming all the way through apart from the last line of each section. Sorry but I am unable to make it any clearer than that. I'm hoping that it's not brain damage due to my stroke as to why I am not seeming to explain myself properly but I will receive my test results sometime this week. It was a very mild stroke so there is nothing anyone would notice. just a slight weakness on my left arm and leg which seems to have improved over the last few days.
  14. Deja blues is a great title for this storyline because of the association with Deja Vu suggesting that it is a recurring trait with both participants in their daily lives. I really like your idea and believe it to have much potential, but I think that you might consider toning down the reference to dogs and making a few small tweaks to strengthen the lyric which storyline already contains some strong lyrics already. Here are some suggestions.......... I did my best to restrain myself from suggesting further changes, Sorry but I couldn't help myself. The Deja Blues Garry She sat at the bar In her usual haze Checking out men Most of 'em strays. Between "Hi cowboy" And "Go to hell" She downs cheap booze Consoles herself A high plains drifter With the look of bad news A rugged face And some mean tattoos He once had a home He once had a wife That was so long ago That was some other life. It's not the aches and pains of age Not the payin' of a hard life's dues It's the memories that make you cry Make you sing the deja blues. He bought her beer He sought her time She fed him conversations. Not quite sure If her aim was low Or just her inhibitions. [instr'l interlude] He woke up mad Wondering why His life felt so damn wrong She woke up sad, With Deja blues A nod, then he was gone. It's not the aches and pains of age Not the payin' of a hard life's dues It's the memories that make you cry Make you sing the deja blues. A high plains drifter With the look of bad news A rugged face And some mean tattoos. She sat at the bar In her usual haze Checking out men Most of 'em strays.