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    Getting my original works out there for feedback and for promoting. Trying to get material together for a second album and in the next year really want to get in the studio and produce a quality album. Love to meet other artists who have similar goals and aspirations to network with.

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    I play piano, I sing, and a bit of guitar as well as songwriting skills obtained over the years.
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    Nirvana, Imogen Heap, Staind, Fuel, Alice in Chains, Evanescence, Days of the New, SOAD, Linkin Park, Incubus, 30 Seconds to Mars, etc theres too many to list.


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  1. Thank you everyone! Sorry for the late reply! Really appreciate the love!
  2. Thank you very much! I'm so happy you enjoyed this version. I love that song, and Liz Fraser's voice is incredible... sigh...
  3. Alrighty guys and gals, I don't normally post in this section, but wanted to share my latest. Cover of the Theme song from the TV Show "House" by Massive Attack (Feat. Liz Fraser) Enjoy my little remix. Lyrics and song rights belong to Massive Attack and affiliate production group. Version is my own rendition/translation. https://soundcloud.com/kymlee/teardrop-cover-massive-attack I also made a weird little video to go with it. You can't stop creativity haha! https://www.wevideo.com/view/157893923 Original here: Hope you enjoy! xo Kymlee
  4. Hi Rick!!!! Thanks love! Thanks! Also, I'm definitely intuitive as well, so I can understand that response. Not offended at all. To be honest, I feel that I turn to music to express my emotions because that's the only place I've ever felt safe. Deep stuff I know. Thanks so much for your compliments. I love when I am able to reach someone emotionally through music. That is such a personal high for me. I can't wait to do this over and really make it tightened up. I think I'm going to remove the synth, hopefully that won't detract. If it does, I may try to find a less pitch conscious replacement for it. somehow... Appreciate you!
  5. Awwww Tom! That's an amazing statement. That this song could convey such a beautiful sentiment... falling in love. And what a beautiful notion, falling in love is... (dreamy sigh) Your comment made me smile so much. Thanks!!!!
  6. Thank you. I really appreciate the compliment!
  7. It's funny how you picked up on that. The synth was placed after the vocals. and it is in E flat minor instead of E minor which was the closest synth in my software, which I can't unfortunately tune. However, I don't necessarily think it adds that much to the song. I think I may just remove it entirely and see if there's a big difference in delivery. I think not. I tried not to overdo this song, I really have a habit of overdoing it honestly with the add ins. My best works are usually simple stripped compositions. Thank you for your insight, I appreciate it!
  8. Thanks everyone! I'm really proud of this one. I think I still need to tighten up the harmonies more, and I'm still unsure of the synth in the background? And can I say that I was actually surprised this is a 7 min song, I didn't even notice that until you guys pointed it out haha. Wow. I'm so happy that I was able to maintain your attention throughout my long winded-ness! That is a huge compliment !!!!!
  9. Ok, so I've been writing a lot about love and how I feel about it lately. It's really tailored my personal life in a very hard and eye opening way. So usually I like to write my feelings down and put it into song because that's the only way I know how to express my emotional relationship with what's happening. I'd also like to think what I write and what I'm expressing is applicable to a lot of you out there in the world. I feel this song in particular is what a lot of people experience when they are moving on as damaged people. I hope you enjoy my first draft of "Laws of Affection" This is acoustic guitar lead song with myself doing a sometimes 4 part harmony vocal, and with a faint synth in the background. I would love to know your thoughts. I put this together over the last 4 ish hours. Thanks for stopping in! xo Kymlee https://soundcloud.com/kymlee/laws-of-affection Laws of Affection original registered works by: Kymlee Murphy-Kopera I met a man, who paints his tale in colors I have never seen… Time has been kind, even though, his life is grasping for change. ooo, I wanna know, the soul that found me lying here alone. His strength and all his honesty, gave me a way out of the cold. I hope that I can have his hand to hold. He is so unfazed, by the way that people use up all his love. As he starts to teach, I forget, exactly how I'm supposed to breathe. ooo, I'd like the chance, to give him all the colors that he gave to me… His life, that exists in contrast, to the bones and all the ebony. I pray that I can give him what he needs. He speaks, in his sleep, and I listen to every single word. When we close our eyes, it's like I see him even blind, because I know what's mine. ooo, he walks through fire, unafraid like he has never once been burned. I know those eyes, I see it when he smiles, he's been through worse. I love him more because he has been hurt. Now, we venture out, silent doubts eat away at our minds. Everything is new, but I hope that this time we have found our truth. ooo, I know I'm young, but I've learned so much from all the things I've done. He has been, there before me but, I'd like to think we're new under this sun. Are we basking in the presence of the one? Are we basking in the presence of the one? I love you more because you have been hurt. I pray I can give you what you deserve…
  10. this is so great! It was like, Sheryl Crow meets the Beach Boys meets Jack Johnson and still remained completely unique. I love this adorable song to your sweetheart. Thank you for sharing! *Jamming out*
  11. This song is incredible. Your guitar playing is superb of course, and the lyrics and vocals.... wow. This was delivered perfectly. It made me feel really good, despite the topic. Your inflections between the verses and the chorus, was just perfect. Thank you for sharing this! much love, Kymlee
  12. Thanks Tracy!