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  1. Last year I had to un-post a whole buch of Youtube songs so I could properly copyright them. In the process, I listened to many of them dating back to as early as 1992 that were recorded with anything I could find at the time. What became very clear as I listened was that our recording devices are very much a part of the mix. I found some songs recorded on a very early analog Tascom 2-track that had noises I could never recreate if I wanted to. So, along with our writing styles, technology continues to change the music we create. (I still have that old recorder and have recently recorded several new pieces with it....it's like listening to a vinyl version of a song that was recorded long after vinyl went out of favor) Regarding colabs.... a very enjoyable thing to do! Our recent colab was a lot of fun, and I learned a little about the submittal process.... and how rough it is to write / perform with specific guidelines like BPM's, Keys, Style (all in one song!) Have a great day! Rick
  2. I just walk out the front door, take a deep breath, and marvel at how awesome life is.........
  3. ...the last known picture of him before becoming a proud Taylor owner. When asked "hey, can I borrow your Taylor?" He replied "hey, no!"
  4. Elbow..... it's just 6 weeks! (you guys are going to have to listen to me play keyboards for a while......it won't be pretty!)
  5. Another guy, from over yonder (Scotland?) Has a style somewhat like you're describing. He'll layer 5 & 6 somewhat monochromic voices to produce a "feel" that he says is common in his neck of the woods. (Darmin?) Anywho, look forward to hearing your stuff! Rick
  6. THAT'S nice! Would love to hear it..... any songs posted? Rick Glynn - ClaireCreekProject
  7. Ut oh! If I ever get as good as you... do I have to wear a tie?
  8. Mahesh, this is a thing of beauty. You just put together all the fragments in my mind labeled Mahesh, neatly constructed them into the artist in your video, and sang to the nerve endings that trigger needs and admiration. Being a non-techie, I'll have to have my wife show me how to get my fix of you.... but very soon you'll be in a Mustang with me driving the highways of California. Looking up at the new bar you've set..... Rick
  9. Gotta tell ya, I'm so lucky to have a great bunch of talented friends like I do up here! Whodathunk that up here in the sticks there would be so many great musicians.... must be the reduced oxygen
  10. I've been playing around with a Teac/Triag product call a BuddyBox & Bump Cable. It allows us to plug our laptops via a cpu together and use them just like a multi-screen PC. This is nice because we can just click and drag wave files off each other's desktop with out having to export them. Seems to work well with W7 & Lennox based systems. I can drag my entire Audacity program back and forth between my laptops, but for some reason it's currently impossible to leave it there when you unplug. Tonight we were working on dragging midis and elecric drum recordings between my PT and a friends G-Pro.... with marginal success. What I do like about it is that during a session, were processing at almost twice the speed, what I'm not thrilled about is that I have to shut down AVG while transfering files and make sure my bluetooth isn't piggybacking a wi-fi hot spot (so I'm not on line)
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