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Compression - An Overview

One of the most important tools available to a music producer while working on a song inside a studio is compression. Compression is used to control the level of dynamics within a song.  A compressor engages itself and brings down the volume/level of the audio signal when it exceeds a set threshold value.  There are various controls to a compressor such as threshold, ratio, attack, hold, release, gain and bypass using which one can control how the compressor behav


A Guide To Song Forms – AAA Song Form

Following up on the previous blog post about song form overview, let us dive deeper into one of the most basic songforms used in popular music - strophic songform.   The strophic song form may also be referred to as the "AAA" songform or the One-Part songform. This means to say that the various sections of the song would follow a common theme or structure throughout. Many classical songs from the 17th century follow this structure though t


A Guide to Songforms

Most songs written in popular music follow song forms. Song forms are structures containing various sections that may or may not be repeated within the song. Though there are a number of traditional song forms that are used commony, a song form may also be derived from existing ones to suit the need.  Some of the most common song forms may include the strophic form (AAA), the 12-bar blues form (AAB), the 32-bar form (AABA) and so on. It is very important for any s


PRS and Soundcloud Agreement

Last year PRS decided to begin legal proceedings against Soundcloud, after 5 years of negotiations failed to produce an agreement regarding licensing. The agreement covers the use of repertoire controlled by PRS for Music since the service launched. It is an important step to towards a level playing field for the licensing of online services in a way that songwriters, composers and their music publishers can be paid properly for the use of thei


What makes a song great?

For songwriters, it is an ongoing discussion, what exactly makes a song great? If you could understand exactly what it is that makes a song great, then perhaps you could use that knowledge to your advantage when writing new songs, and avoid common mistakes. Unfortunately it isn't as cut and dried as that. There is no right answer. That is why there are no song writing rules, only guidelines. So we started a topic to encourage our members t


New Article - Independent Music - The Importance Of Building A Team

Independent Music - The Importance Of Building A Team All too often, bands overlook one of their biggest assets: each other. As individuals it is far harder to stand out. The amount of tasks they can complete effectively limits just what they can achieve. By electing to work alone they greatly reduce their ability to work, and therefore their chance of success. This article goes through the pros and cons of teamwork for songwriters, musicians and bands, discussing what they stand to ga


Music Collaboration On Songstuff

Collaborate on Songstuff, bringing lyricists, songwriters, musicians, recording engineers, and producers covering many styles of music. Come along and take part! Join our general Collaboration Group and keep up to date with collaboration projects, create your own collaboration group. Each group provides you: your own forum your own web pages your own communication tools to allow you to easily communicate with your chosen collaborators!


Music Industry Boards

Amplify your impact on the music scene. Share your experiences with your fellow performers, writers, producers, and other music industry professionals, semi-pros and amateurs. Come join us!


Youtube Subscription Service - Launch Iminent, Warnings Of Takedowns

YouTube have confirmed that the launch of their new subscription service is very close, but at the same time they are in the process of removing some of the biggest indie label acts. YouTube and several indie labels have failed to agree on the royalty terms covering the new YouTube subscription service. These terms are in addition to the terms already covering its free service. Here we go. Again. The payment dispute between YouTube and indie labels is threatening acts like Adele a


Diy Demo Cd's

A month ago my band mate and I decided to give away CD's with our material to those who seemed to like our music. Since we are students and mostly live with a limited amount of money, getting a professional/industry type CD done would've costed a lot of money off our wallets. We tried to find a way around this situation. At first it was all about Saving Money but we soon realized it was about Authenticity, Looks, the LOVE and Saving Money. Google was my best friend throughout. All the stuff

Ravi Nair

New Article - Bands, Give Your Fans Real News, Not Spam

Bands, Give Your Fans Real News, Not Spam Bands face an ongoing challenge when it comes to spreading the word about their music, including both the task of getting their music in front of completely new listeners and the task of keeping in contact with their existing fans. This article explores the key issues involved in communicating with fans and provides some recommendations to make and keep it a positive experience. Read "Bands, Give Your Fans Real News, Not Spam" Com


Catcerto - A Concerto With A Cat!

Music has it's countless sources. It comes in the most unexpected ways and sizes. A cat is surely one of the surprising ones out of the lot. The Internet seems to love cats. And of all the thousands of cat videos that roam the internet, this is the one I want to share with you. Nora the Cat is a gray tabby cat that was rescued by their owners from a shelter in New Jersey. Nora developed a curiosity towards her owner's piano when she was a year old and has played ( well, more like tapped ) i


Stop And Listen!

The world has become such a busy place. Deadlines, schedules, priorities, it's never ending. In such a time, we tend to overlook things that would have made the biggest difference in our lives. Washington Post conducted an experiment that went on to prove this very point. It was in January 2007 when Joshua Bell , a violinist, performed a few classical pieces on the Washington D.C Subway as he stood there, incognito. Most of the passersby hurried on without noticing the rare event that


Get Featured On Songstuff, Our Newsletter And Portals

* Brand New Opportunity * Not to be missed! Are you interested in free publicity as a lyricist, songwriter or band? Rack up 10 genuine posts on our forums (not one liners!) each week and you can submit a maximum of one picture, the lyrics for one song, one song recording and one video, to be considered by our site crew. Each member of our site crew can then select their favourites from your submissions on a weekly basis! Those selected will be featured on Songstuff, in our newslet


The Pentatonic Scale And The Human Brain.

The Pentatonic Scale is something that almost every musician would have learnt in their early days. No matter the genre, the Pentatonic Scale proves to be a very powerful tool in improvising solos. Even though less is known about how the human brain interprets music, it's been observed that it responds to recognizable patterns such as the Pentatonic quite instinctively. Jazz vocalist Bobby McFerrin demonstrated this theory at the World Science Festival in 2009 when he participated in a talk


A Plan To Release Your Music

We have a lot of members releasing songs and albums just now. However, very, very few, if any, use any form of release process. In particular, there is very little in the way of build up to the release. Releases tend to be haphazard in nature. On many occasions impatience to share their new music seems to be the driving factor. All the artist's development time and budget leading up to the release is devoted to creating the music with marketing and promoting their release bei


New Article - Fan Engagement

Fan Engagement Keeping it fresh while engaging your fans isn't straight forwards. At least that's the what many artists tell us. They start a band blog and pretty quickly run out of interesting things to say. They write the odd interesting post, but most posts are boring as hell, or barely related to their band and their music. More common still is their blog just dries up. So what could they do? Have no fear Songstuffers! We've collected 15 excellent ideas to help you engage your fans


New Article - Tips For Making A Music Video

Tips For Making A Music Video Here we have a collection of tips to help you create your own music video for your band. A music video is much like a movie, or, for that matter, just like the song itself. It should have a visual progression, in the same way it progresses musically. This article will give you ideas on everything from funding and casting to choice of locations, post production editing and promotion and distribution Read "Tips For Making A Music Video"


Song Release Tips

Song Relase Tips When releasing a new song make the most of all your efforts Remember: People need to know your song has been released to buy it. It is up to you to tell them. Remember: More people are likely to be interested in your music if you build anticipation before the song is available. ie you build their appetite. This is why older songs by an artist are played BEFORE a new song is released. It's why they appear on TV and radio BEFORE a song or album is released. It's why


New Article - The Process Of Writing A Song

New Article - The Process Of Writing A Song A song writing process is used to enhance the quality of your work and the speed that each work is created. This article provides tips on creating and using a song writing process, plus observations and suggestions about writing key aspects of a song. It also gives you a draft process to get you started. This article is ideal for songwriters who either don't use a formal song writing process, or the song writing process that they are using is


New Article - A Guide To Song Form - Song Form Overview

New Article - A Guide To Song Form - Song Form Overview Song forms are generally made up of a number of sections that may or may not be repeated within the same song. Popular music is generally based on the use of traditional sectional song forms, or structures that are derived from those traditional song forms. This article gives an overview of the different fundamental song forms, and it provides a basic understanding of common modern song forms. Read the full article b


New Article - A Guide To Song Form - Extended Common Song Forms And More

New Article - A Guide To Song Form - Extended Common Song Forms And More Add some new tools to your song writing toolbox by learning about common song forms. This article describes how common song forms can be extended, and looks at some of the less common song forms, such as through composed songs. This short article builds upon the AAA, AABA, AB, ABC and AAB song forms, and upon compound song forms, explained in our other articles in this series. Read the full article


North Easton - March 2013 Monthly Song Contest Winner

March 2013 Monthly Song Contest Results This month's winner is: "Stop Thinking With Your Heart" - North Easton Words and Music by North Easton Lyrics: Another crowd of faces gather, out there on the street and the cold it doesn't matter anymore And the broken glass lay shattered right there at her feet close your eyes and take a breath and walk towards Pre: Find me in a beautiful mess You try to forget You try to forget this light F


New Article - A Guide To Song Forms - Compound Song Forms

New Article - A Guide To Song Form - Compound Song Forms Have you ever used a compound song form? As a songwriter, I bet you have. Compound song forms are far more common than you might at first think. Building upon the AAA, AABA, AB, ABC and AAB song form articles from our series on song forms, this article explains common compound popular song forms that you can add to your song writing toolbox. Read the full article by clicking on the following link: A Guide To


New Article - A Guide To Song Forms - Aaa Song Form

New Article - A Guide To Song Form - AAA Song Form Popular songs often follow one of the traditional song forms, or one of the song forms that are derived from traditional song forms. One of the main song forms is Strophic / AAA / One-Part Song Form, any of which names are used by songwriters. This article will explain fundamentals of Strophic / AAA / One-Part Song Form, and provide examples of Strophic / AAA / One-Part Song Form being used in popular songs. Read the fu


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