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New Article - Visualization

When writing lyrics why is visualization important? The use of effective imagery can be the difference between listeners connecting to your lyrics or not. This article by Jon Hanover is for lyricists who are looking to improve the use of imagery within their lyrics. Click to follow the link to "Visualization" just now. If you would like to leave a comment or some feedback for Jon, or you would like to discuss visualization in lyrics based on this article, please reply to this


New Article - Why Do The Lyrics Of John Mayer's Daughters Work So Well?

New Songstuff author Anthony Ceseri performs a lyrics analysis of the song "Daughters" by John Mayer, looking at how he evolves the meaning of the chorus by adding extra information to successive verses. Why Do The Lyrics of John Mayer's "Daughters" Work So Well? Please leave Anthony some comments and feedback on this article, and / or suggestions for new articles, or simply showing Anthony some love for contributing this article to the Songstuff Music Community by replying to


New Lyrics Writing Article - Doing Time, For 'forced-Rhymes'

Forced-rhymes are for new songwriters, something that just tends to happen by accident. They appear in songs with no real forethought other than "I need something to rhyme with this". Rhymes of course appear in many forms and can be used in many ways. There are circumstances where forced-rhymes stand out like a sore thumb and others where although it is a forced-rhyme it somehow blends well with the song. In his first article for Songstuff, Songstuff site author Jon Hanover ta


Jazz, Blues Singer Cheryl Hodge Goes To Hollywood Music In Media Awards

Hey, my friends over at Songstuff.com - what's shakin'?? Wow; Hollywood; just like I pictured it! No, no kidding... I'm actually nominated for BEST BLUES SONG, "THAT'S WHY I'M HERE" . Guess songwriting has it's occasional rewards! Last year I was nominated for Best Jazz Song (Indigo). Didn't win. Who cares? It's great just beingaround all that talent and energy. Y'all should think about entering a contest, now and again... or going to a songwriter's seminar.This year at te HMMAs (Ho


Songstuff Stuff Feedburner

The Songstuff Stuff - Songwriting and Music Community Blog has moved over to using Google Feedburner for blog syndication. Subscribe to Songstuff Stuff - Google Feedburner Not only does that make the RSS feed readable but also more widely accessible. If you subscribe to the Songstuff Stuff blog now it will by default be the Feedburner feed that you subscribe to. We hop you like it as much as we do! Please subscribe now to ensure you are kept up to date!


Discussing Songwriting

Discussing songwriting is something that some songwriters question the need to do. Songwriting can often feel like a very isolated experience. From our imaginations spring ideas that we shape into finished pieces of music, so what is the benefit of discussing that process with other songwriters or lyricists? Music should be naturally expressed for it to be a pure distillation of my imagination, won't talking about how I write contaminate my writing? Songwriting Songwriting, like any a


New Article - Amphitheatres

High Pass Filters Are amphitheatres the original high pass filters? Graeme Young takes a look at ampitheatres, psychoacoustics and digital signal processing to complete the link from ancient Greek amphitheatres thrrough to modern day recording and live performance. Ampitheaters Graeme's Site Crew Profile Graeme's Community Profile


Songstuff Collaboration Competition 2011

It's time for the Songstuff Collaboration Competition 2011. The rules are published on the SCC 2011 Competition Entries board. This competition is for fun and prestige only. There is no huge prize fund! The SCC 2011 Prizes Winner, 2nd prize and 3rd prize Featured on Songstuff and all of it's portals. Featured in the Songstuff community newsletter, including all of the members who take part The Winner will also be interviewed and the resulting article will be published on


Protools And Me (The Singer/songwriter) - New Article

Recording a professional quality CD has always been the domain of recording studios. But the times they are a changing with professional quality recording becoming an affordable option within your own home. Just how affordable is it to achieve professional results? Protools And Me (The Singer/Songwriter) Cheryl Hodge Profile


Nab Show - Register Via Songstuff For $150 Of Access For Free!

The NAB Show is coming up April 9‐14, 2011 in Las Vegas – it's the essential destination for professionals who share a passion for bringing content to life on any platform. Want to go? We have a code that will get you in for FREE! Just register for the NAB Show here with the code SM05 for FREE ACCESS to the exhibit floor, the Opening Keynote and State of the Industry Address, Info Sessions, Content Theater, Exhibits and PITS - $150 in value!


Mahesh - New Site Crew Member

Please join me in welcoming Mahesh Raghunandan as a Moderator and a new member of the Site Crew on Songstuff. Mahesh is a singer and songwriter based in Bangalore,India.


A Good Example Of When Justification Of Piracy Falls Apart... Your Help Is Needed...

I'm looking for some help from Songstuffers, for a fellow Songstuffer (not me). Many of you will know Finn Arild as a member here, and as one of the Songstuff admins. For the last two years Finn has been working hard on his second album and it was released just before Christmas. i couldn't have been happier for him. He's not made a song and dance about it in any way (coughs at the play on words). He's not asked for any special promotion as a member of the site or the staff. Well, I was


Songstuff Is 10 Years Old Today!

First online on 29th November 2000, the first 10 years has flown by. It's a decade that has seen massive changes in the music industry with the rise in music downloads and a global recession. It's also been a decade that's been one of the most innovative regarding changes in the way artists engage with fans, with the way music is marketed and sold, and lets not forget within the music itself. Not only that but music has become a far more interactive, multimedia experience. Music videos are


Free Vst Advisory And Download

We've added a new section of boards for Songstuff Members providing recommended free VST instruments and effects. Free VST Advisory It's a growing resource. Recommendations for new VSTs for us to evaluate and add to the list are very welcome!


Triple Stroke Rolls

An excellent introduction to the triple stroke roll and how to practice around something. This tutorial contains exercises and explanations of developing a triple stroke roll. Triple Stroke Roll


Donna Dahl Joins Songstuff Writers

Please welcome Donna Dahl as a new contributer to our drumming sub-site. Donna is drummer and a singer/songwriter. In recent times she has returned to the study of her first love, drums. Dahl is currently involved in teaching drums, recording and composing, appearing live most often as a singing drummer and singer/songwriter with Thorny Swale, a blend of Twin Cities and Wisconsin players. Dahl sings regularly with the St. Augustine Latin Mass Choir of South St. Paul, Mn and is a member of M


Crafting Drum Parts For Original Songs - Part 1

How do you create the ideal drum part for an original song? Tom explores beat creation for both drummers and non-drummers alike, drawing attention to working with melody, understanding genre and developing an arrangement in this the first in a series of articles exploring this perspective on songwriting, arrangement and production. Crafting Drum Parts For Original Songs Part 1


Showcase Your Songs On Our Showcase Board

It's an easy process. Start a topic in our Showcase board Add your lyrics and either embed your mp3 link or YouTube video link using the media tag (or use the insert media button in the post editor). For mp3 media links it must link directly to your mp3 file on the internet, otherwise simply add a normal link to a page where the song can be heard using the insert link button.


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