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Sliver of A Moon


I met my co-writer on Facebook. We've done two songs via the internet as I live in the States and he lives in Wales. I didn't have a good melody for my lyrics and he created this awesome guitar lick and sang it. Funny thing to note is that he sang the word silver instead of SLiver but you'll get the gist of the song. Her is SLiver of a moon hope you like it:


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James, thanks! I love this kid out of Wales! I hope I can do something with this song to repay him. I saw you on Facebook and hope you visit Nashville sometime.


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John, I totally agree. How does he come up with such a cool guitar lic just from reading my lyrics?!! I don't know! but was so pleased! He actually has fixed the Silver mistake but I had already had 60 listens on my soundcloud so I didn'd upload the corrected one. maybe i should...


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On 2/3/2019 at 4:53 AM, ImKeN said:

Love this song, plus it helps that he can sing really good! You guys working on anything new?



Hi Ken, we're not working on anything atm. I don't do rock lyrics much and his voice is perfect for rock.


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I really liked this one, and this guy sings really well. I'm looking forward listening to new stuff!


How long did it take for you guys to have this work done? What kind of things did you discussed/decided together for making it?? You had just the lyrics written with no particular melody? Ask him if he wants to have a look to some of my lyrics! I have melody for most of them!  How did you find him for collab?


Sorry for so many questions, I'm just curious about all this process in general! It seems amazing! Like magic!



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Hi @Michan,

I found him on a Facebook group. He and I messaged on fb then exchanged emails. I sent him three lyrics and he came up with a melody for this one. We worked on it for about a month via email. we had a written understanding of credits and now I'm waiting for the opportunity to pitch it.

If you have melodies for most of your songs you just need someone to produce some music for it. I know there are many software packages that create music. You should look into that! Then you wouldn't have to pay someone to put music to it.

It's not magic. Just be honest with yourself and your collaborator. The music business needs honest people!


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So cool to hear the backstory about how this song came to be -- every song has a story, aye? Dude's got a pretty good voice, and yeah that guitar licks reminds of the song Electric Indigo by The Paper Kites. Groovy

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