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    Dakota Cochran
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    Dr. Dre, Modest Mouse, System of a Down, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, Kendrick Lamar

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  1. How is your promotion going?

    1. Dakota Cochran

      Broadening my horizons currently, but slow and steady.

      In roughly 9 days on Twitter, I've earned 43,700 impressions, 769 profile visits, 2700 video views with less than one minute clips earning a total of 1900 minutes watched which is 1/4 way to YouTube's 8,000 minute requirement a year.

      I learned how to use the Twitter Video Editor, and currently am working on Broadcasting Software set-up to show my workflow and how I produce in the Daws, along with theory and notes.


      Follow me please! Twitter.com/DakotaCochranAP 

    2. john

      It says that page doesn’t exist

    3. john

      I found you. No ids why that wouldn’t work. Followed you as me, will follow you as Songstuff,SongstuffA, SongstuffP RedCircle7 and others

  2. Starting with 33 views, I finished the first challenge with 358! Results Breakdown: Most traffic was coming from well placed hashtags and posting "Like4Like" posts in many groups across Facebook. Twitter was a small source of views, again from well placed hashtags: the best performing tweet getting just over 1000 Views and 200 Impressions, on a Friday posted at 9 A.M. E.S.T The Facebook Tactic: make a post saying "like for like, sub for sub, YouTube" and share it roughly 200 times to 60+ Facebook Music Groups. My post, using that tactic, had 5087 Views over one weekend, with over 1000 Impressions, 300 Comments, and 300 Link Clicks. Starting with 62 Followers, and approximately 380 Total Channel Views over 120 days, this challenge helped me to increase those numbers to 92 Followers, and 920 Total Channel Views in 7 days.
  3. It must be the hardware I am using, Windows 7 on a 2012 Vaio laptop, it wouldn't accept it until I did that. Tried the embed button in the tool bar, and only would get HTML code, but no video. Now it is working with just the URL haha, well that's a coincidence.
  4. Music Marketing Challenge #1 - Dakota Cochran | Ok, a very simple music marketing challenge. Take a track of yours on either Soundcloud or YouTube. Sceenshot the current song stats including plays, post the pic in reply to this topic. Write a blog post that embeds the song on either of those platforms (if you don’t have a blog, start one for your band here on Songstuff!) Share that blog post into your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Do everyhing you can legitimately promote your song, blog post, and social media posts. Don’t break the rules or TOS of any site you promote on. 7 days later, post a screenshot of your post likes, shares etc, your blog post likes, and your song plays. Come back and explain your promotion, what you did how you did it! | Originally posted by: John Moxey The Results From Dakota Cochran's (Take 1)
  5. Hello,I am a producer, studio musician, vocalist, and mixer. Dakota Cochran is my official artist name, and I have been distributed, published, and copyrighted since November of 2019Currently I have 4 albums out:| Take Some Time (Home Demo) - Single| Speak (Instrumental) [Home Demo] - Single | Early Instrumental Album (Instrumental) - 3 Track EP| Buttered Popcorn (Instrumental) - 2 Track EP DM Me Screenshots of you pressing Like and Follow on my YouTube Videos and a URL to your video or streaming service and I will return the favor!
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