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  1. ccarnucci

    Weekly Playlist!

    Wow there is some really good stuff in here!
  2. I started learning to mix my own stuff, once I realized there was affordable software to do it. I'm not good at it yet, but I enjoy the heck out of learning. The pace is slow since I have real job, but I love all the cool software we now have available. For me this is just a passionate hobby, so I'm in no rush. I may even try and take some courses at the college near me one day.
  3. Occasionally I have something to say that I feel may be worth sharing. And sometimes that thought rolls around in my head looking for a way out. Songwriting gives it a path out. Sometimes I make music that needs lyrics to complete it. Sometimes those lyrics are the afore mentioned thoughts rolling around in my head, and sometimes they are just creative flights of fancy that fit the music I create. The central theme to both of these is I have a need to create, and songwriting is my outlet.
  4. I have a leather bound journel that I write in. I like to keep everything. Even the stuff I don't finish. And I use pencil so it is erased and rewritten over and over till it is done. I also use my smart phone to capture melodies.
  5. Not sure if its my favorite, but it is in my top 10... Anna Nalick... "These words are my diary screaming out loud, and I know that you'll use them however you want to."
  6. I use all 4 ways too. Sometimes they start, then I put them aside, and forget them. Then sometime later something clicks and I pick it back up, and it all comes together.
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