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  1. www.facebook.com/wearenotsupposedtobehere Like us pweeeeeeze :)

  2. Do you have a song that has amazing harmonies, or know of a song full of the awesomeness that harmonies are? Post them here! Here is my Pick of the day! -Melody
  3. Great idea for a group! www.youtube.com/melodybeals
  4. If you are just getting started, Try This: 1. Record yourself singing and play it back. Were you on pitch? Get a second opinion. 2. Try to harmonize with an a-capella recording of you singing. 3. Make sure that the song you are singing, is either a duet or has strong back-up vocals on it. Some examples of things you could try: Mumford N Sons "Little Lion Man" FUN. "Some Nights" Heathers "Remember When" Singing Harmonies takes LOTS of practice. Most people don’t get it on the first try. Another great way to learn is to listen to Choir arrangements, and try to sing along with a line that is a harmony line. For females, the harmonies are usually Alto Lines. Helpful? Not Helpful?
  5. Pick out one of your favorite songs on the radio. Pop songs are GREAT for back up vocals. Try to only sing what the back-up people are singing. Try to figure out if they are singing the Melody or the Harmony. The Melody is the main theme of the song, and the easiest line to pick out. The harmonies are a little more challenging to hear. 9 time out of ten, the back-up singers are singing Harmony. Here are two songs that are great to pick harmonies out of. I picked out two duets because you can hear the voices very clear in these songs. For instance: Try The song "Lucky" by Colbie Callait and Jason Mraz. If you are a female, sing her part. If you are male Sing his part. Both of them switch off taking the harmony. Another good song to try Harmonies to is "Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley and Allison Krauss. This song has amazing BEAUTIFUL harmones. Girls follow Allison of course, and guys follow Brad. When you sing along with these Try turning the Music down a little so you can hear yourself CLEARLY over the music. Plug one ear and try to follow it. Don't be discouraged if you don't get it down the first couple of tries. This does take time, Developing the inner ear, and of course...PRACTICE. If you need help, just ask! -Melody
  6. LIKED ur turn www.facebook.com/wearenotsupposedtobehere
  7. melodybeals


    http://forums.songst...rmonizing-tips/ Hey please become a member of my new group for harmonies!!! It's designed to help people harmonize or for the back up singer to help pick out harmonies better You can join to Get help...or HELP OTHERS
  8. Ok so i was one of the rejects who was logged in as my band, and liked everybody from my band page Just went back, and LIKED EVERYONE FROM MY PERSONAL PAGE!!! Yayyyyyy! EVERY PERSON IN THIS FORUM GOT A LIKE FROM ME. Return the favor? Pweeeeze www.facebook.com/wearenotsupposedtobehere Thanks millions. Love you all!
  9. Whoops! Will go back and redo! thanks! OMG i feel dumb hahahahaha
  10. More Harmony Singing Information and Lessons Lesson 1. Notes of the Major Chord: Three notes every harmony singer should know. The first step to Singing Harmony the Natural Way is to train your ear and voice to hear and sing the notes of a major chord. Since a major chord has only three notes, this is not difficult. You can listen to track 2 on Disk One of our course for examples and practice. Why are these three notes so important? It’s because, when we sing harmony, we’re adding notes above or below the melody of a song, and the vast majority of the time, our harmony note will one of these three chord notes. This is especially true in folk, bluegrass, country, swing, pop and rock music. If you’ve grown up in North or South America, Europe or even Africa, you’ve been hearing this kind of harmony all your life, so its sound is has been drilled into your ear since you were young. So if you’re like most people, you’ll find that you can begin to learn this fairly fast. We recommend practicing this skill enough that you can quickly and easily sing the three notes of the major chord in any key. You can listen to track 3 on Disk One of our course to practice in a variety of keys. Another great way to practice is to play a major chord, such G, C, D, A or E, on your guitar, banjo, mandolin, piano, or whatever instrument you’ve got, and practice singing out loud the three chord notes of that chord. Then move to a different chord and do the same thing. You don’t need to worry about the note names or numbers at this point. If you want, you can go back and figure that out later. What’s really important is to practice finding and singing these notes instinctively, so that when you’re doing some vocal harmonizing, those notes are right there in your head, ready to be sung when you need them. We’ll be posting lots more information on this page, including singing tips and techniques, vocal harmony lessons and sound clips, so please check back soon. http://harmonybyear.com
  11. I know a good vocal teacher that does a lot of teaching through skype and even over the phone. He is phenominal. One of the most important things id say, is that when you talk to the teacher, If they have a very raspy quality about their voice, I would say that probably arent singing properly if they sound like they are straining even just to talk. I would find a teacher that does contemporary music, and not classical, and who teaches you to sing as effortlessly as speaking. I am talking purely out of experience. There are so many people out there who claim to be voice teachers, and have no really good credentials. Or they teach children...or they claim to teach people and its not true. They all claim to be the best but they arent. If you want a good voice teacher, and you are serious about it, I would go to Seth Riggs Website, and he has a company that teaches Speech Level singing. Most of the teachers under him teach celebrities. They are the ones who are re-teaching Adele and other Celebs how to sing after intensive vocal surgeries. They are expensive...but they are good and worth it.
  12. "from this moment" shania Twain....
  13. You look so good you look so new in those close I didnt buy for you And oh the way you lie it drives me mad. And I've got a right to jealousy and really this should bother me But I dont care and you know i never have.... -Reina Del Cid "pretty lie"
  14. This is actually how I learned how to sing harmonies. Literally, I would play boys II Men, and listen to it over and over, and was DETERMINED not to sing the melody. Then when i mastered one song I would move on to the next. I would suggest singing to easy stuff first like Jason Mraz "I'm Yours" or start with duet songs because those have one defined harmony instead of having 2 or 3. You wont get too confused with jumping to a different harmony line. Hope this helps! I was able to get good enough to be able to write harmonies, and be a back up singer for multiple bands. It's a VERY good skill to have to be a good harmonizer.
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