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  1. Limited..  Sure.. Lol.  Nice to meet you and sorry to be so late in responding.

  2. *Nods. I'm even backlogged right now. I try to write one a day when the mood strikes.
  3. Up until recently, a major stumbling block has been the team, or lack thereof. It's disheartening when folks don't understand and respect/ follow deadlines or aren't really serious about creating music and being part of a viable project and cooperative group. I've given good material to new contacts and several months go by.. Nothing! Nada! Zilch.. And there's always a lame excuse. This is finally changing. In fact, I will be meeting with my new business manager this Wednesday. Getting some support and promising co-writing liaisons with folks here, as well. Synergy! That's the key. SWJ
  4. Quotes applicable to songwriting:


    Some days are diamonds, some days are stones


    Talent is 99% perspiration, 1% inspiration


    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!!


    I'd rather be a big fish in a small puddle than a small fish in a big puddle


    And finally, told to me by the head drummer of Duran Duran on a Dallas Texas city bus in the 1980s:


    NEVER let ANYONE take your dreams away from you.  Even family and friends.. If you think you can make it in this business - go for it!  (He was being sincere, not sarcastic or condescending).  Thanks, bro, if you ever read this..


    1. john

      An amateur practices until they get it right.

      A professional practices until they can’t get it wrong.

  5. Sorry I've been inactive so long, I didn't even realize I still had a working account here.

  6. Aw, hell. Who wants to grow up? Not me! <chuckles>
  7. I agree with you, Gary, to a great extent, but sometimes you have to reverse the order of words, or use other ways of phrase modification, in a poetic way to get the meter of the song sounding in synch. Kind of like poetry. For example, a line in a song I wrote.. Instead of saying... 'I can see so many wondrous things in your eyes.'. I phrased it like this.. 'In your eyes.. I can see.. so many wondrous things..' to show or illustrate the passion of the character in that verse, the pauses adding that 'special something'.
  8. Welcome to the forums SongWriterJoe :)

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