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Hello songstuff!

I've been looking for a good songwriter's forum, and now I think I finally found the one! :D

I'm almost 17 years old, and I've been the lead singer of my band for about three years. During this time I have been the lyric-writer. I'm still a beginner with somewhere around ten written songs, some of them not even finished. My native language is swedish, but so far I've only been writing in english. Since my english is far from perfect this might cause some expressions used in the wrong context and so on.

The reason I came here was to find a writing technique that fits me, and maybe find a way to get around writers block and lack of inspiration. I'll also contribute with what I have, knowledge and experience isn't quite all, in my opinion there's a great deal of feeling in songwriting, and that I have.

I tend to write rock/metal lyrics, which means lots of metaphors and stuff like that.

Here we go! :D

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Welcome onboard :)

Lol, I'll ditto Steve, though (I'm fairly certain) my Swedish is better than his, so it's a bigger compliment ;)

Sounds like you'll enjoy our lyrics board :) Don't forget about the rest of the forum though, as some people do and miss out on lots of useful info, and iteresting discussion! :)

Cheers, Rohan

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