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Hello, I'm Bertie (Lifteddown) A Lyricist Who Is Hoping To Find A Way To Get My Stuff Heard.

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Hello,my name is Bertie Al-busaidy I am a lyricist who writes in styles of soft rock/ poetic rock and I really want to find someone who can play an instrument and sing my lyrics. I have had a fair few positive reviews on my lyrics from the public but I find it a shame that none of my stuff can be heard, only read. So I really want someone to sing some of my stuff. Anyone?

I tend to find most my inspiration in love and in all its forms, i.e. successful and unsuccessful relationships, heartbreak ect ect.

Well if you have any other questions just let me know and I will be glad to answer some of them. Just to give you a little taster of my lyrics I shall post a short Poem (note that this is a poem and not a song but this is just to show my creativity with lyrics)

Poem: Prison of my Own Design.

I've locked my self inside a prison of my own design.

and I torture myself by staring straight into your eyes.

I'll be stuck here for an infinite amount of time.

or until I, I rid you from my mind.

Behind these bars of memory is where I reside,

tempting the future with riddles of my lost and lonely mind,

I've re written my past more than 15 dozen times,

but no matter what path I go, im a criminal and you're my crime.

In this room of volantary hell is where I will lay.

hitting repeat on the images of a much more simplistic day.

trying to stay optimistic in a world torn by hate.

but its hard when you're in the optics of a corrupted fate.

you can be oblivious to what goes on around you.

believe that cupid will shoot an arrow that will bind you.

but does it ever occure that fate's arrow of love doesnt always settle.

now tell me, what happens when his arrow ricochets off your heart straight into the devils?

Like I said that is nothing more than a simple Poem and not the kind of material I am looking to be sung. After months of searching for a place to get my stuff out there, I really hope this is the right place :)

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Hi Bertie

Welcome to Songstuff :)

What I would suggest is that you read the forums and familiarise yourself with the way Songstuff works, write some critiques for other lyricists and join in discussions and generally get to know people.

Here are some guidelines regarding posting of lyrics for critique here:



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Hi Bertie! Welcome to Songstuff :)

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Welcome Bertie :)

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Hi Bertie!

I´m a 39 year old musician from Germany and i enjoy this community to take contact with more musicians and songwriters from all over the world.I´m playing Guitar in a metal band.My biggest problem is Lyrics.That´s why i´m searching for a good Lyricist.I´m about to compose a metal musical(!!!) and i realy need a good ,good Lyricist!

Please help me !

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Nice to have you here Bertie :)

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Hi Bertie, welcome to songstuff. Hope you find what you're after here.

Nice poem. It will be interesting to read some of your song lyrics. Looking forward to it :)

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