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Freestyle Verse

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hey just a freestyle I jotted down. let me know what you think of the flow


im free spittin sittin on a chair; i be hittin on this air

trippin with no care; livin on a dare

im about to clock out; before I shout out

liftin 50 pounds just to pull my cock out

then i'll pull my glock out

cause im a crazy motherf*cker get the drop out

before I lock and unload; hollows on your mums home

if you don't know that's usually the way a bout go

with me; i'll shoot the beef flip it like a burger

go about my business like I aint commit  a murder

that's the way the day usually ends and begins

with homicidal tendencies and plenty of them benjamins

but just because I got don't mean that I am spendin them

ima save up; ima get mine

you need to wake up; you need to get in line

you need less to f*ck around

and more to get beat

to the ground

while im watching from my high seat

looking down; hitting on some sweet

trickin on some treat; she makes a lot of sounds; but I don't hear her speak

im feelin kinda strong; yet im feelin kinda weak

I feel like somethings wrong; yet I feel like somethings right

I feel like ima god; I feel like I can feel the f*cking light

I feel like im the most high; I feel like im profound

I feel like ima die; I feel like ima drown

I feel like im fried; I feel like ima clown

born as a hustler; raised as a G

starving aritist livin on mustard

and all I smokes weed

you is just a buster; whereas my mind is freed

livin my life; puffin on them trees; and I roll my shit tight

I roll my shit fat; I like my bitch heavy

like wheres my bic at? someone bic'd me already

motherf*ckin prick n dirty susna' bitch

I need a f*ckin light; and I need it f*ckin quick

im tryna get high; and you f*ckin up my shit

get up out my sight; before I f*ckin flip

I wrote this on the fly; it'll be a f*ckin hit

like a plane crash I hope you die

nothin left to say so that's it


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  • 5 months later...

i don't know how to say this but...im not feeling anything with this. usually a freestyle is done for battles right, and if this was for a battle, or even if it isn't, a freestyle depends usually on punch-lines...i don't really see any above :) and also...these three lines dont sit well. 

"that's the way the day usually ends and begins

with homicidal tendencies and plenty of them benjamins

but just because I got don't mean that I am spendin them"


but on the whole, it's a good freestyle but i just, i can't feel a vibe to it :)


Peace :)

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