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Hello guys, glad that I'm finally joining this forum, haha, I came across this site about a month ago actually, I've heard some of a very wonderfull stuffs here & you guys are very talented! :tt1::thumbup:


Let me introduce myself, I'm Dyno from Indonesia, I'm a singer-songwriter & started my career in music industry since I was 16 (while also continuing my school), before that I'm just doing a few singing competitions & such.

I'm here mostly to have some kind of feedbacks/opinions/advice on my songwriting & composition. Like.. how's my vocals, how's the lyrics, how's the melody, is it catchy enough, is the chorus memorable enough, etc. So I can evaluate myself on the next songs. Most of the songs I will post here are my new stuffs, written around 2013 till now, I keep my older stuffs to myself for a while, 'cause I want to make a fresh new songs for my future project.


I know most people here also commenting on the recording quality, song arrangement, mixing, mastering & such, but honesly I really have little knowledge about those things :wacko: hahaha, I'm working with my talented friend, he's a great arranger & audio engineer (mixing mastering). So I explained to him of what I really want in this particular song arrangement, for example I want the music to have this instrument and that instrument, this kind of beat and that kind of beat, then I gave him some song references from other artists. So basically I have the vision in my brain but I really have no talent to materiazed it myself. :001_tongue: so don't expect too much from me, lol, pardon this newbie..

Ohh, and for a studio, I don't have my own, so I rent a recording studio when taking vocals.

Last but not least, I'm not a native English speaker, so pardon my weird English..


Well yeah, sorry for a long introduction.. it's a great pleasure to be here. Yaay.. :)

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