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How much more gear do you need?

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I know often it's not about need it's about want.  Recently I had a rather large financial burden that wiped out my savings.  Faced with limited income I took stock of what I had around me.  (the guitars I kept) And my desires for the future.  Most importantly my desire for a Line 6 Firehawk FX.  I crave the idea of pulling up a magical setting to recreate the sounds I'm used to.  But I also live in the real world.  Rather then put my playing on hold I've gone back to arranging and playing fingerstyle guitar.  When it comes to jazz chord/melody approaches that's a comfortable fit for me.  When it comes to finger style playing ala Tommy Emmanuel or Chet Atkins.  Well that's rather daunting to me.  Nonetheless I'm slowly trying to get comfortable with that style approach.  It keeps me focused on what could be attainable rather than seeking gear out which may not be attainable.


So my question restated is.... How much gear do you feel you need to feel complete and how much of that is simply desire.  If I were in a band my needs would be much more but my skill level or approach wouldn't be as demanding.


What's your endgame?

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Taking your hobby and turning it into a viable business is something which many of you may currently be considering. One thing that might be holding you back is the notion that you need every piece of gear under the sun to get you going.

Some will agree with what I’m going to say here, and some of you will not. The point of this article is to highlight that gear should not be the overriding factor stopping you from taking that leap. With that in mind, here are my recommendations for the bare minimum you need to get your photography business off the ground.

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