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One of the things I learned from the book I previously mentioned, Get More Fans, is a submission service for publicity, Submithub.com.


They do submissions for $1 each for each curator in your campaign. You get a choice of submitting to Blogs or Internet Influencers for campaigns. This is much less expensive than my PR rep who charges thousands of dollars for a promotion campaign and is simply out of my league at this moment.


You define your top 3 genre/audience matches for a submission and then receive a ranked selection of curators. First: column genre match, Second: quality of reviews as rated by previous submitters, and Third: amount of social media influence.


So far I have submitted only to Blogs although I will be doing Influencers also. A Monday to Friday schedule is recommended by third party reviews on Google of the site.


For a total of $66 these are my results for 2 tracks:

  • At least 2 postings to Spotify playlists
  • 1 posting to a radio playlist
  • At least 2 submissions also being forwarded to another source
  • 2 separate posts by a blogger as well as a relationship becoming established by email

My success percentage is also somewhat skewed as Jamón Con Patatas Fritas was much more popular than Primordial.


This was to be expected as Primordial contains no guitar, my primary instrument, and was my first experience using a DAW. Jamón Con Patatas Fritas was heavily guitar oriented and had the benefit of being my second DAW recording as well as using iive drums.


Fortunately in the Summer of 2022 I will be returning to a real studio in Los Angeles and playing with people who are much better musicians than I am.


*** We have moved our website to https://firebirdsofparadise.com ***


UPDATE: November 27, 2021 we hit #10 on ReverbNation!



The Firebirds of Paradise® registered trademark 2021 Clay Anderson Johnson, LLC


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Submit Hub is pretty useful. A lot of larger radio/music blogger/reviewers/influencers/curators use them, but still a very long way from all. Additionally, they don’t really do smaller bloggers/playlist curators. Still, if you know in advance who you will be hitting, you can use Submit Hub in combination with contact databases to get a pretty full coverage.


I would expect (considering the price) to reach really low level influencers. There are several marketplaces to access higher flying influencers. Prices can get very high very quickly. Still, there is a balancing point. Reaching the right influencer can work wonders.


A lot of older influencers, who often don’t even acknowledge the word never mind the market place, will even help for free. It depends on how you intend to get benefit from influencers, what tactics you use etc. Building a relationship with key influencers takes more effort but can pay big dividends. Working with micro influencers can also be handy.


There are other ways to target people. Some paid, some guerrilla. For example,  using targeted Facebook advertisements. Facebook has some 200k data points per person (probably more now since I last checked). Points of cross reference we as individuals could never know, but Facebook knows. There are private influencer groups on Facebook. We don’t know the members, but when running an ad you might target people who are in those groups and like the kind of music you make.


Certainly, if you can, it is a good idea to cultivate relationships with playlist curators, music bloggers and influencers.

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