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  1. Love's here to stay (rough)

    Hi folks, It's been a while ... here's a song I wrote for my wife for our fifth wedding anniversary. Thanks for your comments on both lyrics and music. I intend to reach out to a couple of song stuffer friends to help me out later on with this one ... bass, lead guitar and maybe Back vocals ... Cheers !
  2. Crime to commit re-written updated rough

    Early Thom York's work comes to mind when you strike your first chords . I would try and come up with a better hook melodically as far as the chorus goes. I dig the song though don't get me wrong. It would be cool if you could post the lyrics. Cheers

    Wow ! Nice vibes all over this one. It has the 'Beach Boy' feeling ... thinking about the album Pet Sounds written by Brian Wilson when he was at his very best creatively. There are a million ways you can do when you do move forward with a full production ... The base is brilliant and really enjoyable to listen to. This certainly is my favorite piece of yours so far ! Thanks for sharing I absolutely love the vocal arrangements !!! Cheers !
  4. I found a microphone!

    This guy gives pretty good advice Cheers
  5. The one song

    Something Cheers
  6. Endless Sky - Mix update (removed, now forthcoming)

    Hi, Not quite sure if the version that's available now is the final want you wanted me listen to or if you are still working on the mix.
  7. Hello From Philly!

    Welcome aboard Mary, You picked the right place Looking forward to hear your music ! Cheers
  8. Sea Of Glass

    Soothing sounds Tim. Love the ambiance. A tiny bit too loud on the high frequency spectrum (Mainly the guitars) for my taste but other than that, nothing to nit at. Thanks for sharing ! Cheers
  9. Endless Sky - Mix update (removed, now forthcoming)

    About the snare, there are three frequencies you can try to boost to enhance the sound: A boost around 5K will give it more definition, a boost around 10K will give it more snap and boosting somewhere between 120hz and 240hz should fatten the sound. Fixing the attack and release on the compressor can help too. In some cases, adding a very very subtle amount of delay on the snare can also give some good results. For the clashing bass and base drum, you could try boosting the bd between 50 and 100hz and the bass around 200hz making sure you cut the bass and BD at the same frequencies ... Hope this isn't too confusing and hope it can help ... it's fun trying anyway right ? Cheers
  10. Beating Hearts

    You have the most interesting voice. The song is very good as it is. I believe it could be a stellar song with the right production. Melody and lyrics are very good too. You can be proud of this one ! Cheers !
  11. Endless Sky - Mix update (removed, now forthcoming)

    Wow ... Great duo and great song. I love the way your vocal sound ! What mic did you use to record this ? I've always been a fan of your music and this is my new fav of yours. I have a feeling I have listened to it in the car a few weeks ago ? The mix is pretty good imo. Vocals sit right where they should. My small nit is with the low end. The bass drum and bass are fighting for the same frequencies ... and the bass wins ... as it always almost does when that happens. The snare is also very thin. I'm pretty sure you have the knowledge to fix these small problems. Let me know if I can be of any help anyway. Great song ... thanks for sharing. Cheers
  12. Dancing Down the Rabbit Hole (Final 4.3.17)

    I was expecting Thom Yorke to start singing . I love the mix ! Interesting listening experience ... in the dark ! Thanks for sharing Cheers !
  13. Under The Moonlight

    This is quite contemporary. I think it could go head to head with what we hear on the radio these days but it would need a bigger and fatter production. This doesn't feel like it's been mastered and so it lacks the punch that kind of song deserves. The vocal performance is quite good and melody is catchy. Good luck with it. Cheers
  14. Snakes and Biscuits

    I dig the bass line. The rhythm guitar panned left is a bit too loud and kind of annoying because of this. I believe you should put it right in the center.It sounds ok at the 20 sec mark when it's panned right but becomes a problem when it's panned left at 1:00. The drums are definitely not taking enough space in the mix. The bass drum and snare need more punch ! A bit louder and Parallel Compression might do the trick. I like the song really but grow tire after 3 minutes ... so I would make it shorter. Hope that helps ! Cheers