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  1. Very well, just let me know if you need me. All you will have to do is drop your files in dropbox. Cheers
  2. I can help with Mixing and Mastering if needed. Let me know Cheers !
  3. rock

    Nice song and performance ! I think the snare is still wrong though. It's kind of distracting the way it sounds now ... I have no real suggestions on how to fix this but if i was to try something, I would turn it down a bit and out a very small amount of delay ont the track to give it more width and punch. Also, the bass and bass drum seem to be fighting for the same frequencies. Vocals are excellent and I dig the back vocals a lot !! This is a really catchy song ! I really enjoyed the listens Thanks for sharing ! Cheers !
  4. Hard to critic this one. I have to say it's sounds pretty weird ... but I guess that's what you are going for. I had to crank up the volume cause you recorded this too low. Lyrics are not too bad ... but the song itself has close to no melody then again, if this was intended to be a rap, i kind of get why you took that road. Not my cup of tea but there's no bad art or way to express ourselves so kudos for your work. Cheers !
  5. Pretty cool stuff. I listened to it in the car on my way home and am listening to it again with headphones. I didn't get the chorus melody on my first listen but it's sinking in now . And I must say I like it ! Cool guitar chords and progression. I would certainly love to hear a band around this but as mentioned before, it can stay on its own in a1+1 performance. Great work .... Enjoyed the lyrics too Cheers
  6. Thanks for the listen Richard. The vocalists are Michael Stovall aka Red Porch Kid, David Becker, Danny Rains and myself. Cheers ! Glad you like the final result. I was pretty happy with the mix but I can always appreciate comments on how it sounds on other people's system or headphones ! Cheers
  7. Hi

    Welcome aboard Alex ! Songstuff is a great place to get and share knowledge. Hope you get as much out of it as I have for years now. Cheers !
  8. Here is a new mix of a song from the Travelling Songstuffers and friends that was posted here a couple of years ago. I have replaced the original drum track. The song had two parts. I have finished the first part and will try working on the second part soon. Cheers !
  9. Nice and short ! Has a Peter Gabriel vibe to it so of course I love the tune Dig the flix too ! Cheers !
  10. Nice first song. I was hoping for vocals to start so that was kind of a let down. Other than that, I enjoyed the tune Cheers
  11. Sounds fabulous. Great vibes from the start. Nothing really to chew at ... the mix is great and so are the arrangements. This should be on the radio my friend ! Congrats ! Cheers
  12. Lovely song ! I really like the melodies (verses and chorus). Vocals are spot on ! Dee really put the finger on a problem with the mix. Sounds like the main aux has been squashed by too much compression. Are you running a limiter on it ? Your voice doesn't seem to be affected by this however. It may be only the drums and bass that suffer from this lack of dynamic. Great write anyway Cheers !
  13. Salut Yves, It's already been mentioned but I have to emphasize the fact that the vocal really killed the experience for me too. I understand this is a live take and this makes it more challenging but this has to be addressed if you aim to have success with your music. Bad vocal performance is something you can't get away with. Other than that, the band is really tight and I enjoyed watching you guys perform. Of course, it would be great to hear more from your band ! Cheers !
  14. Hi Richard, You mention having a hard time finding a melody to go with the music. I personally never ... (or maybe once or twice) could come up with a melody to an existing musical part. I find it's a lot easier to build the music and arrangement on an existing melody ... not the other way around, so I can understand the struggle you face. As mentioned by other members, I agree the weak part is the chorus. I see you are working on it so i'll check you out when you edit your post with new ideas. I liked the way the song starts and the verses melody. Cheers !
  15. Great to see a new post from you Mahesh. Stellar performance ! Wishing you all the success you deserve in 2017 ! Live the dream . I wouldn't miss a live performance either if you start touring in my corner of the world ! Cheers !