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  1. Vocals - Thoughts

    Indie, I'd like to read about your info from your coach? Relaxing at ANY time comes in handy but yeah, when singing it's really important, especially if it can stop someone straining their vocal cords. And that's so true...so many unique singers have made good use of what nature gave them.
  2. Vocals - Thoughts

    Mark I agree....way too much autotune these days. It's a bit lazy really I think. Serves a GOOD purpose if used in moderation....I don't have it but have had a producer use it once in a studio situation. Sometimes you do a really good take but there;s just that ONE iffy note. In that situation I think it can be a helpful tool, but not AS an effect, which when used heavily is kinda what it sounds like I think.
  3. Fires In Australia.

    That would be a nice ride by bike up there. There are some quaint little stops along the way and I don't think any of those were badly affected. The fires have eased now, thank goodness.
  4. Fires In Australia.

    Yes, a shame you didn't get more time to explore that area. Won't be much left after this I'm afraid but luckily the bush always bounces back, as will the people in time.
  5. Fires In Australia.

    Sorry for your friend. So many people affected hey. Can't believe it's got this bad. Now a state of emergency? I hope they are just over reacting and taking every precaution rather than it actually turning out to be as horrific as they are worried about. Just found out that the house we were renting a little over twelve months ago there in Emma parade in Winmalee has been burned down. That whole street is practically gone! Feeling so lucky that the twists and turns of life led us away from that area now. I'd like to donate directly to the bushfire brigade.
  6. Fires In Australia.

    I know there are a few Aussies on this site. Just hoping everyone is safe wherever they are! My daughter has lost her house in the Blue mountains. My other daughters best friend has also lost her house (Susan Antonio who just joined this site recently) and many other friends of theirs have also lost homes or are being impacted by fires in some way or another. It's been the most frightening experience for our family as most of my family live right in Winmalee where over 200 houses have been destroyed and the crisis still continues with bad weather ahead. So many fires are still burning in different areas. It's just unbelievable that we are seeing this kind of thing so early in the season. My heart goes out to all those people who are now faced with having lost everything they owned, pets...oh that just upsets me so much. My daughters boyfriend braved the fire to try and get in to save their two dogs but unfortunately he was only able to save one. I have so much respect and gratitude for the firies who are out there facing horrific circumstances. Just true hero's. While so many homes have been lost, so many have also been saved, including my parents and my sisters homes. Just praying that what they are predicting weather wise will not be as bad as they fear.
  7. Umbilical

    Thanks Dermo33. No, last time I checked I wasn't Kate Bush. Thanks Dave. Yes well, HSC exams are going on here so no time to grab an actor for a video unfortunately. Maybe at some point....Thanks for listening! Thank you Nick. Yes, that was my intention, or at least where the song took me once that visual was in my head. i like your suggestions re the chorus. Yes, I'm sure I could intensify it a bit more. Thanks! I look forward to hearing More than Yesterday sung by just ONE of you
  8. First Song Of A New Orchestral Project

    I really enjoyed it. Some nice piano melodies going on there and the whole piece kept me interested and on the journey. I must confess I'm listening at 2 am in bed , not with my good music headphones, but I'll have another listen in the morning - later, to see how it all sounds on my other ones.
  9. Banshee

    I really like the vibe of this. Love it in fact! Just a really cool feel to it. I agree with the snare...through headphones yeah it's off to one side. I don't really care what the lyrics are...(shame on me) I just like the melody and overall vibe. Sounds though like you're straining a bit vocally in places, like maybe it could be taken down a key? Really enjoyed the listen!
  10. The Calling

    What a nice thing to do....put your feelings for your nephews journey into song. I like it a lot. How could I not. I'm in love with your guitar. The only thing I might suggest, but it's maybe just something I'm feeling, is that some of the phrasing is a bit ...well it's emphasizing I guess the lilt of the guitar rhythm. I thought perhaps in places the melody could be sung a bit smoother ? Know what I mean? A minor thing really. Enjoyed the listen.
  11. It's Free! (Live)

    Really fun! Especially those last quirky notes in the chorus Made me smile. Sounds like a good toe tapper. Enjoyed the listen.
  12. Vocals - Thoughts

    Yep, true, that's another one...too quiet in the mix. Thing is, by disguising or hiding something we don't like, there is no room for improving. It's almost a lazy way of approaching something isn't it? Taking the masks off those vocals forces us to DO something about whatever it is we're not entirely happy with.
  13. First Light

    I like the second version better- sounds clearer, better mixed. I really like the verses. I enjoyed the chorus too but just the quirky kind of circus feel I enjoyed more You could really have two separate songs here, but there is something engaging about the different feels. It's a bit weird at first but with more listens it feels not as separate. Good one!
  14. "somewhere": Incomplete, Direction Needed!

    I don't think you need the bridge. It kind of floats around(nicely, I did like it) but it doesn't really take you anywhere too different. The instrumental part however does. What about if you just lead into that - and forget the bridge? ( I wasn't focusing as much on the lyric as I was on the overall vibe and flow of the song) Nice playing and NICE SINGING. Sheesh! Nothing wrong with it at all. You'd sound absolutely superb with a bit of EQ and a touch of reverb.
  15. Long Walk Out

    Hi, I really like this. Love your voice and the concept for the song. Really catchy rhythm too. If I were to pick possible places for improvement?- I think there's a little bit too much repetition of the basic chords. The chorus was not as distinguishable as I was expecting. The bridge too, was not musically, melodically taking me to a different place. I didn't like the vocal effect used there. Yeah, it sets it apart from the rest of the song but I would have liked a different musical path rather than just some vocal effects there. At some point I really wanted to hear a blast of MORE emotion in the vocals. Not that it was lacking, on the contrary, but I expected a spot of real passion, frustration even and in the bridge I think that would be the place for it. I think lyrically because you already spoke of the "soul that whispers" earlier (and I really liked that verse) it loses impact when used again similarly at the end. I think it's there that it needs another striking, meaningful line to end the song. Kind of leaving the listener with something to think about. It's very good though. I really enjoyed the listen.