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  3. Upbeat Pop song. Sung by a young woman. Among Exploding Stars Verse 1: A colossal star exploded somewhere out in space I was standing in a doorway The sun was on my face Pre-chorus 1: A boy walked by and I looked at him and my thoughts got kind of scattered but a colossal star exploded then so I guess that doesn't matter. Chorus: Among exploding stars The world that we inhabit is so much Bigger than we are, bigger than we are Exploding stars But we have to keep trying We have to try to love, we have to try to love Among exploding stars., Exploding stars, Exploding stars Among exploding stars, exploding stars Verse 2: In that instant of amazement I gazed into his eyes and I saw that he was smiling, enjoying my surprise Pre-chorus 2: Then he was reaching out to take my hand oh, I thought my heart would shatter Repeat chorus: Bridge: Then he kissed my lips pressed me against the door all those exploding stars didn't matter anymore Repeat chorus:
  4. A War Axe And A Rose (Folk, Folk Rock) Verse 1: Was once a faithful vassal pledged allegiance to my lord just a tool for his mad vengeance, was his mace, I was his sword Verse 2: “We're on a sacred journey” that's the lie that we were told he told us lies and we believed them we were boys, sixteen years old Chorus: He said the rose symbolized our purity He said the war axe symbolized our might He said these words nobody spoke up so we believed that he was right Verse 3: We followed him into the mountains in shining armor he led us on to a lofty reach where we laid siege till every victual we had was gone Verse 4: Night's so black, won't see the dawning, hope has died inside our souls wasted lives, we barely knew them, 'tween a war axe and a rose Repeat Chorus: Bridge: I spent my life on less than nothing never spilled my seed into a womb my body's grass, my heart's forgotten, my bones will never find a tomb Repeat Chorus:
  5. Trash Along The Highway (Blues Shuffle) Verse 1: There’s trash along the highway, dirty bottles, rusted cans, There’s trash along the highway, billboards advertisin’ wonderland, I would go somewhere if there was a place that I could stand Verse 2: They talk about the Internet, I wish that I could go, I’ve heard about the Internet, and its golden glow But I’m stuck beside this highway cause my modem’s way too slow Verse 3: They played me for a sucker and they sucked me right on in They played me for a sucker, said I could finally win, They took me for all I had then said, “Ambition is a sin”. Verse 4: There’s trash along the highway, that’s all that I can see, There’s trash along the highway, and part of it is me, This is where they threw me when my blood stopped turning green. Repeat Verse 2: Repeat Verse 1:
  6. What You Did Was Throw Him Away (Country) Verse 1: We started talking down at the market. It was easy to read between the lines. He asked me if I’d like a cup of coffee. I’m not a fool so I said, “Fine.” Verse 2: He didn’t lie. He told me all about you. More than I’d ever want to know. When I stood up and tried to leave him He took my hand and wouldn’t let it go. Chorus 1: You thought all you had to do was be there. If you were there he would want to stay. No, I didn’t steal your man. What you did was throw him away. Bridge: Now being there is one thing. Being with him is another thing again. You can be there like a statue Or you can be there as a friend. Chorus 2: All I did was give him my attention I listened to what he had to say. So, no, I didn’t steal your man. What you did was throw him away. Repeat Chorus 1:
  7. Introduction I have been writing lyrics for almost 50 years. If you'd like to hear the complete songs I've had a part in creating over that period of time go to 7thAndBeale.com At this point in my life I'm less concerned with commercial success, though I wouldn't reject it if it came, and more involved in the possibility of my words finding a musical home. And by “home” I don't mean a house or storage shed. I want my words to feel comfortable and respected in their new abode. If one of my lyrics strikes your interest I'd suggest that you go to my website and get a sense of the level of musicianship I'm looking for. One of my other requirements is that you're either part of a working band or you have the capacity to create basic viable tracks. I've done some work on Kompoz.com through the years (you can hear samples on my website) so I know that with a few basic tracks amazing collaborations can be created via the Internet. If you decide to take the next step, and I agree that we should take this step, I'd like to give you some idea what you can expect from me: I've been doing this for almost 50 years. I've pitched tapes (remember cassette tapes?) in Los Angeles and Nashville. I've rubbed elbows with people who had #1 hits. Even written songs with them. But all that boils down to a bucket of warm spit. I wrote one of the worst songs I've ever written with a guy who had a #1 hit. And he probably would agree that it was his worst too (he's no longer with us). If anyone could trap lightning in a bottle we'd do it every day. Doesn't happen. What the Hell are you trying to say to me Stanfield? I hear you asking. I'm saying my standards are pretty damn high. And I hope your standards are too. I love songs. I love songwriting. I want to only produce the best I'm capable of in any given moment. I hope you feel the same way. It's not about ego. Any true collaboration demands that ego be left at the door. It has to be about the song. About what's best for the song. About what makes the song take wing and fly. So... if you'll meet me halfway in an ego-less space I'll meet you there as well. I'm very much open to rewriting my lyrics if you can prove to me with the power of your music that such a rewrite is necessary. I've done it a few times. Examples on my website include Shadow In the Night and Far Away. The lyric for Far Away is nothing like the original. For Shadow In the Night I added lyrics because the music dictated more. Thank you for your interest. Stanfield Major
  8. Very good. Loved it
  9. Hi Amy, I'm in the same boat you are. I too only write the words. I'm not sure there's a "best" way. In my experience it's whatever works. I've had some luck on http://www.kompoz.com/music/home But since then they've changed the site and made it harder to put up a catalog of lyrics for music writers to pick from. You can, however, seek out projects in need of lyrics and offer yours. Haunt SoundCloud and look for people whose music fits your style and approach them. Look for songwriting organizations and workshops near you. There are a bunch out there. Try these links: http://www.taxi.com/members/links-associations.html http://www.songlink.com/songlink-industry-organizations-a.html And last but not least... I found my main writing partner through an ad in a local penny saver publication. We've been working together for over 7 years now. The thing to remember is that it's not easy. First of all you have to keep working on your writing in order to create lyrics that will attract a music writer's attention. And then you have to find ways to connect with music writers; follow up on every idea you can think of. If there's a local band you like... hit them up. If you see a woman busking on the street... hit her up. Just keep trying. And don't expect one partnership to last forever. Most of the people I've worked with (almost 40 now) only lasted for a song or two. There've only been three people in over 40 years that I've written 10 or more songs with. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi Helen, Welcome to the forum I really liked your "experiment". Can't say I found it scary. I'm a lyricist too so I can't help you musically, but I can suggest a site where you can find people to collaborate with... http://www.kompoz.com/music/home Keep doing what you're doing.
  11. Welcome aboard Megan You can learn a lot here. I hope you take advantage of the possibilities. Another site, similar to this one, is Just Plain Folks: http://www.jpfolks.com/ I would urge you to rethink the "Demo My Song" strategy and put your efforts into finding music writers to work with. It'll cost less (as in nothing except time) and you'll learn more. "Demo My Song" is just going to take what you've got and jam it into a formula with as little effort as they can manage. A co-writer is going to come back to you and say, "Uh, Megan, this isn't going to work because of this, or that." And then you'll have to work to make the song better. That's a good thing. Another site to check out in your search for music writers is http://www.kompoz.com/
  12. Thanks guys Glad ya'll liked the song.
  13. This song was created on the collaborative site Kompoz.com Dazzlefly: Lead and Harmony Vocals. Dogbizkits: Soundmix and Production. Onemomentspeace: Bass, Percussion and Keyboards. Phraser: Guitar, Keyboards and Incidental Vocals. Stanfield Major: Lyrics. http://soundcloud.com/smajor1/shadow-in-the-night Shadow In the Night I thought the way to win Was to lie and take them in Show them all a plastic face Then disappear without a trace Just a phantom, passing through, The ones I touched, they never knew, How I yearned to meet their eyes Took so long to realize… I’ve played too many games Forgot the faces and their names Saw love die and fall apart Tried to hide my aching heart… 
 A SHADOW IN THE NIGHT I NEED YOU TO SEE ME AS MY SHADOW REACHES REACHES FOR THE LIGHT I know how it feels to fall Where you can’t find a friend to call All I built was built on sand, God, I need a helping hand Instrumental It took years, day after day, To break through and find my way Took a step but wasn’t sure Turned around and there you were. Till the day you believed in me I didn’t know what love could be Now I’ve got so much to give Fin’lly learned I don’t have to live… Chorus
  14. Thanks jdtate, Nono, pbattersby, Ken, and starise. Glad ya'll enjoyed the song
  15. Thanks Simon