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    I am a new lyric writer, I only write lyrics. I need a melody writer to help me.

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    I like to write lyrics to songs, movies, reading, the Mountains, spending time with my dog. I like to scrapbook and listen to good music.
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    • hi im jerry.   well can you sing and play keyboard/guitar or piano? I had a asthma attack and now I cant play anymore....but I can type my lyrics on my computer.  would you like to go 50/50 basis? just email me at          ..jerrymallory21@gmail.com
    1. Bridget Murphy

      I think it is possible but you need to have a fairly good gear to do that.

  1. 1)Where have you gone that you really liked the finished product? I love reveal audio in Georgia, he is a great guy.He does require you have a melody or that you can sing a clear melody. he will not write the melody for you. However he is a good producer and charges by the hour. I got a song done for 225.00. It had several instruments and sounded great. in fact the song is now published, so I would recommend him I used Nashville song demos and they were good also. They were about 350. They did the above song and I was happy with it. A lot recommend Sun down sessions but they are very pricey, but incredible work. 2) Where have you gone that it was ok, but could be better? I used pearl snap and he made a decent song for me. There were no change of chords in the chorus and it was hard to tell where the chorus started. It was not bad work, but it was not great. If you need a higher range in your melody, he may not be the right one. I will paste his song so you can see his work. 3) Which ones were not worth the money? 4) Which ones were a better price?Nashville song demo and Reveal were the cheapest. 5) which ones were pricey but good quality? 6) Where do you get your songs produced? n
  2. Hi Tom, How are you? Yes stay away from paramount , it's a very generic melody and they do hundreds so it is not very original. Although I used Nashvile Song demo for a song, and it was great. it was well written and produced. I just sent in my lyrics and they gave me a great song for 350. I would recommend them. This is the song they did for me. I am happy with the production , and would use them again because they are cheaper. The only bad thing was it took 4 months to get the song. Thank you so much for those other links , I will check them out. Many of them are very pricey, I was looking for ones that were cheaper and good quality. I thought we could share insights to help each other out. I hope you are doing good, I have not seen you on in a while. Amy
  3. Hi I would like to make a thread sharing the good and bad expierences of song production. I have sent off to places and got a good song produced, some have been ok and some were horrible. One place took my money and never gave me a demo, so I want to share that with every one so you won't get ripped off as well. Some are cheaper and some are very expensive. Are the pricey ones really better in quality? 1)Where have you gone that you really liked the finished product? 2) Where have you gone that it was ok, but could be better? 3) Which ones were not worth the money? 4) Which ones were a better price? 5) which ones were pricey but good quality? 6) Where do you get your songs produced? Do not send songs to River bend song service in TN. I sent them money and never got a demo. he won't answer phone calls or emails. it's a scam!!!!!!!! It appears cheaper than others , but it is a scam! Please share any more tips on production that you can think of.
  4. Hi Amy

    Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year.


    1. ames1212

      Hey ken,

      I did, how about you?

    2. Gazebo

      Great thanks - lots of family things going on, so now need a holiday to recover!!!

  5. Hi Larry, I could not open your songs on Sound cloud for some reason, must be my computer. I write in country, pop, gospel, rock and several different styles. I would be interested in colaborations. What type of music do you write?
  6. Hey Pat, Not at all, I just have not been on in a while. Yeah I had a few contact me from craigslist, and they would do one or two songs. I hate approaching bands, but that is a good idea. It's hard to find collaboration parnters, but it is fun to hear your so come alive. Hope you have a great day!
  7. Hi Music, I lost my password, so I have not been on, that is why I have not read your messages. You gave some great tips and I will be trying to check it out.i actually put an add on craigslist in the musicians page, I got a few responses, but it is taking a long time. Thanks again for the advice. I hope you are doing good. Amy
  8. Hey Rudi, I have one or two colaborations on here and the songs were really good. Although the thing that slows me down is the song that has a melody but needs to be produced, it cost a lot of money. I have some good colaborations, but would like to find more. Thanks for the tips. Amy
  9. Hi Bernd, Thanks for the great tips, I will check out that website. I have thought about the soundcloud thing, but I don't know the person, so not sure who to trust with my lyrics. That is a good idea. Thank you for the tips. You have good lyrics.
  10. Thanks Rudi, there are more lyric writers than music writers on here. I have had a few good colabs, but it has just been one or two songs.Do you write lyrics only too?
  11. Those are some good tips. I have a few co-writers that are able to do one or two songs, but your right one parternip won't always work. Thanks for the ideas.It seems very hard to find colabs though.
  12. Hello everyone, How are you? I write lyrics only, and have met one or two collaboration partners on here, but have not had much luck finding people to do the melodies for me. I was wondering how you guys go about finding collaboration partners? Are there better sites, or do you go to local music venues? What is the best way to find collaboration partners?
  13. Glad to see Songstuff back up, the last few days it said it had moved or no longer avaible. Glad it is still here!

    1. ames1212

      That is good, I thought maybe they had shut down the sight. Glad to know it's still here.

    2. louielouwhy

      Why what was the problem?

  14. I'm excited, talking to a producer about heart shaped Glass, they are looking at it for a newly signed artist. I could possibly a published lyric writer soon..

    1. ames1212

      Thanks Tunesmith, it is exciting.

    2. Johnny Longfellow

      I told you your persistence was inspiring. congratulation. i really like the song

    3. ames1212

      Thanks Johnny, Not for sure they are going to choose it yet,, I will know in three weeks after they do a test demo with artist. It would be nice though!

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