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  1. Hi Neptune! Welcome to Songstuff.
  2. Hi Andrea, It is proper forum etiquette to find the "introduce yourself" Section and tell the forum members a little about yourself. Also critiquing a few contributions by other people will help you garner more attention and give the impression that you may stay around a bit (which we certainly hope you do). That said I tried to spin your song and got an error message
  3. This is Great Beast man. I like the "Live" feel but I can hear the cellos too. I look forward to hearing that version. The Lyrics are top notch. I like that the main theme isn't a tired metaphor. If people are confused Google can be their friend. This makes a great pre-chorus. The slight change in attitude leading toward the chorus works well. Maybe expand on that.
  4. I agree with this. I think this sounds great! Well done! The blowing effect doesn't detract for me but I don't think it adds much either If I had to point out anything it would be the offbeat chugging of the train at the end and the above statement. The line "I’d call home, if I could only Know for sure that she’d be there alone" gives me goosebumps. Well played sir
  5. Thanks for the input Micah. Harmony Guitars...interesting. I'll listen with an ear on your comments on the EQ's and especially the "clustered" comment. I thought the vocals were sitting pretty good at this point but will listen again. Welcome to Songstuff
  6. no love?
  7. I think I have fixed a lot of the issues with the mix. I'm pretty happy with this version. I think I need to bring up the first line of the vocals and I know I still need to add a lead. I appreciate all of the listening and advice thus far. Please listen to the new mix and give me some feedback. I have deleted all previous versions, hope that doesn't cause too much confusion:
  8. Think I should turn it up? Glad you dig it
  9. Thank you so much
  10. Not even close! I wouldn't post it if I didn't want your honest opinion. I think I did hit the highs too hard with that one. It's called tequila mix for a reason I think I have a new one on deck that you may like better , stay tuned
  11. yeah, That was a first attempt to fix the thinness of the vocals witnessed earlier as well as fixing the drum sound. Both are better than before i think but not exactly dialed in yet. happy 2017 to you
  12. ImKen, Thank you for the kind words and the thoughts on the mix. Is the last link (tequillamix) the mix you are referring to?