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  1. Buy a Mac. 🤣 But seriously.. What do you want to do? Record just yourself? ..yourself and others? Are you looking for synth-heavy, drop in the beat-centric composing, or are you a 100% homegrown acoustic purist? What is your workflow like, or what do you think it will be like? Read up on the differences. Take a look at screen-shots and watch you-tube videos of them in action. OR just get a Mac and go with Logic and never look back. (that's my recommendation and I have no biases
  2. Just so that people aren't confused - Musescore is pretty much strictly notation software, and not a DAW at all. I have colleagues who are music educators that use it, but Finale and Sibelius are still the industry standards. No doubt MuseScore is a lot cheaper. F & S are pro, which means powerful and detail oriented - so you can imagine the learning curve is significant. Also the big two are obscenely expensive plus you can say goodbye to an extra $100+ every year if you want to keep it updated so that you can work with others who have theirs updated because they update theirs so they can work with ... 😖..you get the picture. For anyone who is interested in getting into entry level notation software, another option they should probably also look into is Noteflight. The advantage of NF is that's it's cloud based and runs on your browser anywhere - anytime - and from any computer. Me, I don't really have a horse in the entry level race; I'm a spoiled Finale user.
  3. "What other DAWs do you use?" is a required field - and "None" is not an option.
  4. Hey Tom, Nah, unless you count don't give up the moon I've been fighting a lingering cold/bronchitis for the last few months. Finally feeling like my old self - only just a tad older of course. I'm really torn about writing some new material or finishing a growing list of unfinished snippets that are accumulating on my hard drive. I'm somewhat ashamed to say that the political climate has me more inclined to hide in my shell rather than let it consume my psyche, drain the happiness out of me and replace it with frustration ..and worse, anger. Part of the problem is I'm not even sure where to direct my emotions - To those in power, or the people responsible for putting them there. As far as writing a song is concerned, the former is easy but the latter is probably more appropriate.
  5. I just received and e-mail from SC informing me of changes to their privacy policy, which leads me to the new policy - what is not included is a reference to what has changed - that's a red flag for me. Anyone know?
  6. Thanks Rob, I'm perfectly capable of putting my foot in my mouth with the best of them. But I knew the job was dangerous when I took it, and I can take the heat. Like I said, I'm still forming my opinion on this, but there's a part of me that just can't resist playing devil's advocate, even when I don't realize it. Stop it! -- No! You stop it! So on the social agenda thing (that's what this thread is about, right?). I get that people use music to raise awareness about issues they feel are important, and I have found myself doing it, but I would qualify that by saying that for me personally the three most important motivators of my music have been the music, the music and the music. People here that know me through my posts know that I hate writing lyrics. I would probably sing about anything if I could find my Bernie Taupin. I wouldn't care if (s)he's the Anti-Christ with an agenda to get governments to shoot babies and puppies into outer space. I'm sure I would write about 20X the music I'm writing now. Now as it happens, I have to write my own lyrics and so I write about what comes into my mind, and my political and ontological views can't help but creep in there - and It just so happens that I like puppies.
  7. Really? Did I say that people should do jobs for free? Nope - go back and read. I'm saying people shouldn't do whatever they want with the expectation that they should be paid for it, no matter what it is. If you don't want to perform for free, don't. Not unless you feel a great need to and people are unwilling to pay but you do it anyway. Let the market decide if they'll pay you. That's what's happening here. The writing of the song is not the valuable part. It's the performance that counts. Ask Vivaldi, Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner - Oh and then we get to the 20th century.. And I'm not suggesting that song-writers can't make money in such a system. Not so. Did the engineers that sat behind the console during the recording of a massive hit get a piece of the action? Nope - they all negotiated and got their money up front. If in such a system, no one decides to write music because 'there's no money in it' I'd be shocked. If you are a good song-writer in the new system, whatever it may be, there should be people willing to pay you to write for them (especially if no one is willing to write HIGH QUALITY music for free as you seem to suggest). Just negotiate your contract upfront and wisely with the understanding that any money made as a result of your work will be because of their ability to disseminate it.
  8. Hey, relax guys.. It's only a 'proffered' suggestion. I don't really have a strong opinion, but I do find myself leaning one way. As an amateur (one who creates music for love of music), I realize that the paradigm for compensation that I describe would create all kinds of additional chaos in the system, but honestly, it's a system I have little respect for. Where musicians are pawns who owe their souls to the Majors, and have been for longer than people care to admit, where who's rise to the top is has been largely decided by A&R, and where what people are fed on the radio is decided by the same. It makes it easier for me to be cynical because a large majority of the music is formulaically created and dispensed crap. Yes, I don't feed my family by writing songs, but I did struggle as an under-employed musician for many years. I didn't like the game then, so why should I like it now. The idea that you own the 'sound' is a relatively new one and it does present some awkward problems, but technology is going to force the issue on this one. It's already happening; there's no way to stop it. There are too many people out there who can make good music (often much better than what the mainstream cookie-cutter industry creates) who will be able to make a living independent of the system by giving their music away. Napster may have created the expectation, but musicians are beginning to embrace it philosophically. Not to mention musicians (like me) who are able to create reasonably high-quality music in their homes that couldn't be dreamed of 30 years ago. Might I think differently if I was at the top of the food chain? I dunno, but I would surely recognize that being at the top doesn't mean you are the best (in fact, given that you played the game it might even suggest otherwise) and that, even if I worked my butt off to get there, was still damn lucky. In fact, given the stat of the the industry, if I was making scads of money, I better be feeling guilty. Luckily, I don't give too much thought to this whole fiasco - because I don't have to. You guys do bring up a number good arguments for sure. What's the difference between a live performance at the local bar, and a movie? I think the difference is obvious. For one, the ability to enforce laws regarding the making and dissemination of movies is much greater. Is there a continuum of venues that could be disputed fraught with slippery slopes? Absolutely. Should people who claim to be "amateurs" be able to make budget movies and be exempt? I dunno. But the nature of mechanical rights is changing, and the notion that certain jobs/functions are sacrosanct just so people can put food on the table is harmful in the end. The 'job' of song-writer looks to be suspect. Why is that a bad thing? Did Beethoven or Mozart receive any money when their music was played elsewhere? I don't know, but I suspect not. Who would enforce such a crazy idea? They made money on the road, performing, conducting, etc. Eventually publishing became affordable and people bought sheet music and the music became theirs to perform anywhere and for any reason. Physical records and tapes supplanted that. I never bought sheet music. I lifted it right off the album. Ripping and sharing is just way too easy now; there's no way to control dissemination of music. Boom - done. And there you have it, the rise and fall of the songwriter. if this was TL;DNR, then the short answer to the question.. uhmm,, >>Googles Anachronism<< ..probably.
  9. I'll proffer an alternative perspective.. Why should I want to limit the accessibility of my music to only people who can afford it? If all music is free, then all music hosting sites have to play on a level playing field. The ones that succeed are the ones that find the right audience for my music. If you want to hear me play my songs live or support my brand and merchandizing schemes - pay me (I control the value of my music.) If you want to use my song in your movie or advertising campaign, then sure - pay me, negotiating with me directly or through whatever service I choose with pre-negotiated rates. (I control the value of my music.) If you want to get a major artist to record it and release it to the public - it's free (acknowledge me). If you want to monetize that major artist's recording in a movie, etc. - pay me (I control the value of my music.) When that major artist takes my song on tour, should I get paid? I'm not sure, but I don't think so. Neither do I want to be paid a royalty when your local band covers my song at your favorite bar. Again, why should I want to limit the accessibility of my music to only people who can afford it? Besides it just creates middle-man industries that are nothing more than a protection racket. Right now, your local establishment is paying fees to ASCAP and BMI just so someone can sing your song. A less-cluttered system will ultimately be more transparent, efficient and fair.
  10. IMO 20% of cars on the road is less a prediction than an estimate - and I'm hoping for better than 20%; it's pretty clear that humans have no business driving cars ..especially these days with so many electronic distractions and the mounting proof that computer driven cars (preferably networked) can drive 99.9% safer, more efficiently, and are capable of putting more vehicles on the roads with much less traffic. I predict that "Pilotless" is and will not be recognized by spellcheck because "driverless" is what the word should be. One could just as easily argue that the the computer is piloting as they could argue that it is driving. Hell, I'm PLANNING on being able to get in my driverless car, go to a bar, drink a little too much and have the thing safely take me home.. Take a nap on the way home from work? Sure. When I'm retired, I'll get in the car and It'll say "Good morning, Mark. We're going to the RX to pick up your meds." I'll respond, "But I Don't take any meds, do I?" and it will reply, "Yes, you do Mark. Don't you worry about it. Just get in the car." Now as for the chip in the brain: I've been predicting that for years. Just 'think' and 'know.' Think and 'send.' Where are my children? Boom! (they're chipped). And I don't believe that it will necessarily be a class differentiator, because not unlike today's cell phones today, it will be affordable and ubiquitous. In fact, I predict the opposite: that brain chipping will be a societal equalizer. If anything, there might be a backlash of folks who refuse or don't need to participate in the chipping of humanity. Heck now that I think of it - they could actually end up being the elite 1% that get whacked in your predicted revolution. Beware the Borgevent. I'm not going to predict that - Way too scary.
  11. Hot off the presses..  Always a timely message, but particularly so these days. Pretty much just me and a Ukulele, Ukulele Bass AND my lovely wife helping out on background vocals.


    1. Richard Tracey

      Damn M57, this is so good. The melody, the harmonies, everything is perfect and the uke is so beautiful.


      i was just about to put my ipad down and go to sleep when your status update popped up and I thought I would have a listen, now I am going to have your song playing in my head all night ;)


      Well done.

  12. OK, I'll take a qualified stand on the issue. Falsetto and headvoice are the same. I listened to the video above, and though I'm not an authority, I am an experienced trained singer, and I can say from experience that all the singer did was to close up/tighten and change the amount of air going through his vocal chords. What he calls head voice is what I would call a focused and more supported falsetto in a lower register. Using the what he calls the 'chest' voice is the cleanest, smoothest, least noticeable way to switch from falsetto to chest - or more accurately from falsetto to modal. but it's still falsetto. At best, the term could be used to describe a mixture of the two voices, but only as a descriptor, which might be helpful to the student. Here's a Wikipedia page that appears to be reasonably authoritative. Here's the qualified part of my stand. Down toward the bottom of the page, we find a refutation, but a careful look at the following sentence is revealing. If you 'prefer' the term head voice, but acknowledge that there is no head 'register,' then we are talking about about the same thing, with one falling into a sub-set of the other.
  13. Summer break - Woo Hoo!  Time to make some music!

  14. Checked out Case of You.. Nice voice.. Rubato is a tool that you can use to make moments more poignant, but you have to pick and choose your spots, Unless you are a master of milking the moment, taking too many liberties with the tempo risks confusing your audience. Bottom line: you're slowing down too often, and for no apparent reason other than that perhaps you're having trouble keeping the guitar in time. My guess is the instrument is holding you back a bit. Slow tempos are much harder to maintain. Listen and watch Ms. Mitchell singing in this video Notice how she establishes rhythmic integrity by moving her strumming hand in regular motions (e.g. at 2:00). The lesson here, get your body into it, physically reinforcing your internal rythyms. She's also quite conscientious of the tone of the instrument - look at how she's trying to get more out of the instrument with her left hand at 1:50. ..my .02 -Mark
  15. Write better songs.. I'm not saying your songs aren't good: I haven't even listened to them. But my point is, you need to be more specific. We're all here to write better songs. John's advice above is the best way to start if you can't be more specific. Post a song and ask for 'any and all.' -Mark
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