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  1. Never read that, so I really enjoyed the show. It wasn't supposed to be? 🤣 The casting alone for that was perfect at least in the way I had pictured everyone involved. They of course changed a few things around, most notably the ending they left it where there may be more someday and I was not disappointed. I'm similar to the way you approach things by trying not to compare them to anything that might of been previous, but my expectations were hard to not be high for that one and its why I almost didn't watch it, but Gaiman also had a big hand in the script/production/etc, but that IMO never works out well for Stephen King when he has a hand in any film adaptions they usually are trash LOL. Although I really enjoyed the Mr. Mercedes show(that's another I haven't seen the 3rd season of yet) but the first two were really great and I think King is credited as executive producer or something, which could mean as little as he said sure that'll work, have him wear a red shirt in that scene 🤣
  2. I've read those books, and I must say I think that show is my favorite thing I've seen on TV in a long time. I've also really enjoyed the Discovery series of Star Trek. Like you said it is refreshing. I really liked Picard as well though more than I thought I would. It wasn't just a complete nostalgia grab. I enjoyed both of those as well! Is there another season of Altered Carbon? I only saw one. I haven't watched any of that though, but was told I'd probably enjoy it. I think I started the first season of Lost in Space. I didn't not like it, think I just got sidetracked. I'm also starting to think I've watched too much tv in the last year reading this thread 🤣 Neil Gaimon is one of my favorite authors so I wasn't going to watch Good Omens or American Gods series, but soooo glad I finally did, both are really well written and casted and a really great blend of being close enough to the book, but different enough so it fits a film adaptation. I'd recommend them both even if you haven't read the books. I've just now gotten to the start of the 3rd season of American Gods though, so it could always go south. I also watched "The Little Things" last week. It was good and worth watching for a pretty decent job doing a take on a "buddy cop" genre that I enjoyed quite a bit.
  3. I was at one point in time. I've had many off road bikes Yamaha's and Suzuki's usually 125cc as that's really plenty for me if bored out a bit. I have toyed with thoughts of getting another someday, but then like you @john just the thought of it kills my back and lots of old breaks and injuries start hurting again. I think I would go with more of a cruiser if I ever do get back into it. The favorite one I've had was a super cheap Honda 350. It might of cost $100 dollars at the time, was super reliable, great on gas and enough power to get me where I needed to go, and not to mention it was fun to ride by people on their harleys/etc with haha. I too would love an old Indian or even a flat or pan headed Harley to fix up.
  4. Cody


    I've toyed with a ton of them from the insanely complex to the simple, anymore I stick with just two separate cheapo ones that can hold 10mins and infinite overdubs have a 1/2 speed and reverse. They have a usb connect too so you can save and retrieve stuff if you're so inclined to play live with a laptop or other such device. So anything I would ever want to do with one. https://singularsound.com/product/aeros-loop-studio/ That one has me intrigued though since it can be operated mostly hands free. I'll let ya know how I like it after I win the lottery 😂 This is one of the few people I know of that won't bore me to death while building a loop. It turns into a real athletic endeavor 😂 Sheeran does catch a lot of crap, I'd have to agree with you on the jealousy thing though. I've always appreciated his stuff even if its not my listening cup of coffee.
  5. Sounds like fun! I have a dodgy USB plug on my PC if a DAW is running and the cord gets even touched....well I'll just say I'm way familiar with that screen and the loss of whatever I was working on at the time 😂 Cheers to hoping its just an incompatible VST and not one you like or use very much!
  6. Yeah I always considered his style as kumbaya surfer blues I always liked that album that tune was off of, but hearing some story on it, it makes sense to me now as my tastes have always leaned towards the "raw" stuff, too much shine and polish I tend to start thinking about too many takes and too many rehearsal hours, and my skin starts to crawl and I can't just enjoy it, I haven nightmares about how much work it took Star People is one I have, but haven't heard in years, I should give that another listen, will probably do that while I'm off to bed after a long weekend.
  7. That's usually it for me, I tend to muddy things up too much if ever really try to think about it, and if there ever was a "message" it just gets convoluted and comes across pretentious, it's usually just a certain emotion or in the moment feeling. and that too! Just something I wouldn't immediately hate and turn off if I heard someone else doing it, at least in some aspect that peaks my interest, be it some wordplay, or an fx or riff or certain progression, or whatever I find intriguing.
  8. a great spooky playlist! as indifferent as I've felt about most the newer "Pixies" stuff I did really like that album and that song in particular. I'll give that playlist a listen later today, some versions up there I don't think I've heard. Been giving this album a listen today too I don't know if this video ever got "officially" released, but it came with the cd, at least the version I got when it came out.
  9. have had this stuck in my head all day...finally breaking down and listening didn't help, starting singing it after I got a little jolt from my newest project haha............one album that's pretty much always in regular rotation and frustrating to say the least in me trying not to rip it off as well, at least not too blatantly
  10. its probably more common than you might think. I mean when you can take one note and do anything you want to with it even post recording, it's no wonder some spend years getting one tune done
  11. Yeah I really loved his first couple albums(haven't heard but snippets of others), and as JohnW mentioned, seen him a few times....damn been 14-15 years ago now, but nice down to earth fella. "Times like These" one of my favorite tunes of his.......pretty timeless gonna have to give it another listen haha. edit: hahaha probably shouldn't have, I've inadvertently ripped that off a few times now well we're both ripping off the same author, oopsie
  12. @Samson Reece welcome! took a quick peruse through some of your tracks at least on some titles that caught my eye! good stuff!
  13. In a bit of a listening burnout, have heard more recorded music last few months than I usually do in a few years, but really enjoyed something funky up there
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