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When Was The Last Time You Went To A Major Concert?

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And I was feeling pretty happy until you made me think ............................ and think ................................... and then getting slightly depressed ............................... thinking :lol:


Knebworth Park, no idea the year but the main billing was Queen, but had a lot of other big names on all through the day to keeps us going until Queen came on at night. What a fantastic day, and Queen were just ................ awesomely excellent.


About 120,000 people as I recall. Scary as hell after they finished, turned off the lights and a few miles to walk back to the coach amidst 120k :w00t:


The weirdest thing though, out of 120k people there spread out enmass, not knowing my brother was also going, and he's stood in front of me about 20' away. Hadn't seen him for a bit, so was a good bonus :)


Otherwise, below 5k I can't say, as you've said must be above :lol:

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I've seen a lot of great acts under 5k where there were big acts still on the rise or fading ones.


The first big concert I ever saw was James Taylor when he was touring for "Gorilla"  That's when I learned the beer can-Antenna trick for finding your car in a huge lot.

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Think the last big gig was U2 at Hampden park 19 Aug 2009  Roddy Frame was just under 5000 at Glasgow royal concert hall last December and i will be heading to London on Wed to see james but i am not sure of the venue( Electric Ballroom) capacity 

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A couple weeks ago. Wade Bowen, .38 Special, and Hank Williams Jr. It was probably slightly over 5,000. The next one was ZZ Top in 2012 at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with probably 30,000-40,000 people in attendance.

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