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Who The F*** Are You

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Thought it'd be fun to try a trap type song. Let me know what you think about it critique is always welcomed!


don't know who the f*ck you is

raps be stinky like a deuce is

see yall niggas later like dueces

my raps tellin stories like dr suess is


you're unknown nigga

better send a drone nigga

i'm just chillin and sippin on my patron nigga


yeah i got that cat in the hat and i rap that

get my pack back in my backpack bringing rap back like nigga so fast

on my pokemon ratatatat  

bitch so fine ima tap that

lil johnny down bring the trap back

cop settin traps and i catch that

planning so good you can't hatch that

feelin drake in a subaru hatch back

movin on like that's the last pack

bitches attackin me on twitter wit a hashtag

niggas tellin me like man i wish i had that

and i think it's kinda sad that

most yall niggas dont know where you stand at

but look at me that's just where my brand at

niggas ask me if i know that nigga brandon

i'm like no but i know my star wars and i'm landin like calrissian

science bitch

nuclear fission

country boy and i'm out here fishin then

but sadly this verse is finishin

if you want more then get to listenin and wishin that

ima rap that never wrap that all my craps at where i lack that

my raps are a mystery scooby doo better crack that

but everybody knows that shaggy is a crack head

and boo hoo your childhood so sad

nigga ain't nobody care shits too bad

shots flyin and you'll catch that

money leavin the room better get that cash back

i'm like f*ck a nigga and his snapback

hit ya girl up last night on my snapchat

young niggas like eggs better hatch that

nigga learn where your buckets at

aye dog where my nigga t buckets at

promise you i’m the most crazy nigga to date


yesterday you said tomorrow and now it's today

how damn long you tryna wait

you a f*ck boy never take ya girl out on a date

postin on twitter like you want a tbh and rate

like really nigga? is that how you gon win your mate?

life ain't fair life ain't fair call that shit a stalemate

swag so bright im finna blind a mate

they be settin me up like blind dates

and damn i  wish i was blind on that date

cuz that hoes face so ugly it was blindin me mane


you're unkown nigga

i'm just chillin and sippin on my patron nigga


and shit i ain't a bettin man

but i'm bettin you won't catch me frettin man

look around at all this shit who the f*ck you think set it man

rollin round in my muthaf*ckin sudan

niggas playin like i ain't got no muthaf*ckin floor plan

i'm blowin this shit up like it's iran

don't be jealous just cuz i rap better than you can

only thing yo ass good for is a spray can

kill all y'all niggas and get the throne that's my game plan

sittin at home at the bottom that's how this shit began

ohh these verses gettin hot better turn up the attic fan

cookin these niggas and flippin packs like a muthaf*ckin frying pan

and you know i'm cashin out like the goddamn bank of japan

don't think i'm a fool cuz i'm intelligent

workin on my muthaf*ckin stock purchase plan

gettin ready to wheel yo junk ass out like a trash can

why are you so borin? change your name to raisin bran

ima do me and you could f*ck off that's the master plan

went to your girls house 4 times this week that's my travel plan

i'm so high on life that i'm flyin right by like i'm muthaf*ckin peter pan

don't scrutinize me i know that i'm rollin round in a mini van

but none of y'all niggas can understand my secret plan

use your mind i'm just buildin up my pension plan

just watch next week ima be floatin round in my cataran

nigga please i'm bringin up all these young kids like a watering can

probably already lost half y'all bitch ass niggas with no attention span


you don't know who you're f*ckin with

got my own religion like joseph smith

i'm craftin my words i guess i'm a wordsmith

one day niggas speak my name like a damn myth

all y'all niggas so sour be tastin like some damn granny smith

no chorus nigga only verse is what i'm sayin

f*ck you thinkin that i'm playin

ain't no games out here man we slayin and we slangin

niggas gettin uneasy and they be swayin

y'all niggas better bring what you owe cuz i'm weighin

if you f*ckin with this crew you best be prayin

cuz all my niggas hungry and we preyin

puttin bodies down and we layin

shit don't bother me that's just what i'm sayin

don't need no piece on my belt cuz my words be sprayin

aye i just wanna know who i can trust i'm surveyin

spread your feathers out and get to displayin cuz i ain't playin this delayin

watch yo ass that's what i'm sayin i ain't playin sweepin around as i'm aimin

all this hate is frustratin i feel like y'all ain't even participatin

better catch up real quick cuz there ain't no waitin

smokin the troubles away spend the whole night bakin

livin life like you on top and all you do is fake it

can't pretend to be happy and dance the night away like kevin bacon

........ now take some some time to be reawakened


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2 minutes ago, HoboSage said:


  • ! IMPORTANT ! If you post works for critique, you MUST post:
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oh alright, you're good.

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