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I challenge any rapper to send for me

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Let’s take a sec, critique your second verse

Sayin youre the winner but your lyrics just gettin worse

Steppin to the mic, talkin shit, what you gonna do,

Bars so weak they’re intubated in the ICU

Do you even know what a metaphor is?

Like you’d know if you met one in the forest

And if it slapped you in the head would you ignore it,

Or if it cost money, could you still afford it?

This is not a contest, it’s never been competitive,

Your rhymes are kindergarten shit, I know I’ve been repetitive,

But ever since your non-response, I’ve given up on etiquette,

It’s evident to me you’re rapping like you took a sedative.

Gotta ask, man, what’s with the echo?

Did you record your vocals with an iPhone in Tesco?

I spit raw shit, you just hide behind effects, though

Playin’ like you’re hard, but you’re not, bitch, let’s go,

Square up, Force gonna show you how I wreck foes,

Your ex knows, I love her, I don’t fight her, signing XO

The sex, oh ... excite her like Depeche Mode

The next show, bitches holding lighters with respect, yo

I’ll teach you, consider it a favor,

Cause your girl come around to my house later,

And if you date guys, shit, I ain’t no hater,

I’ll f*ck your boyfriend, headline of the paper.

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trapped behind bars a man who met a force
i think it was you? oh yeah of course
he raped your mouth and broke your jaw
you were gobsmacked with a dropped jaw


you get bood of stage you get so much booz
another time wasted you dont no what to do
because your mind is a pub 
it echoes the voice of an intoxicated drunk


i don't record with an iphone
if IPHONE studio engine(ere)
i could waste money recording clear
but your used to echoes with a lonely beer


i punched you with a punchline

broke down the ink line with a double entendre

and you think your buzzing with a homo phone

shove it homo where the light don't glow


be a mirror reflect yourself

check yourself before you wreck your self

don't double think 
but would it blow your mind
if your girl blew my head
cause shes a stupid bitch

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coming back like booomarang
 with a tune dat boombbam 
no chitchat
 im back with a barakah stacked
to counterreact an attackers attak
fear the champ hitting back with a sick track

so you sit down

see if you can really ride da riddim

are you kiddin i will kill im

its forbiden  not to listen to the wisdom

of a spirit on a mission
staying hidden to the system like convict to a prison
ima win it like a winner im winner im a a winner


you wanted a 2nd verse
here it is reimbursed
more lyrics better flow even tho were taking turns
i dropped sybles so fast i had to slow it down
but it was still to fast for the pace your going now
your not a challenger just amateur
why a 4 line bar should be enough to damage ya


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Force i see your laying stiff 
In a )) like a,

i dont hear a word 
neither do i hear a pip

your playing victim likea ,)

mumbling and jumbling your words like a bitch
yourr a punk
sharing similar minds states
of your primematesin a pub
whoms mind the voice of a intoxicated drunk?
please stand up so i can make you stand down
understand we can standdown
i stand out

Amongst the crowd

you your dumb 
drunkon baffoon?
if you think i wouldnt comeback
stronger n morre improved
then you misasumed
who sucked the gas straight from the baloon
shaped big and round like the ass of a baboon

lemi pause that rewind it reload the tune

lemi pause that rewind it reload the tune

do you think, i can win it?
this battle again against force
do you think it? 
hes the winner?
oh yeah of course.

many sylbles?
have i fit systematiclly
over the beat?
ive systematically fit sybles 
many sylbles 
have i fit

do you think? intulectually?
every ryme i write is like a drug
entering your mind 
giving you a buzz of concsiousness
an ever lasting taste of my insightfullness

you say im not king then im lion

if you say im not lying then im king
you your a rodent in a ratrace
playing game with animal in jungle

robots zombies aliens and unknown gods

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Living In Monopoly BROTHER (LIMB)
Be Yourself  (BY)
Living In Monopoly BROTHER (LIMB)
a human peace broken limb by limb humbles sucka

fear! over rioting ,citizen esculations (FORCE)
fighting! Over Run Cities. emancipation  (FORCE)
failing! over remdy, combination encasement (FORCE)
force! over rapping, contagious entertainment (FORCE)
im suprised

A Bit Irritated The Chump Hesitated (A BITCH)

force is a bitch

playing dead in a ditch

like a bitch i don't hear a word neither do i hear a pip

your playing victim like a snitch

mumbling jumbling your words like a bitch

I Told you id be back like a boomerang

with a tune that ba ba boom ba bam

no chitchat i'm back with a barakah stacked

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