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Hey! My name is Rebekah, and I’m a 17 year old from Ireland! I’m graduating from secondary school this year, and becoming an adult (officially) in April! (Woohoo!) So I thought to myself, what better time to share my writing with the world? I’m allowed to vote soon, why not be brave with my other choices too?


I’ve been writing lyrics since I was around 11 years old. I became very lonely as I started to get that little bit older, and songwriting became a way for me to deal with my hardships. It comes from a place of having no one to talk to about your thoughts, except for your journals.... and gosh do I have a lot of them! 


I guess what I should mention is that when I began writing songs, I thought it was something everybody did. And so I never felt compelled to shout about it and spread the word that I write. As I realized that my songwriting was something that made me special, or different- it made me scared. How would people react? Now as as I approach adulthood, I’m not afraid of that question anymore. 


I hope you guys will reach out to me, and perhaps guide me with my writing, which I’ve been doing alone all these years haha. I’d really appreciate some different/fresh insight!  


Kindest regards, Rebekah <<33

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Hi Rebekah,

Welcome, and nice name. I started writing at 15 and gave it up for many years, until I was 50. I missed out on a lot of years of writing, and probably hundreds of songs, but maybe I needed a little more living first. I, and many here, will help you as much as we can. Don't be shy about reading, listening, and commenting on our works too. It's how we all grow. Look up top for a PM from me.

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Hey Rebekah, welcome to the Songstuff family! I’m looking forward to seeing some of your work.

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Hi Rebekah,


Welcome to Songstuff!  Great to have you on the boards and to check out your works.  Do you have ideas on the music/melodies or do you focus mostly on lyrics? Critique boards are cool @john also has some pretty fun and interesting lyric challenges on the Challenge board and lots of information on songwriting in the Library.


If you have any questions just ask. See you around the boards.


And..Take care of your journals, what a good thing to be so organized. 






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