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  1. Great to see a live recording! Somebody should've whacked the bloke paying no attention in the audience with a violin I think the song is quite good. I think to make it great the hard parts could be harder and a bit tighter that bloke and the rest of the audience can't help but pay attention and move to it... and the soft parts could be much more floaty and dreamy, so they are more engaging and also more of a contrast. The female vocals were a bit too far off pitch at times but I also think that really increasing the ethereal feel there would help that too... give her lots of reverb and delay, and support that with a more dreamy sound from the band... then when it kicks in with the male vocal, make the energy absolutely blistering and super-tight. I reckon it's a good song, but needs something extra from the performance. All just one opinion. I hope it's some use.
  2. I love the song and the performance, and the recording is good... it just felt wrong having the vocal panned to one side. I really think you should center the vocal ...and then it'll be really great. Dek
  3. Really good song Dave! It sounds great. I don't have any critique really, except I felt like the fade out was the wrong approach rather than properly ending, I just thought it would leave a much more powerful impression if it ended.. I think there are lots of options for how/where to end on the final chorus. Dek
  4. If only I knew! Thanks Emily, if it honestly gave you real goosebumps that's the best comment I could hope for, thank you, and it's done! I really appreciate your thoughtful review. I'm not sure I could improve the vocals overall, aside from the bit David noticed and maybe the backing, did me best Thank you Matthew. I'm very glad you like it, and thanks for pointing out your favourite parts, and the compliments. Thanks Randy, I did wonder about the ending... it wasn't intended as an ending, but whilst I tinkered on the keyboard looking for a bridge I just played those chords and realised it had to be the end...or else find a different bridge, and I just liked it too much to leave it. Thanks Richard, Midge? Nah... you've just got Midge on the brain Yeah well I think those trips from Manchester to Devon were about 7 an old banger, with two kids...sheesh... You might be right about some of the backing. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks again. Thanks Paul, The Beatles popped into my head after I'd written it... I did add a mellotron last of all because of that. I agree, not like a Beatles song, but something made me think of them, I've no idea why. Thanks for the nice comments. Dek
  5. David, You got even more industrial while I was away! I like the song. I just think you need an angrier avatar image for the hard stuff you do My only criticism... I feel like the sound crushes together a bit when the arrangement is full on... I know I sound like a broken record with that...again... but to me it sounds like in the heavier, fuller parts the sound is moving up and down, almost like the volume fluctuates. I don't know why that is. It feels like the various sounds competing. I had to listen to some similarly heavy songs to check it wasn't just my ears or these headphones. During the sparser parts of the song the mix sounds fantastic to me. Very crisp. Your vocals are great as always!
  6. I am disappointed that nobody congratulated me on my fantastic Ebow technique!!! (new toy arrived last week).
  7. Thanks Suzy. I'm glad you like it so much! Yes terrible. Some kids still missing... Hey Dave, thank you! Very glad you like it. Thanks David, The blanket was deliberate...I wanted distance, miles away, and then to come forward. I'll see how that feels after a time. Re that vocal... I stumbled there, it was meant to be sung like the previous one but I stumbled and tried to save it by singing soft ...then liked the softer feel. Probably messed up, I'll try to address that, thanks.
  8. Sounds great. The song has a lovely feel to it, and he has a very good voice. Like Suzy, I find French sounds much more romantic than English so I like that too. I couldn't think of anything to critique, I thought it was all very well done. Dek
  9. I still clearly hear the hiss at the start with the piano and yes that must be the main offender. If it's a real piano then I imagine there's not much you can do without spoiling the piano eq. As I said, I kind of like it, it ages the recording... and I think your choice to keep it rather than lose something from the sound is right. I can sense the hiss throughout, faintly, but when everything is playing I can't tell whether or how it changes. It's an usual hiss for room noise though, to me it doesn't sound like the kind of noise that's just... around, but then again I've not been in your house so I don't know. I'd guess it must be from having a lot of gain with the mic at a distance? I only ask out of interest in recording...again, it doesn't spoil it for me.
  10. Thanks Jenn, Arcade Fire with Queen? Interesting... and no Pink Floyd! Thanks Mark, The songs mentioned in the first verse are strong memories from the car journey there. Saunton Sands is in Devon, South West England, that's where Ron lived, with Auntie Val, and that's where we spent some summer holidays when I was a little kid. It's a surfing kind of area, and generally much more sunny than my hometown of Manchester ... it's a laid back place, and in those days it was all old timers playing skittles in the pub rather than surfer types (we spent most evenings doing the same, and maybe even got a shandy). Blue Velvet was the name of a band Ron had been in in his youth, named after the song of course. I hope that helps explain. It's a memory of happy times but obviously mixed with some sadness. I dunno, it wrote itself and I didn't try to steer it too much.... it is a bit odd. Hello Bielka, thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it. The echos are mostly backing vocals, separate tracks rather than echos, I wanted it to get a bit strange and full of voices (just a shame they're all my voice!). Thanks again, Dek
  11. Hello, I've not had much free time lately, too much crap going on. Then last week my uncle died, and weirdly a melody popped into my I made something of it with memories of our childhood summer holidays at his house, at Saunton Sands. I think it's strangely almost happy for the most part... about as happy and bouncy as I've ever done anyway... I'm not planning on changing the song, it's still a case of 'do I like it, or not'. I'm not feeling done with the mix, and maybe not the arrangement. Any thoughts very welcome. Words - Summer is a bungalow Not far from the sea Happy is the home Of Ron and Valerie The golden fields are blazing to Seasons In The Sun And the Band On The Run Saunton Sands here we come It seems a thousand miles away In the backseat of my mind But the backseat is fine It’s my brother’s and mine Saunton Sands here we come Saunton Sands here we come Rolling with the surf there is a Single blue light And the crickets play all night Blue Velvet songs From Sandy Lane To the bluest waves Feels like California sun But with skittles in the pub Saunton Sands here we come A spirit walk Along the path Chilling with A loving laugh The moonlit sky Deep velvet blue Here comes the night And dad’s there too Full of love
  12. I like it so far Jenn, it's a cool sound. I think the piano would feel better if panned less far left, it nagged my left ear a bit... Looking forward to hearing the words sung on it!
  13. Sounds great Mark. It's a beautiful song and so nicely done. I kind of like the slight hiss now
  14. Lovely song, Emily. All the vocals sound beautiful, the performance and the way they're arranged, and mixed. The piano sounds a bit distant but maybe a bit more real for that... just a choice, if you want the piano to sound more clear and less far behind everything then that sound needs some work. Dek
  15. Following Randy's mention of 'Polyphonic Spree'... I'm recruiting singers for this. I'll do a new mix/version when it's all together... I'm not totally happy with many elements of it yet. If you'd like to sing along...anyone who can get a reasonably clean vocal recording and sing pretty much in tune is invited to join in and send me a dry vocal wav (or multiple wavs) to mix in. The plan is... sing along with the 'Burn em all, burn em all, light up our eyes, burn em all, burn em all, be warm tonight, their souls are hollow, their souls are hollow' part. I'm looking for a group vocal effect, not lead vocals.... have a listen to some Polyphonic Spree to get what I mean. If you're interested just PM me. The track is now downloadable. If it doesn't work out... my apologies in advance...I just want to try the idea if anyone is interested to join in. No worries if not.