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  1. Hah! That was a surprising, first visible video frame before I hit play had me anticipating heavy metal not funk! Nice!
  2. Fab song, reminiscent of a more modern Sting...cool video...very inspiring.
  3. Hahahah! Just changing it to a happier snap taken by my daughter ;-) dB
  4. From the album Random Bradley

  5. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/interview--sting-how-we-mock-our-most-serious-star-our-national-friend-of-the-earth-shouldnt-he-be-a-protected-species-or-at-least-a-respected-one-2320343.html- about Big Brother, surveillance and control, the ultimate stalker!
  6. But, yes, not many people knew EBYT was about a stalker. I Have the Touch from PG4 has a similarly esoteric meaning beyond the obvious reference to "wanting contact...with you"
  7. Melody trumps lyric..has to be true, when you look at how Bowie and various others used to/still cut and paste (literally) put rhyming couplets together with Sellotape on a sheet of A4 etc. Plus, I remember hearing Neil Peart saying the music was always far more important than the words. Meaningless words abound and Michael Stipe famously wouldn't publish lyrics on early R.E.M records simply because he wasn't singing real words half the time and they were reverse engineered after the fact. Indeed, lots of us writing songs do ad lib nonsensical stuff over our music just to get a melody down and then edit in real words and meaning after...stream of consciousness and all that. Of course, Sting is well known as keeping notes of stuff he thinks of (as does Peart) and borrowing allusions from literature, philosophy, science, psychology, art etc. E.g De doo, doo, doo, de, daa, daa, daa (I think that was in the pilot for The Teletubbies or was it the Flowerpot Men?)
  8. I should just delete this...
  9. Thank you Jan! dB
  10. Thanks Suzy!
  11. That's fine.
  12. Funny thing about your comment is that I'm not clever enough to have done what you suggested regarding making the lead element ride above the rest of it...I just did the basic EQ, added some reverb here and there and some compression and what have you and a bit of stereo widening...but again, to my ear it sounds fine and I've listened on various different systems...not sure how I could fix, but unless lots of other people who have listened had said something similar, I'll stick with it as it is... Thanks!
  13. Many thanks!
  14. Thanks for listening. I don't hear what you're hearing re the mix. It's exactly how I wanted it to sound, wall of sound, lots going on multiple guitars, multiple vocals etc. There's only me and Emma singing, the male harmonies are just me singing against me and then I blended Emma's harmony in. Don't think I sang anything falsetto. But, I am definitely not losing Emma from this, she makes it...
  15. Thanks for listening ;-) Crosby, Stills & Nash? Others have said it's more of a Crowded House thing...