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  1. Well, thanks again Dek, for stopping in for another listen and your kind comment!
  2. WoW! This is gorgeous Emily, and what a beautiful voice you have To me, that synth gave the song a bit of an Oriental vibe, which I really liked. I think you've had some good advice concerning the mix, but I have nothing but praise for this track
  3. Thanks for listening, Paul. I was just improvising with the trumpet, so I'm glad you liked it, and the vocals I like the reference to the Siren's, although I was not intending to lure anyone in, to have them hurt. This is meant to be a peaceful song, so I'm glad you found it, to be that
  4. Hi Bielka and welcome to this forum. I love your song. It makes me feel happy and It's very soothing The french language sounds so romantic...I almost didn't need the English translation. Elyos has a beautiful voice and the melody is lovely. The backing track sounds perfect
  5. Well Dek, I don't think there's a song of yours that I haven't absolutely loved, and this is no exception, as matter of fact, I think this is one of my favorites I think you've managed to capture all the emotions that you would want to with this subject matter(sorry for your loss) Personally, I wouldn't change a thing...I think it's perfect as is, but then I'm certainly no expert, when it comes to mixing and production Sometimes when a song writes itself, it's best to leave it alone PS So sorry to hear of the terrorist attach in Manchester Young children! It makes me sick!
  6. Thanks so much for your kind words Dave. I'm glad you enjoyed the listen. It has been a while since I've posted anything I've been dealing with a health issue, but hopefully I'll be back at it full-time soon. I like your stab a the lyrics...not totally what I was meaning, but in a way, it is. But more about the death of the ego, than the body...of letting go of our instilled belief systems, and not being afraid of our spiritual selves...the other side of the moon Thanks again!
  7. I agree...this is a very catchy tune! It almost has some MJ influence in there So it has a modern feel, but also maybe somewhat of an 80's feel. I think the vocals are really good, but I think they need to be a little stronger in the mix, other wise great track
  8. Thanks so much Matthew, for your kind review Means a lot to me that you like my vocals. I never think they're one of my strengths Thanks LG! Glad you got the PF influence I know it's on the long side, so if it's not too much work, I'll try and shorten the intro Thanks Daryl! I love "Because", so that's awesome
  9. A very cool instrumental track Paul! I could never put anything together like this...it's amazing I guess those samples wouldn't work in garageband, would they? I think Dave might be right about having some lyrics and a vocalist sing on this track, but I like it as an instrumental as well
  10. I don't mind political songs at all. I think it's our duty as song writers, to write about this kind of stuff, and love how you've gone about in this song, Dave! It feels kind of hopeless in some ways, but not entirely, because you've sent such a passionate message, that it gives a feeling of hope, that as a nation, you can get back to where you once were.(if that makes any sense) And this is a world wide condition, and I think we, the people, are being shaken to the core, to reclaim what we value most. So keep writing what you feel most passionate about Dave, because it will make a difference So nice to hear another one of your songs...it's been a while
  11. I'm glad you enjoyed listening, Dennis. Thanks for the thumbs up on my vocals, arrangement and creativity I couldn't ask for a nicer review
  12. Hi Hamzi, and welcome to this forum. I mostly like your song, but I have to agree with Will, it just gets a little too busy for me, starting around 1:30...maybe just not my thing... ...others might love it I really like the intro, and your voice sounds very good, although I couldn't understand what you were saying. We usually post the lyrics with a song, so maybe you could do that I agree...it's a good song, but needs a better mix. Good luck on SC!
  13. I totally enjoyed listening to this song, Daryl. The lyrics are pretty humorous, but realistically horrific, considering the state of American politics right now I didn't find to too cynical, just realistic. I love your voice and the harmonies. It had a Beatlesque vibe going on in places. I'm no expert on production, but it sounded really good to me, and the vocals were clear throughout. It would be interesting to hear this at a faster pace, but I like as is too. Great track!
  14. Hi Iflux, Sorry for the delayed reply to your very kind offer. I use garageband, and it does support midi. I'm certainly no bass player, so what I would come up with, wouldn't be very good. I'm still toying with the idea of a midi cello, but haven't had the time to work on anything yet. I'll keep you posted, and thanks again for your very kind offer Hey Tom, thanks for the kind words, and the reference to the Beatles Can't go wrong with that
  15. WOW! Thanks for you very kind comments Simon, and the comparison to Brian Wilson is a real ego booster