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  1. Crafting Drum Parts Tutorials

    I can't view the video - not sure if there is a problem with it, or if there are geographical restrictions?? I am in UK.
  2. Staring Out To Sea (new Recording)

    Very atmospheric - the early am vocals work well with it! I have listened only to the latest version, and it sounds great. I also thought that it might get boring, but there is something about the structure and the way you bring the other instruments in and out that really makes this work.
  3. Touchdown Into Grey (May 2017 Update)

    Great song. I think the chorus is in exactly the right place, and the two verse lead-in works towards it very well. I didn't hear anything wrong with oiled - no change required as far as I am concerned. Can't wait to hear the updated version.
  4. Hi Amy

    Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year.


    1. ames1212


      Hey ken,

      I did, how about you?

    2. Gazebo


      Great thanks - lots of family things going on, so now need a holiday to recover!!!

  5. A Second Wind (Final Version)

    Guitars sound great. Nice song. Nothing that I would criticise. Has a little Steely Dan feel to it.
  6. Reaper Users

    I have the poorest processor on the laptop that I use for recording, but somehow Reaper can still manage 12 tracks plus, nearly all with plug ins, though I do have to turn off anything that isn't essential (eg go into flight mode and trun off background programmes).
  7. Streaming Wins Again !

    Its the future. I have recently subscribed to Spotify, having used the free version for several years. The only issue I have is that the SPotify library is not as all encompassing as you think - for example virtually no Beatles, very sparse Elvis and obviously Taylor Swift not in evidence. If this could be overcome, the Ipod would be mothballed completely for me. I haven't bought CD's for some years, in fact don't even have a CD player these days. As more revenue comes through streaming, hopefully there will be a change in the way artists are paid.
  8. Collaborating, How Do You 'do It'?

    All of the collaborations I have been involved in have been a two way street. I may have seen lyrics that inspire me, and have written some music and shared it back. Sometimes my songwriting partner(s) think what I have done is good, add ideas or point the song in a completely different direction. I tend to do several recorded "drafts" that I share, and we critique and change constantly, and I will also suggest lyric amendments or additions that I think would work. Sometimes I develop a melody suggested by my co-writer, but I have always had a situation where all parties involved have a continuing interest in the song from inception, with agreed changes along the way. Those changes can be difficult sometimes, where one or other particularly don't like something, but you have to be honest and allow the power of veto and rely on your co-writers to be both happy to compromise and to deal with contentious changes sensitively. Honesty is the best policy, but be prepared to accept that it is a partnership and it's not all your way. The end result is always better than you could achieve on your own.
  9. The Jury's In.....opinions Anyone?

    I think that there was probably intent to have a sound and groove. I read somewhere that Got to Give it Up or Marvin Gaye was even referenced in Blurred Lines lyrics somehow, though haven't checked this myself. The weird thing for me is that, if it was copying I think it was wrong, but if it's homage then I don't and I cant reach a personal decision on whether I agree or not. For sure the Rolling Stones in different times might have been subject to some lawsuits for similar appropriation of old blues artists ideas, but then so can a host of others. And who has the rights for the twelve bar blues? I can argue it either way, but if this had been a moderate hit there would have been no lawsuit, and the Gaye family haven't contributed to the song so I also find it hard to understand why they feel that they have entitlement. It seems more about greed than concern about artistic integrity.
  10. Good 'n You?

    Hi Lisa I get this! I think there are lots of similar things that happen in conversation. I wrote a song a while ago that referenced when people say "Keep in touch" and it generally means the opposite (but without malice), and that the friendship has stalled.
  11. Fifty Trees

    Really excellent song - love the chorus, and has a slow washing ebb and flow. Nice singing too, understated.
  12. Springtides

    Thanks Lisa
  13. Springtides

    I came across this song by a band called Cavepainters, and liked it so much I covered it, if you care to listen it's here: http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_player.cfm?songid=13015361&q=hi&newref=1 The original is on the album "For The Sea" available on Bandcamp here: https://cavepainters.bandcamp.com/ The rest of the album is very listenable too. Just to make it clear, I have no knowledge of this band other than this album, and have no vested interest. I just came across them by following links from band to band.
  14. I tried this new version of Boogex only last week, and it's terrific. It's unusual in the amp sim market in that it doesn't attempt to emulate any single amp, but provides a simple and stable method of creating your own sound - and you can import your own speaker impulse responses to personalise it completely. Voxengo are great - I would also recommend their Oldskoolverb reverb vst.
  15. Synthtopia seems to be aimed at the guys using midi and synths a lot. For me, this is not a big issue. If you posed the same question to readers of an acoustic guitar magazine the results might be markedly different. Bitwig is completely new to me - in fact I hadn't heard of it before reading this. I came from a background of cassette 4 track recording initially, moving to a hard disk recorder. My first DAW was Cakewalk Guitar Tracks. I moved onto Home Studio, then dropped out of recording for a while. When I started again I found Kristal, which was revolutionary for me. So simple, yet powerful, and demanding some creative thinking. (No midi, limited tracks and VST ports). I bought a new interface and tried the Sonar Lite and Cubase Lite versions that came bundled with it, and it whetted my appetite for more features. I tried Reaper around this time, and a friend also introduced me to Studio One. Just because of the way I like working, Reaper has been the DAW I have stayed with. It's not about features, price or that it sounds different - I just "get" Reaper in a workflow way that I didn't any of the others, and the more I use it, the more things I find in it. Of course, I am a prone to GAS as anyone, and often look around wondering if the grass is greener somewhere else, but for the moment Reaper does everything I need and more.