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A club for anyone who loves and champions electronic music of any kind. If you love a synth, you’ll love this club.
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  2. A good chilled vibe. how did you create it? Ie what DAW, primary sound libraries / synths?
  3. Mellow sounds, mixed together well - the vocal works. You have put a lot of work into this.
  4. this takes you to far away places It's very laid back and I could see myself reading with this in the background. Cheers!
  5. Hello! I like to take any opportunity to put my electronic / Lofi music out there. I am always open to any feedback and chance to be featured or engage with people about the music. Thank you! Astroknott
  6. I think they were going for the dance feel with the beat, the song has been described as dance/electronic fusion.
  7. I have created an area within the Electric Knights club for anyone who is an electronic/synth genre artist to post their music for review and inclusion within the Electric Knights Featured Artist/Song blog.
  8. I have created an area within the Electric Knights club for anyone who is an electronic/synth genre artist to post their music for review and inclusion within the Electric Knights Featured Artist/Song blog.
  9. Hannah Clive Remember To Breathe Out Now This is a song I heard last night on Chris Watts inthemoog radio station on NCCR and immediately thought I needed to feature. Hannah Clive is a versatile multi-genre artist and has been around the scene for a few years now, having released music back in 2012 and a self-titled EP in 2016, which contained the single "Kiss of Life". She has been a BBC Introducing in London artist and has sang with Ray Charles at the age of 17. For more information, please visit her website at www.hannahclive.com. Remember to Breathe isn't your typical Electronic style, as it combines a touch of Country and Singer/Songwriter to the mix, but the song stands on it's own and benefits greatly from her musical influences, which include Kate Bush. My first thought upon hearing this song last night, was I could imagine Kate Bush sitting at the piano, singing this song and this was before I realised she was one of Hannah's influences. The piano melody is wonderful and echoes the hauntingly beautiful feeling you get when you hear Kate Bush playing along to one of her songs. The lyrics are also wonderful and have a 'Torch Song' kind of thing going on, which just adds to the whole package. The instrumentation and production on this track are excellent and wouldn't feel out of place playing on a TV programme or film. If you haven't heard of Hannah or this song, I would advise you to do so. The single artwork is by one of the members of (IAM)WARFACE, who are friends of Hannah and who I hope to have as next week's featured song. Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/remember-to-breathe-single/1313261460
  10. Sombremoon Blurred Reality Out Now Sombremoon are Steve Loxley and Amanda Jane Rogers, a synth based duo that I heard about just after joining Twitter again this year. They have been working with Gary Watts aka Nature of Wires on production duties. Steve and Amanda met on Twitter in 2014 and have attended several gigs together, as they have a similar musical interest. In 2015, they released a song called Recovery as Ds73 featuring Amanda, which was well received on Soundcloud. As a result of this they decided to form a band for their next work together. Their first single release was a fantastic piece of synthpop called Blurred Reality, which was released in 2017. It has the feeling of Depeche Mode and OMD fused together, but with a female singer. Amanda's vocal harks back to the kind of vocal you could only hear in the late 70's / early 80's, which is a lovely change to all the wailing you hear in songs nowadays. The music is infectious, with a strong melody and a lovely use of instrumentation. This song was an immediate purchase for me as it had everything I love about synth based music. Since that initial release, the duo have been releasing remixed versions of the track all done by my producer Mark Kendrick (aka Fused), which take in a different range of styles from OMD to Erasure. The remixes add a different dimension to what is already a solid track and should definitely be on anyone's list to listen to and put on repeat. Sombremoon are currently working on their next single called Hereafter, which I have been lucky enough to have heard a demo of and it is another excellent track in the making. They are hoping to release this song in the coming months and it will contain a rework of the Recovery track. Sombremoon are active on Twitter and can be heard on the majority of internet based radio shows. Link to iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/blurred-reality-single/1296511863 https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/blurred-reality-re-fused-single/1321159124
  11. Richard Tracey

    Man With Glasses

    Pics of Man With Glasses (the band - not just a guy wearing glasses!!)
  12. Man With Glasses A Weak Tomorrow Release date: 22/12/2017 I first heard of Man With Glasses when I started listening to the 'inthemoog' radio show on North Cotswald Community Radio. Inthemoog is a radio station that caters for electronic/synth based music and play anyone from established artists to independent artists. I will cover this in a future blog. But back to Man With Glasses. I heard their first single 'Biting A Wet Sponge' and immediately fell in love with this lovely little instrumental. It took me back to other artists that I liked that don't seem to be around much anymore - like Lemon Jelly. There was something fun about the music. It seemed simple, melodic and infectious. They seemed to get the correct amount of melody and instrumentation that just gelled very well together. Plus it was a synth track, which always goes down well with my sensibilities. I then downloaded the next two tracks 'Narwhal' and 'The Saddle' and wasn't disappointed. The feel of both of these tracks complemented their debut single and wouldn't feel out of place on an EP or album. Recently I heard the first play of their latest single 'A Weak Tomorrow' and couldn't wait to download it. Again, it is an instrumental and follows the same idea as their previous tracks, although this one has more of a synthwave feel to it, with some lovely cinematic strings. The pulsating synths that drives the track makes you think of films like Tron or Bladerunner, or even a more up to date movie - Drive. To me this is an exceptional track, full of lovely little touches and sparks the imagination. I can almost see myself driving a fast car passed neon signs, while being chased by bad guys on motorbikes - light cycles would maybe be more apt. If you like electronic music, soundtracks or even just well written tracks with feeling, then I would advise giving this track a listen and add it to your record collection (yes, I am that old!!!). The accompanying video suits the track extremely well: A bit about Man With Glasses: Man With Glasses is a project of Scottish musicians Ian Beattie and Craig Johnston. Formed in December 2015, their perfectly handcrafted instrumentation has already gained industry recognition along with continued support from several international media outlets.Their debut single 'Biting a Wet Sponge' is melodic electronica at its best and was crowned top tune of 2016 by 'In the Moog' radio show.The duo met as session musicians working with various artists throughout the United Kingdom.They soon developed a deep respect for each others playing and opted to work on their collective ideas thus Man With Glasses was born.With a limited budget and the intention of a big sound they embarked on road trip around Scotland with the sole intention of accruing second hand musical instruments.Within 6 months the partnership had signed three tracks over to international record companies and completed the paperwork for a promising and worldwide licensing/sync deal.Their second release 'Narwhal' was released on 29/08/2016 via Wold Records based in Norway and was chosen for 'The Sound of Electronica'.compilation album. 2017 has seen the band release two further singles 'The Saddle' and most recently 'A Weak Tomorrow'.The band look forward to a promising future and their music is available worldwide on every major platform. link to iTunes page: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/a-weak-tomorrow-single/1317931963
  13. Hi all. I have set up The Electric Knights Club as a place for all like-minded persons, whether musicians or just enthusiasts to join, hang around and discuss anything electronic music related. We can discuss upcoming music releases, plugins, synths etc, or any topics that might interest you. From humble beginnings I hope it will grow into something great. Cheers Richard

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