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  1. Steve Cutts is my new art hero!!! The f*cked up truth! http://t.co/u55ww3R1kR

  2. RT @TheSimondo: Quentin Tarantino’s 70mm Presentation of ‘The Hateful Eight’ Will Be an Extended Version http://t.co/antUaQmx1u

  3. @Mr_Ed_B @brittanyeckert @Natalight @Meg24N @KalenBlayke @PatternsOnWalls This made me smile this morning! Ha-ha http://t.co/Z7NYIRJpXV

    1. Just1L

      Hey man, we have an indy station here in St. Louis 88.1 which plays some really great music. Last night I had to stop what I was doing and listen really carefully as there was a song on there that was a dead-ringer for what you've been doing. Same vocal style and all. Thought it was cool.

  4. @brittanyeckert @RulesForGirls I'll bet she has trouble pooping... no way she can't... ????

  5. @Mr_Ed_B Cool Ed!!! but don't spend more than a dollar yo! The condition really doesn't matter... ????????????

  6. @ladygarza08 seriously yo... I couldn't bring myself to throw them away... so I just shoved em back where I found em ha-ha

  7. I'm picturing myself in velvet red tuxedo jumpsuit and a donkey in pink puffy gown walking into a fancy dinner party.
  8. Love this dude's music... great summary of his life. http://www.lorberfilms.com/who-is-harry-nilsson/who-is-harry-nilsson/
  9. What are you guys talking about? All these covers are awesome!
  10. thumbs up for the old Blue Note jazz covers... coolness
  11. Ditto on the "hobbyist learning a craft" comment... I'm here to get better at communicating some ideas I have and I can't think of another place that would have accepted and tolerated all the crazy racket I've linked here. I don't think there's much money to be made in music anymore unless you're at the very top but all that stuff is more product than art anyways... I do it for myself- so that eventually I'll have a collection of decent songs that will be fun, memorable, thought provoking, etc that I can be proud of. And it fills the empty hours between night and day, so there's that as well
  12. Not what I usually listen to but it sounds radio ready to me. I could hear this blaring out of cars at intersections and parking lots. Nice work!
  13. Reading this thread made me think about the singer from Spoon, Britt Daniels who has a very unique and recognizable singing style. If you listen to their early work he sings in an early Wire/grunge influenced sort of way but now sings in a clipped modified British hybrid but it fits his voice and the bands sound. Did he gradually find his style or did he manufacture it? Maybe both. He has mentioned in interviews that he purposely sings with an English accent to get that style even though he's from Texas. Its weird to hear the difference between his talking voice and singing voice... so different.
  14. I wanna play my songs and have a few people not walk out... that would be pretty awesome!
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