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  1. You should definitely get this book my friend: http://www.ebay.com/ctg/Contemporary-Singer-Elements-Vocal-Technique-Anne-Peckham-2010-CD-Paperback-Revised-/80061393 have a nice day
  2. You should stop using your falsetto or head voice (whichever you are using). First you should work on your chest voice to gain pitch control back. Then make exercises of blending. Screaming should sound like scream with microphone system, don't rush it. If your voice hurts even a little when you do a thing, you are doing wrong it wrong! Hope this helps
  3. You are right. But I am wondering what you think about this, maybe you have much better ideas than me. Thank you
  4. Thank you, I think that's the best way possible without a product specially designed for saving creative ideas that includes the lead melody and the chords/harmonies. I wonder how you all imagine this product
  5. But I don't think "singing" the notes that will structure the chords/harmonies one by one is a reasonable effort. Thank you Thank you!
  6. Playing the arrangement ideas using a touch screen's keyboard is a good idea but not that good i think. But still thank you. Multitrack recorders are great but they only work if I carry a guitar/bass with me when I am outside. Thank you What kind of a product do you imagine that solves my product (It may be nonexistent yet).
  7. Hi guys, My problem is when inspiration comes (mostly out of home) I record it with the soundrecorder of my phone but it's not good enough because I can only save the lead vocal ideas with it, and I also write the instrument partitions and sometimes the lead vocals and an accompanying instrument comes together as an inspiration, and since notating is not also fast enough to keep the inspiration, I need a product that I can carry everywhere I go. What do you suggest? Thanks
  8. Thank you for your answer; 1- Recording for the first time or in any process before recording on computer (If you do have a recording process before using a music production software like Cubase of Logic) 2- Are you satisfied with recording your ideas with a sound recording (consider you are also an arranger) 3-You can solve the unwanted noise issue with a high priced microphone I think. I'm focusing on the "recording the idea" issue. So if you wish any product else (it can be a never made before product) let me know. Thank you again for your interest!
  9. Guys I am in college studying Industrial Design, hopefully i will graduate this year and start studying music next fall. You can trust me i didn't signed in to the forum for this, as you can understand from my previous comments on posts.. And I'll focus on idea recordings -recording of first version of a song which includes the first ideas of vocal line and also instruments- problem of a songwriter (who is also an arranger). What is your problems in the first recordings? Are you satisfied with recording with a soundrecorder or a smartphone? What would you wish as a product? Thank you, Sincerity.
  10. Al Jarreau: He sings perfect and brakes the taboos with his own improv tone and style. Listen to his "your song" cover. Michael Jackson: An extreme versatility, sense of style. Incredible voice. Laura Branigan: Beautiful voice, she does what it takes to make the listener feel the song. (Listen the power of love cover.)
  11. You just need to develop your voice muscles, you have a really nice tone potential. Just work on warmups
  12. Welcome to the forums Mahir Can Kucuk :)

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