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I Love That I Hate

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I tried to do something a little different with this one, it may seem dragged on a little but I really like it

- rebel

I hate not having any patience

I hate the look in they faces

I hate waking up to freshly cooked bacon and feeling like its summer vacation

I hate that I can't do math equations

I hate that all I'm good at is rap and shaving

I hate how creativities dieing and it's contagious

I hate how everybody's mistaken

I hate a the expectations

I hate obligations and empty revolvers

I hate crooked cops with crooked glocks shooting at trapped ballers

I hate being big then getting even smaller

I hate politics and the value of the dollar

I hate not having any honour

I hate disappointing my father

I hate being sad and not being able to call her

I hate anxiety and my lungs getting full of water

I hate when sounds of happiness sounding like sounds of the slaughter


I love the sound of angels blowing wind in my ears

I love having no wheel and still being able to steer

I love being so lost that I can't even hear

I love taking off my mask and showing all my tears

I love long talks to make it all clear

I love new beginnings and knowing the end is near

I love driving off the peer and being scared of the fall

I love cold air making my goosebumps crawl

I love when everything dies after the summer and leaves the trees appalled

I love wondering where I belong or why I'm even here at all

I love dropping the ball

I love tears on my sleeves letting my know that I can feel at all

I loved her but I love that I can't call

I love to hate cuz without it I couldn't rap at all


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