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I believe you are as happy as you allow yourself to be

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I'm Jerry Tunedal, soon to be 20 years old.


I've been working in a supermarket for about a year now. I started about the time I finished my music school, which I loved very deeply. 


My title was something I wrote down as a note in my phone 6th of May, 2015.

It was written in Swedish. Translated to something like this,


"You are only as happy that you feel you deserve."


Which in return mean, if you feel terrible, I believe you have the idea that you should feel terrible. And if you feel that your life is great, you have the idea that you deserve a good life. 

This of course is something deeper than just plain words or cravings. 

I've had my good times and bad times since i wrote that down. But even how shitty life seemed to be, I always believed that quote to be true. 


My passion has since I was 9 years old been music. As many others, I also had my doubts on it but I always came back to it. It was about half a year ago I decided for sure that music was what I was supposed to do. 


Anyways I wanted to introduce myself to this forum. I believe I will find loads of joy in this forum, if I allow myself to find it.

I could write a lot more about myself. But I'd rather not make this post too long. 


See you around!





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15 hours ago, HoboSage said:


Hi, Jerry.  I think you're full of shit about that, and I'm confident there are are many people in this world living lives of horror through no fault of their own who would think so too.  But, nonetheless, welcome aboard.  We're all full of shit in one way or another - me included.  :)

This post made me laugh! :D As I thought this quote might be misinterpreted and in many cases not understood at all. I didn't write it to make everyone understand it. I wrote it for people that would understand it, and make life a better place for themselves. 


Either way, thanks for welcoming me. 

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11 hours ago, Jenn said:

sometimes i think im more happy than what i deserve.. 

idk.. welcome to the club


Yeah.. It´s a difficult subject. It depends on so many factors. In this case, mostly the question of who "you" are.

Some people never know who they truly are, and for that, never know what they deserve. 


Just a thought.

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