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think this sounds fine can you post lyrics trying to listen and catch the words not fun 



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Spaceman Spaceman there in your suit
Where you gonna travel too?
Maybe I could travel two 
Or three too four times like a spaceman
In your spaceship
I want to see the stars
I want to see the moons
Please spaceman can you take me soon? 
Spaceman Spaceman come on lets go
Iv got my white suite and I'm ready like pro
Your not from earth that's something I know
I wont tell my friends I wont even tell joe
so stop moving slow I know you cant tell me no
I'm a real spaceman I just don't work for NASA
ok, then let us go 
Spaceman spaceman this is real cool
Can you travel faster or is this all?
More? your body wouldn't handle anymore g force
And of course there's galactic laws
Spaceman can you tell me more?
Like where are you from ?
Why did you land?
Please tell me if you have a secret plan. 
Spaceman spaceman I want to go home
I feel really lonely I feel really low
I don't want Nikes I don't want gold
Why did you speak to me in such a cold tone
I don't like the words I was told
Lets go home
Your right my soul is old my mind is young
But spaceman spaceman this isn't very fun. 
I'm a spaceman in spaceman I wanna dance and jump
I feel so free then I felt like a chump
Attached to my shoes an my food n my skunk
I was so confused my confusions now sunk
Hey spaceman can you take me next month
Iv got a space suit, space shoes we could have lunch
Make sure you comeback so we can have fun
Spaceman spaceman farewell so long. 

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I liked the way you flowed at almost everyone of these verses except of the verse 5 would have liked it more if u had kept the flow the same like in the first bar in v5. I love ur rhymes and how every verse has a very good stucutre and is as well on topic.



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