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    • Familiar Song
      Randy, I think particularly to the atmosphere of the last album of Arcade Fire ("Reflektor")... and to the song "Here Comes The Night Time"... There is something in your own stuff which reminds a bit what this band did... I think specially to the opening of your song and the way you sing with the melody... It's really like Acarde Fire! In any case,cool work, man;)!
    • The Long Walk
      Thank you, Madkol!
    • "Because You Are"
      What a pleasure it was to play for David on this one. What a killer tune. As soon as I heard it I begged him to let me play on it ..and I'm thrilled with what he did with the tracks I sent him.  I've been shooting out a lot of mics and experimenting with placement, etc, and I feel like I'm finally recording a happy sound from my piano, so it's good to hear from you all that you like it. -Mark
    • Hi! My name is Soji, but you can call me Nika. :-)
      Greetings SongStuff!  I don't know why I didn't join you all sooner.  Perhaps due to some internal struggles I'd been battling over the past several years... I'm transgender, and perhaps a bit quirky, haha, so this comes with a lot of identity crisis.  A lot of my songs have taken influence from that, actually.  I've been writing songs since I was in eighth grade, a tremendous period to be artistically expressive.  I have over a hundred drafts on my phone.  I figured that it would be good to display some of the things I've written to you: "Untold": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcYCmEM404Q -- I recorded this over the summer of 2012.  It consists of about 120 tracks.  It was quite ambitious, frankly... and honestly, looking back at it, I think that it was actually a good track, just that the pervading ostinato in the song, as well as my audible trouble at the time with singing properly, led to the songs befalling.  But otherwise, I think that it's a strong track, and even stronger in its composition.  I continued to record several tracks that school year -- my sophomore year of high school.  But a combination of being unsure of my identity and then posting a status on Facebook about my then-proven-false male homosexuality, combined with a random, facetious, possibly homophobic assault by a senior during a field trip that ironically resulted in my suspension from school for over two months left me rather dormant as an independent recording artist for some time.  The song is very progressive, and about concealing oneself.  A foreshadow to the months and years that would follow, it seems :-) "Byzantium": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQZA0p4O7AY -- This song actually precedes "Untold", and is much... cleaner, lol.  The song was written for a school project in my English class.  I improvised the lyrics and melody and worked from there; the swirling percussion is created from a vase. "Rain?Protect": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrlNfyMw7wk -- I didn't realize until today just how creative I was.  I'm listening to these as I write them down.  This song was not a time experiment... count the meter; I swear... I did not intend to write in 10/4 or 7/4...  Anyway, I think that this is awesome stuff.  I feel that this song evokes a journey.  I have no idea what it's about... I didn't pay attention to that. "Unknown Condition": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_qTjHrB2Cs -- This song, in F minor, is actually an instrumental, and essentially my version of Adagio for Strings.  Like all mentioned prior, it was recorded in 2012.  Oh, by the way, I recorded all of these with Audacity, so give me some credit :-) "Better Now": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gg33ToOVukw -- This song is about a friend.  I sent it to Brendan B. Brown of the band Wheatus ("Teenage Dirtbag": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC3y9llDXuM), who performed at my university (I'm a freshman at The College of New Jersey).  It's about a friend of mine who gives me hope. "Provincial Life": https://soundcloud.com/soji-omotoso/provincial-life-1st-recording -- This song is one that I recorded on campus at my university in their recording studio.  I'm quite proud of how it turned out.  I wrote the lyrics back in April, just while reflecting over the years, and staring at the inescapable present.  The music came to be while I was recording it... I had a rough scheme of the song's form, namely the keys I would use, but I developed it further while recording.  All of this occurred in one take. Lastly, I thought I should share my MuseScore (playbackable sheet music composition) files, as well as a song I've been working on as of late.  Here: https://musescore.com/user/551296 And: "Zero" Every single time I think of you Bb                           Gm I come to the same conclusion   Fm                Eb            Bb But it's so slashed and torn                                       Ebmaj7 I keep trying to stomp it out    Am7                G7          F7   Everything I do is a hope to carry on Eb                             Bb But I feel committed to you                 Abmaj7 Even when you talk about the world beyond our town Abm7                                        Ebmaj7                    Bb7 And yet I feel so down                              C7b9   Turn the clock to zero C              Em        C7 In you my world finds its hero D               Gm            Fm   Bb And life, it all makes sense but now Eb             Gm            Eb7          Ab-Abm I only know Eb                   Bb Because I've had to wait so long                                                 Eb Eb Eb (Fb-Gb) Every single time I think of you Eb                           Cm I worry about our future Fm          Eb           Bb Because you're so strong                                 Ebmaj7 I wish I'd known my strength sooner   Gm                                          C7   And maybe it's true that I should be myself E                        Am                                    E But I keep trying to find the right shelf E                Am                                 E And even if I were true, like you                  C                          Eadd9 Would I be who you wanted?            Fmaj9   Bb Bb7-A7-Ab7   Every single time I think of you Eb                           Cm I hope that you can be young again   Fm                                Eb         Bb But growing up has given you edge                                                    Ebmaj7 And I'm not sure that I can wish that away               Gm   Everything I do is a hope to carry on Eb                             Bb But I feel committed to you                        Abmaj7 Even when you talk about the world beyond our town Abm7                                          Ebmaj7                  Bb7 And yet I feel so down                              C7   (A7 at turnarounds between repeating lines)   Turn the clock to zero In you my world finds its hero And life, it all makes sense but now I only know Because I've had to wait so long Because I've had to wait so long   Ebmaj7   11/27/15-11/30/15   Hope you enjoyed my introduction.  I would love to connect with you all at one point or another!
    • Over me (acoustic demo)
      Great sound! There's nothing better than a sincere acoustic tune accompanied by a good vocal. You've got a nice, soft voice...perfect for this style. When you do the full/final production, I don't think you need to change much at all. It would defintely be sweet to have some string arrangement behind this, but I don't think I would add anything else...oh...maybe some backing/harmony vocals in spots. I picture a soft-singing femail voice accompanying you. Sounds really great in my head. The song is great. Nice work.  

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