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    • MarMarBaron

      Hi guys! So I haven't used this website since 2014 - forgot I had it to be honest.  BUT I am back!!  And I am very excited to be back and interact with you guys.  I have to relearn the site, so hopefully that doesn't take me too long.  Allot has changed - for the better!  I am moving next month to a new city.  I am so happy to leave my current city... I need a massive change... been living in the same city/house for the last 16 years, so I am ready to move forward.  I am still in school right now - spring session, but hopefully I won't be too busy.
      · 0 replies
    • Timbre  »  john

      Hey, John.
      Still learning my way around the site. I want to post some lyrics (yikes!) and try my hand at review. If I understand your instructions correctly, do I just open up a new topic in the forum and paste in lyrics?
      And it seems like most folks put their song title in the "title" field of the post. Correct?

      · 1 reply
    • Janeva  »  writeandwrong

      Great to see you're back, Cheryl  !!!
      · 0 replies
    • Lisa Gates

      I am Hoku
      · 0 replies
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    • Magix Buys Sony Creative Software
      I remember when I looked at YT and salivated. It seemed the company to take Kontakt out of business, but it wasn't to be. YT ended up going the way of the gigasampler. Now I'm so glad I stayed away from it, because as you say, support wasn't very good. Like so many other good ideas that had potential but wasn't developed into what it could be. I didn't know YT was bought by Majix.   I've run into the same frustration concerning purchased DAW plug-ins. They usually aren't cross compatible. On one hand I can understand the company's protective nature. Cakewalk just developed a few higher quality mastering plug-ins, a dynamic EQ and a really good multiband compressor. You know if the plug ins weren't proprietary, they would be on the web at some p2p site for free. Same goes for Studio One. I can't use those plug-ins in Sonar. Cakewalk has had a fairly lax download scheme. You can use their software on more than one computer. They had a lot of hacks just like Cubase and several others. Older versions showed up for free on the web so they went to a different system. The DAW market is so small anyhow, these guys need all the help they can get.    A .vst is such a small  program. I'm sure a person who knows how can strip away the part of the code that ties the plug in to a certain DAW. People are probably doing it. I never needed to do that because I had all I needed and the rest were purchased 3rd party and could run in anything.   Most of the larger software companies have gone to a software control panel to purchase and upgrade . Every program has a user  user indetifier and can only be bought through them. These control panels probably can also look at the code to see if it has been compromised, much like Microsoft does when you want to get free upgrades.   The one bright spot in this is loops and samples. Most programs are now cross compatible with acid and REX loops. Magix I'm not so sure, I think they are pretty self contained.
    • Mountains Of Kerry
      Nice melody, Tim... You have something good there... The passage at 1:26 is very moving... This kind of atmosphere is something I like so much... Great work on the singing, I find... Curious to listen a final version!
    • This Cold Beach Called Solitude
      Thank you, Dek! Very glad you liked it!
    • Magix Buys Sony Creative Software
      Here's a thing to note about Magix and Yellow Tools.  YT was big in EU for a time.  The problems were numerous for YT and support for YT was a joke.  One of the resellers who stopped carrying YT was doing all the heavy lifting fixing problems with the environment.  He was so busy trying to fix YT's issues even with people who didn't purchase that he got a great reputation and increased his sales for other products dramatically (all this comes from   Magix bout YT fixed the authentication process and gave the basic version away for free.  Now the expanded library is bundled in various Samp releases.  While I'm not a fan of YT or vandal (vandal always seems highly compressed and "edgy" to my ears.  It still makes for a massive collection of sounds.     Now on to my rant about daws in general. If you buy a daw with a plugin library, that library should be portable into any other daw / hosting environment that you own.  As an example.  I bought BIAB upgraded package with a special set of IK Media's guitar rig.  The included BIAB rigs will work in any host/daw.   That's the way it should work.  and yet... Many daws that include plugins of their own making won't allow you to use them in different hosts....Like .....Mixcraft..  The standard version of Mixcraft and the pro version include third party apps which one pays for included in the price that cannot be used in different host applications.  A prime example is VB3 by gsi.  I love vb3 so much so I bought it.  Yet the version included in Mixcraft will not work in other host applications.  I get a warning prompt when trying to access it.    
    • Summer Fun (By The Traveling Songstuffers)
      Thx Janeva.  Always appreciated.  This was a fun one to put together.   Dave

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