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    • Are you the experienced and versatile hit melody Composer my lyrics are searching for?
      By Diane Richardson · Posted
      Tom,  It seems I may have in some way offended one of the moderators with my post or perhaps they didn't understand what I was asking for but I actually did think that maybe my lyrics weren't, in a lot of peoples eyes, quite ready for a composer yet and I truly wanted the opinions of my peers and I believe I let them know I would be back tonight to critique some of their lyrics and here I am but my post is not and I'm feeling slightly hurt and humiliated at the moment and I'm not sure I'd be all that helpful right now. I do apologize for asking if my lyrics were ready for music yet but to me that is a request for others opinions and I read a post somewhere in one of the forums about advice on where to post when looking for collaborators and the lyric critique forum was where he advised others to post unless I totally misunderstood? Anyway, I am in no way looking for sympathy or wish to be pitied and I don't make it a habit of telling strangers about the strokes I have had and my heart and artery condition but since you mentioned something about "being patient" I felt it might help to know why that is hard for me. According to my cardiologist, my prognosis is 2-7 more years due to blockage that they can't do anything about because they don't make stents small enough for me and due to my very high stress levels, I haven't been able to completely stop smoking which puts the number of years I have left closer to 2. So you might see why I'd be anxious to try my hardest to do what I need to, to have my dream happen sooner rather than later. I hope to leave something for my granddaughter. I know it may be a long shot but I at least need to try. I used to run an online songwriting workshop back in 98 & 99 and it just seems like so much has changed since then and it's harder than heck to find great composers like I used to. Oh, congrats on all your accomplishments by the way. Very impressive! Well, I feel somewhat better that I got the chance to explain. The search continues.  Take care, Diane
    • New Member
      By Annalise · Posted
      Thankyou Jan!!
    • Everybody Wants
      By IronKnee · Posted
      Hi everyone......this is a new mix and Darin Morgan (CapM) is playing the electric guitar in this new arrangement. I would appreciate any and all comments.....thanks, in advance!                                                                                                           -Tom "Everybody Wants"
      by Tom Tognaci http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13205718
      Everybody wants to sleep,
      But they don’t want to make their bed
      Everybody wants a hand,
      But they won’t use their own head
      Everybody wants to eat,
      They don’t want the cook to wait
      Everybody wants and wants,
      But they won’t clean their own plate

      Hey……everybody’s wanting…..
      Not what they need
      Hey……everybody’s wanting…..
      Not what they need…..not what they need

      Everybody wants to win,
      But they just can’t bear one loss
      Everybody wants Heaven,
      But they won’t carry their cross
      Everybody wants it all,
      They don’t want the work it takes
      Everybody wants and wants,
      But can’t stand the sweat it makes

      Hey……everybody’s wanting…..
      Not what they need
      Hey……everybody’s wanting…..
      Not what they need…..not what they need

      Everybody wants a pill,
      To keep their love alive
      Everybody wants the thrill
      That keeps them satisfied
      Everybody wants a hook,
      They don’t want that barb of steel
      Everybody wants and wants,
      But they just don’t want what’s real

      Hey……everybody’s wanting…..
      Not what they need
      Hey……everybody’s wanting…..
      Not what they need…..not what they need

      Everybody wants to sing
      But they don’t want to sing in key
      Everybody wants a voice
      When they don’t know harmony
      Everybody wants the lead
      As the singer in the band
      Everybody wants and wants,
      But they just don’t want the band

      Hey……everybody’s wanting…..
      Not what they need…….No! Not what they need.
    • Any know issue with mobile devices after the implementation?
      By john · Posted
      Aww. Everything has it's time. Celebrate the life it had. Ooo I feel a song coming on... Did you check for a software update for your iPod? If it is very old it is unlikely, but you never know...
    • The Waitress and the Big Sur
      By GocartMoz · Posted
      Alan, Already told you how much I love this tune.  What I particularly love about it is the melody.  This is so catchy and the chorus especially just grabs you.  I know you think I am probably bs'ing you, but don't let someone else sing the lead on this tune.  This is right in your wheelhouse.  Nothing sounds pitchy to me.  It is a perfect tune for your vocal.   I think this is my favorite tune of yours.  I would go with only a 45 part harmony though. One nit ... not sure of that ending chord?  Sounds like you took the guitar off from around your neck and accidentally banged some strings   Shame on those that let 38 view of this tune go by without a comment.  AWESOME!