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    • David - love the lyrics - really good subject and the lyrics kick ass.   Will need to wait till I get home from work to listen to the song, but just wanted to say how good these lyrics are.
    • Hive Copyright © 2017 by HoboSage. All Rights Reserved.     (verse) sentenced to life without control sentenced to life until my parole assigned to the general population I can't find any isolation I pray for the hole sentenced to life with no control     (chorus) there's no respite from the frenzy there's no shelter from the storm trapped in the hive nowhere to hide and I can't outrun the swarm     (verse) counting the days, counting the ways I might break free and make my escape it's all thinkful wishing waiting in line, waiting my turn trying to grasp if there's a lesson to learn that I just keep missing sentenced to life guilty of living     (chorus) every thought becomes transparent there's no secret I can keep it's gnawing at me it's clawing at me the hive keeps drawing me out of my sleep I'd trade my soul to be pardoned If I had a soul to trade my heart and my soul were lost long ago the first casualties of the cage     (bridge) hive! hive! hive! being alive means trying to survive the hive! hive! hive!     (chorus) so many voices with agendas and every single one is mine they're all whining at me they keep opining of me but they're not driving me out of my mind there's no shelter from the frenzy there's no respite from the storm trapped in the hive nowhere to hide I . . . am the swarm
    • Also, don't believe that "growling" is the only way to put emotion into your singing.  You just need to find a way to do it that suits you.
    • Just1L,   Thank you so much taking the time to post your feedback, I really appreciate it. I will see to it that your lyrical suggestion gets forwarded to Andy.   Thank you for your understanding, I think most of us know how drastically things can change by the time we get to a second draft. (Haha). Im sorry about this but my english has it's limits quite often, I just wanted to clarify with you on what you meant by groove? Did you mean the overall tempo/rhythm in the sense that it may be a little slow or fast, or, did you mean something more like the natural stress of certain words in the sentences that sounded abnormal/strange - like a prosody issue? I do plan on fixing up the prosody issues and Im also going to practice the guitar picking a lot more before the second draft because the lack of coordination did make me lose focus on the singing. However, if you meant groove in the sense of tempo/rhythm, then that's something entirely different that I will have to experiment with.   Thanks again for your feedback!   Ken    
    • Yeah, yo.  Eff this giving up noise you're on.  Nobody suggested you can't do this.  Just that you're off to a great start and have things you can improve.  And by god, for most of us, there is a ton we can improve on.   Getting the right emotion is all about confidence.  A good vocal performance in general is about confidence, and this quitting talk makes me think you have some room to grow in that department.  But good news...that means you *can* do it.  So do it.  It'll be a process, but one that will be worth it.

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