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    • Wow!  The fact that you took the time to listen to all those really means so much to me. Thank you so very much. The cover album was lots of fun because each of those songs means something special to me. "Will the Circle Be Unbroken " was a warm up to another session entirely and I added the sound of the frogs and the storm I was hearing outside my apartment in Raleigh just because I liked it. It was si unplanned that it makes me feel really good that someone likes it.    P.S. I LOVE Eva!   
    • A lot of good can come out of writing/performing for fun, Morgen. Eva Cassidy's story is a great example in my humble opinion. Doing something because you simply love doing it, is truly a reward in itself.     I think there's a lot of emotion coming through on your other songs: True Colors, New York State of Mind(like it a lot), No Sunshine(much emotion here), Fall Away, Nothing(a personal favorite), Bound... That's as far as I got because I exceeded my "play limit" by repeating a particular song, but I really don't think the issue is with you as a singer. Listening to, "Will The Circle Be Unbroken.," made me quite emotional(I repeated this a few times lol). It is my absolute favorite of all your vocal performances, so far, and Im not even a religious person!    Keep the fun in songwriting!   Ken  
    • Chumpy, thank you so much for that. I think because I intended it to be more country Bent I fell into the trap of the clichés a little bit too much. So I totally agree with you there. I wasn't able to hear the plosives either but it's good to have a variety of opinions about it so I can always double check.   My husband is an engineer and is responsible for all of the music and production and mixing on everything. It's really just the two of us which is sometimes hard. There are a couple of songs that were musical collaborations with others but for the most part it's just us so I really appreciate your view on that.   It's really a challenge when you're a DIY artist to try and make things as good as they can possibly be. That's why these critiques are so important because it's easy to get lost introducing yourself. It doesn't always work LOL    
    • Mono Stone, Thank you! I forgot I even had that album on Bandcamp lol. I've gotten the same critique about the emotion and redundancy on that one a lot so I really appreciate that you like it
    • You have a great voice, and you use it well. I'm definitely a fan of your singing. The folks who performed with you and and produced this track obviously knew what they were doing -- it sounds very professional to me. I'd challenge David to point to a spot where there are obvious plosives, because I can't hear any.   I sometimes enjoy a piano ballad, but for me it really needs to have a lot of character.  I think the weakest part of this song is the lyrics, they coherent and reasonably well written, but the relationship as game metaphor is tired. Rules, score, dice, cards, moves, this is all extremely well tread ground, and for me pretty boring. I do like the central theme of the song, that people don't change and it's hard to accept that. Some details on the things he does that you'd like to see changed would add interest for me, as the overall vagueness of the song is a turn off.  

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