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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Lisa Gates

      I finally started a blog
      · 0 replies
    • LooknGlass

      2016..The worst year on record. 2017 where are you!
      · 4 replies
    • tunesmithth

      We seem to have an inordinant number of newbees posting their own work for review, but not reviewing anyone else's.
      While that doesn't violate any Songstuff rules, it does fly in face of common sense.
      Give & take is the lifesblood of online critique. Without it, forums wither & die. good as your work may be, people need a reason to be interested in it.
      If you haven't provided them with one, you do not have the right to expect much in return.
      As you were! 
      · 1 reply
    • Jerry Mallory  »  ames1212

      hi im jerry.   well can you sing and play keyboard/guitar or piano? I had a asthma attack and now I cant play anymore....but I can type my lyrics on my computer.  would you like to go 50/50 basis? just email me at
      · 0 replies
    • David Ritchie

      Lyrics for collaboration:
      No Regrets                David Ritchie
      I've got no worries no regrets
      I loved you like the world would end
      guess I've covered all my bets
      I'm living like a king

      Lord have mercy on the one
      the one who broke my heart
      thought I saw you yesterday

      hoped to see you again today

      I came I saw
      I felt it all

      Now's the time that we agreed

      No repentance needed    

      What might have been will be no more
      I couldn't change a thing

      No regrets just lessons learned

      my love was unreturned

      I see you at the foot of the stairs

      when I dream of missing you
      I'd like for love to take us away

      make the morning new


      I came I saw
      I felt it all

      Now's the time that we agreed

      No repentance needed     repeat chorus and fade

      I have several other sets to offer if my style works for you. 
      · 0 replies
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    • Hi   You have obviously worked hard on the song and video.  The only thing I might comment on if I had to would be the vocal sounds a little quiet to me, but it might be my headphones.    It is a very current theme and thought provoking.   Well done on creating this song!   Janeva
    • Hi   Welcome to the site.   Hope you enjoy being a Songstuff member     Janeva
    • yes I found Jung's association when I checked out the 1st alternative I posted.   That must reveal something about my personality. Half a$$ed research, disregarding Carl J, and impatient when it didn't turn out the way I think it should. In my experience this indicates leadership traits.   Oddly enough my workmate Danny explained to me today that his wife (who is a psychologist) uses pictures, simplified words and minimal structure to help those with learning difficulties. He compared it to making a presentation to managers. Its right! Bullet points, pictures (of cartoon simplicity), and keeping it short.
    • In this case I find the subject interesting and my interest would line up with my type. I think if anything it seems to confirm intuition. We can adapt to an opposite outcome from our types, but I don't think we would be comfortable being in that state for long since it really isn't us.   I was interviewed for a management position and they asked my how I would deal with a worker who was drinking, late for work or lazy. I found I'm lenient up to a breaking point and then I deal with it. I try to be the friendly supervisor first, but if I sense I'm being played shame on you. Admittedly people will try to play a person who they perceive as easy. I WANT to make friends first, but the job comes first in that case. I think they wanted a tougher approach, they weren't looking for a friendly boss. I have a job that both manages data and people right now...I guess I'm more of a passive aggressive in the workforce. In the end my style can be just as bad as the tough boss, or it can be good depending. I try to put myself in the persons shoes. I guess these tests are primarily given by employers to determine a management style. I don't really know. I think it can be helpful to know these things. Most of us will know  if the determination looks to be accurate about us because we know ourselves. It can be tough to look in the mirror though and admit it.  Doesn't really matter because others already see it anyways.   I liked your comments about adapting. It's uncomfortable but fully possible to exist outside of our preferred strength. I HATE social situations, but I'm told I adapt to it well and even look comfortable in it...yet nothing could be further from the truth.
    • These are the most current versions of articles & videos Rudi. The original versions were rewritten/reformatted back in 2013, but nothing has been changed since. Sorry for any confusion!   Tom

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