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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Ferry0123  »  Just1L

      Hey Randy, 
      Thanks for your kind words on 'Drowsy..'. I get what you mean by a smoother delivery, and I'll work on it. 
      I hope you're okay, I'm glad to say I'm okay. 
      Have a good day
      · 1 reply
    • Sreyashi Mukherjee  »  HoboSage

      Hello, David. I'd found a song of your's posted somewhere on the forum which I'd listened to but haven't been able to find since... maybe you've taken it down. It was "If I were You". Haven't heard softer sounding songs of your's before and just wanted to say that I liked it a lot
      · 1 reply
    • Dawn Robertson

      Sing Your Song
      This angel has no cloudy bed
      No pillow on which to lay my head
      What did I do so wrong
      I'll pack my wings and try again
      Do it over and over again
      Until I can sing your song
      With the words you once wrote 
      Upon my heart it's true
      I'll carry the message home to you
      The melody will fly like you do
      In and out the words ring through
      I will get my wings to fly soon
      To again be by your side 
      But until then I wait 
      To see you at Heaven's gate
      I hope one day to make you proud
      And have a bed in the clouds
      To be where you now fly
      One day I will be by your side
      With my wings open wide
      You will say I did it right, I did it right
      · 0 replies
    • Dawn Robertson

      Will You Shine Today?
      Do you ever listen to the voice inside
      It's telling you not to hide instead
      Shine your beauty upon me 
      You see I've been hurt before it's true
      But I see the beauty that is you
      Don't let them erase your essence 
      All the talent that you have inside
      Well if not used will surely die
      Stand up and show them your presence 
      Take a stand for what you believe 
      Every dream you can conceive 
      Dont be afraid of what they say
      Steadfast and true is the way
      They won't ever forget you name 
      Change your life today
      Listen to the voice inside
      Telling you not to hide
      They will try to say it's wrong
      But don't listen to a single word they say
      Haters be throwing swords all day
      Just walk away, shake it off
      Do you ever listen to the voice inside 
      Don't you ever run and hide
      Be who you are with pleasure and pride
      Open up to a better day
      No matter what may come your way
      You are a gift light to treasure 
      Take it from me I've seen somethings it's true
      But I still see the beauty in you
      Do you ever listen to the voice inside
      Telling you it's your time to shine
      Will you shine today?
      · 0 replies
    • Dawn Robertson

      Wishing everyone a beautiful and productive day! 🦋
      · 0 replies

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    • I love the Chorus, the verses were great also, but chorus flowed smoothly for me. The meaning was very emotional and would capture your audience going through the pain of young love. I liked the idea of the education behind the words.  lesson learned now being passed down, that drugs, pills never heal a broken heart. I think the way the world is today, swallow a pill for a quick fix, we need more songs against this type of behavior and explaining why, these lyrics do just that.
    •     I see you have now commented on other posts.  Thanks!   For me to better hear the specific words the singer is singing, I don't think the vocals need to be any louder - though maybe a little less reverb on the vocals would help.  But mostly, I think the bass needs to be less loud and a lot less "boomy."   Just my opinion.      
    • Can't wait to hear this one as completed song, I'd buy the CD
    • Color me pretentious I guess I don't use them in everything, but I've always viewed them as another tool in the writing/arranging arsenal. If they seem an appropriate choice, I use here -   05 - Don't Lie To Yourself 128 ringtone.mp3
    • I love strong women songs and this is just that, another perfect stand up strong song. Great flow also

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