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    • glenfisher  »  tunesmithth

      Is that my old Atari in the corner underneath?  
      I love your photo.  Cheered me up.  Now go and get some modern gear.
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    • tunesmithth

      Indeed this is a momentous occasion!
      For the first time in 20+ years, I possess no means of multitrack recording.
      My 10 year old Tascam deck just seized up...completely non-responsive.
      Oh well...all good things must pass  Wonder if it's too late to contact Santa?
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    • michelle margaret

      If you haven't yet please go like this page.
      Caitie is a dear friend whose voice deserves to be heard. 
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    • dickyboy  »  ImKeN

      Hi Ken
      I know I'm a little late in answering your call, so to speak, but I've just come across it, I'm Jon Bek by the way a lyricist from the UK, I know you were pitching in September without much luck I see, but I haven't been around myself for a few months, that's why I haven seen your pitch before now, so, if your all fixed up 'which is more than likely' just ignore this massage, but on the other hand, if your still interested and looking for a lyricist, drop me a line and we can take it from there, my email is -     
      have a good one JB
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    • Rudi

      embrace strangeness when possible or risk withering in comfort

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    • Before I invest substantial time and effort in this one, please tell me if the chorus is here too close to something else by someone else.  Thanks.  I do appreciate it.   David
    • [verse] he told me one time That it’s no use to try, (somehow resenting love)
      but a stranger knocked on his door And the thorns of a rose cut deep There’s no changing my mind Suddenly she waved goodbye Left alone with a kid 3 years old, a black kiss on the cheek Conversations echoing, That won’t happen anymore [chorus] I’m a little like you Lost in a fever dream Won’t get up from bed A familiar theme [verse] The cold walls whispers in my ear As I’m sitting with my trusty 45 Baby don’t fear We’ll be holding hands soon The pictures painted in maroon [chorus] I’m a little like you Seeing patterns I’ve never seen Taking care of people, She’s now 16
    • Hi Glen,  I really appreciate your words. I actually thought myself that line didn't fit. So I'll change it! I'll have to get someone to do it for me. It's definitely angry but I was thinking for a really jazz chromatic hook and then into a trap piano rap sound.  If i manage to get someone to do it I'll definitely post it up here!    Thank you again
    • Hi Gary B,   Ease into it, rush into it or go at whatever pace you like but you've come to the right place.  Have fun reading others lyrics and critiqing and hopefully we'll see some of your stuff soon.
    • Hi Hratus.   Welcome to the forum.  You've come to the right place.  Just post your lyrics and you'll get your feed back.  I only joined a few days ago and got some honest appraisal from some experienced muso's.  Be cool.  Looking forward to reading some of lyrics.

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