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  1. Bupa same as the rest . a good tale waiting to be told . the crack in the sky line could mean anything the reader /listener needs it to mean . I just assumed it meant moving on . the noise and smells the gas the smoke the lights > Gas for the American market seeing but not hearing a sound just a thought john
  2. soulja boy > superman
  3. Tom we gave you independence don't make us sorry LOL john
  4. Rudi all I can say is I am bowled over by the response of the American patrons of this game . but we Brits can stick together and bowl them out LOL john
  5. Green Day > boulevard of broken dreams
  6. could it be bowled over, affected with sudden and great wonder or surprise I was bowled over when the appraiser told me what the painting was worth Synonyms amazed, astonished, astounded, awestruck (also awestricken), thunderstruck, dumbfounded (also dumfounded), dumbstruck, flabbergasted, shocked, stunned, stupefiedRelated Words blindsided, ... or bowled out . as in cricket ?
  7. pop/rock

    just some thoughts john
  8. the herd > from the underworld > Peter Frampton before all the fame
  9. Simon Dupree > kites > remember when I first heard this yes that old
  10. Patty thanks for taking time to re-read and comment john
  11. Tom there you go> be must be an American thing ?
  12. Mike been a while since I worked at Bletchley Park , so my decoding skills a bit rusty LOL now you have made it easy by decoding it for me . thanks critique noted and being worked on . LOL john
  13. Peggy thanks for the read I remember that night ? first time fun . both cried / maybe one happy boy one sad girl - but hope both happy LOL john
  14. is that not the thing with abuse in what ever form - one nice word - good deed - kind gesture and the victim takes it as a sign he/she loves me . give them a chance and they will change ? just my opinion John
  15. Patty thanks for read changed some things got rid of brg . shortened the ch John