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  1. Band Auditions

    Hi Chloe, it might help if you told us who is missing in the band - or who you have got: singer (you, I guess?), guitar player, drums ... I have songs and (many more) lyrics, but I'm not of much musical use otherwise (possibly bass...). Good luck! Bernd
  2. > I'd like to point out that Blazing Ace has just posted an arrangement and not half a song. < Hence "topline writing" that is usually done by the singers themselves. The approach derives from rap, of course, but is common in pop music (namely EDM) as well: a producer creates a 'beat', the singer adds the vocal line (actual melody) and words. Royalties on the music should be/are shared (50:50 would be fair but actually the singers often get nothing, just their share as lyricists and a payment or their share of the proceeds).
  3. I'm introducing myself

    Hello, and Welcome! Should you ever need (English) lyrics for your music... Check me out when you have a free minute ;-) http://bernd-harmsen.com here are some references: http://bernd-harmsen.com/old/references.htm My lyrics are free for non-commercial use on the internet. As for performances and 'commercial' productions I expect the resulting songs to registered with a PRO (SIAE in your country). Have fun, Bernd
  4. Hello nameless, here is my text for you. It might be difficult to come up with a tune (vocal line) and sing it as you cannot know the tune I had in mind when writing the words (and even that would be not THAT easy to sing). Your track has two different sections. You will note that my lyrical sections also differ notably. I added time marks where I think the sections in question are beginning. The first has six stanzas the second four. The text will be published under my creative commons license so others may use it (or just one part or 'section') as well. It's free for NON-COMMERCIAL use (free posts on the internet, streaming ...). If you use it and have plans beyond that, please contact me before proceeding. 0:29 let's go for a swim in the sparkling blue sea let's be like children today we are free when we look back we cannot see the beach we feel quite happy to stay out of reach let our minds sail while we head for the sun till we reach spaces where time has begun gently we drift where the sky meets the sea float in the presence and float endlessly there is just us and the endless blue sea here we are timeless here we are free gently we drift where the sky meets the sea float in the presence and float end-less-ly 1:26 they party oh yeah, they party people are dancing they dance on the beach cool drinks oh yeah they've cool drinks they have a great time great time on the beach kissing oh yeah, they're kissing lovers are snogging snogging on the beach living life can be a party buoyant and joyful like fun on the beach Bernd
  5. I smell trouble

    http://www.soundclick.com/html5/v3/player.cfm?type=single&songid=13562163&q=hi I smell trouble trouble down the road like some dud shell that's going to explode I see it in your eyes that your mind's wandering I can read in your heart that your love is fading I feel it in your touch that you are backing out it's not hard to guess what's gonna come about I smell trouble trouble down the road like some dud shell that's going to explode
  6. Nice tune. By "lyrics" do you mean just lyrics or "lyrics and singer" - that would be topline writing. I could do "just lyrics" if you like :-)
  7. Two pieces of music needs lyrics and vocals

    I sent you a PM.
  8. Two pieces of music needs lyrics and vocals

    Beautiful. I could assist with lyrics and maybe guiding vocals (I'm NOT a singer). But then, you primarily need a REAL singer. I note that your tracks contain melodic parts that actually seem to anticipate the vocal line, or leave little room to deviate from them. Just mentioning. They're cool... Good luck! Bernd
  9. Collaboration

    You create wonderful music! Should you find musicians (singers) to work with you and just lack some wonderful lyrics - which is rather unlikely but MIGHT happen - drop me a note or check out my pages: http://bernd-harmsen.com 488 lyrics to choose from, and I usually write to music - yet prefer having a vocal line (a tune) to topline-writing because I'm not the/a singer. Good luck, Bernd
  10. Rock Bernd III - to make it 50 Rock Bernd songs

    Thanks for trying! It works here, albeit CD Baby seems a bit slow today. The full version of "the angels' choir" is in the song feedback section. Other full versions are on my player. And the 'album' is on Amazon etc. as well. My player: http://www.soundclick.com/members/default.cfm?member=berndharmsen&content=station&id=1116657 Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06VYG3V76 Cheers, Bernd
  11. the angels' choir

    Hi Jim, there actually IS a rhyme pattern in the verses - it's XAAX (the first verse might be taken as ABBA). Near rhymes, yet rhymes. Yet, adhering to my own 'rules' when I write for others, this pattern does not resonate with the tune. XAXA or ABAB would have been better. I wrote the lyrics a while ago and only later decided to set them to music myself. I actually feel more comfortable when I create songs 'music first'. A faster tempo would do the song good. I wanted it to be slow and solemn, but it got a bit too slow, I'm afraid. Thank you for your feedback. I'd say it's spot-on. Cheers, Bernd
  12. the angels' choir

    Hi Leo, you mean the chords to "the angels' choir"? Verse: C Am G Em D F C G Lift: D F D Chorus: Em G C F C G Actually, I normally just write LYRICS for other musicians because I've long since given up any hope that somebody might be interested in my songs. I mostly write rock - and rock bands do their own stuff. It's a pity because I believe I've written quite a few cool songs. I just lack the musical skills to perform then properly. And, what's even worse, I don't have the voice to sing them (too old, too bass). Nive hearing from you. Bernd
  13. Hey Bernd,


    I quickly recorded a 1+1 demo to 'A Place To Live'.

    What do you think?



    a place to live lyrics.png

    1. Leo


      I forgot to add - Lyrics by Bernd Harmsen.

  14. Diversity

    IMHO just scrapping the second stanza would improve the song. I like the line "So I won't know myself from who I was yesterday", so well phrased! The ending "... for all the people to see" on the other hand does not seem to make much sense to me. Cheers, Bernd
  15. Where she gone

    The 'pre-chorus' is not a pre-chorus but just another verse - or the continuation of the verse before it. Well, the second - ... "for a day of fame" - has a bit more of a lift (another term for 'pre-chorus' that better describes its funtion). The chorus seems to repeat the same tune yet again, or at least has got way too similar to stand out. Maybe just try using different chords... The lyrics are fine. Except, you don't mean "sole", do you? How about "soul"? But the difference isn't audible anyway ;-) Cheers, Bernd