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  1. You look good today.

    thank you so much for the constructive feedback, Gary. There is a lot of really good points there that I will surely work upon - much appreaciated!
  2. You look good today.

    Thanks for all the feedback on this song. I knew it would be controversial and only really understood by those that have been through the same sort of thing. I cannot stress enough that it does not matter what is physical and emotional the end result is the same mentally. The line ''You look good today'' refers to how someone can mess with your head completely and put you down and yet you still look for their reassurance because they seem to control your emotions. So they can be as horrid as they can to you but one compliment can make your world bright again because that is the effect that they have on you.
  3. You look good today.

    Thanks for the Critique and nice to see you are still around on the forum after so long Physical and Verbal abuse do have the same outcome and similar effects on people so the lines are bound to blur. The message is about how someone controls you predominantly. Whether that be physical or verbally. Is there any areas specifically it could be more clearer to you? I think not everyone can relate to this song.
  4. Find My Way Home

    Hi and welcome to the form. Good work for it being your first full song! I agree with the ending, the start line is strong and your ending line should be strong enough to lock in the whole song. I really like the concept of the song, though. Very sad but relatable to alot of people.
  5. You look good today.

    Hello, Again I haven't posted for a long while, life gets busy. These lyrics are about how someone can have a hold over you that they can control how you feel. I understand it needs some tweaks but your input would be greatly appreciated, thanks ''You Look Good Today'' Today I pray that you will be nice, I pray that you will be kind. You hold all the cards, If your hand is fine, then i'm fine. I'll dip my toe in the water, If its cold then I'll go. When the grey skies come, You'll be sure I know. Then I feel so low, So low I could give up. You say to me: You look good today I bloody love this beautiful calm You look good today. Please be nice all the time. You look good today. Suddenly the beams they shine. You look good today. Now you got me, With your sideways look, I feel so damn not good. I need you to cradle me Like a child, I crave you. But you flipped the penny, It landed on its head. I'm living on a fifty-fifty. And you, you make my bed. Then I feel so low, So low I could give up. You say to me: You look good today I bloody love this beautiful calm You look good today. Please be nice all the time. You look good today. Suddenly the beams they shine. You look good today. When the wind changes, one day i'll go. When the bruises fade, then i'll go. When I feel strong enough, but not right now. Your grip is too tight.
  6. Travelling Romance

    It's been about 3 years since my last post. So i'm glad to be back! I still need to do a bridge at the end but let me know what you think. Thanks! Travelling Romance. Lemon bitter winter days Silent reflections, wishing away. Oh, how the sun, It makes a woman so fun. The world, it is her kingdom Laughter, unadulterated fun. Under that glistening gas ball She has it, she has it all. Would he run to her now? Now the summer has gone. In absence of flight, Would they be side by side? Unexplainably high highs Trailing the path so wide The journey must come to blow She got more than expected though The purest infatuation A keeper, undyingly certain Under the glistening gas ball Feelings are so strong. Would he run to her now? Now the summer has gone. In absence of flight, Would they be side by side?
  7. Finally back from South Asia - a mind full of thoughts so watch this space

    1. Jammin1985


      Look forward to reading/hearing your new creations :)

  8. Words Make Me Happy

    Word itself is a strong word for it is the source for all communcation. Deaf people use sign words, blind people use braille words and all others use verbal words.
  9. Hey Maz! Long time no speak! :)

  10. Hey john, it's been a while since we last spoke, thought I would drop you a line :)

    1. john


      good to here from you. I sent you a PM :)

  11. New To The Forum - First Posting

    Hey Craig, Nice to meet you. I 100% agree with everything David said. The feel of the lyrics against the music is spot on, a nice easy listen. I love the whole energy and I really like you! You are a very talented man.
  12. New Article - Using Rhyme To Enhance Your Lyrics

    Just read this article. Very helpful. Thanks Anthony.
  13. As I take my first steps in London Euston station alone as sense of pride rushes through me and I smile to myself all proud until I realise that I am already in a rush, although ahead of my time, all these masses of people seem to not be content until I am rushing along also. I have been here many times before but this time it's different, this time I am a 23 year old women setting out in the world alone for the first time in her life. My very own adventure. So after managing to buy a ticket with no help whatsoever and a surprising lack of staff available to help if I needed any, I ventured into the unknown - the underground. Again everyone is rushing through these cave-like dull and dirty corridors. Already the positivity is draining out of me. Once I finally realised which platform to go on I may aswell have got poked on with a stick as you couldn't get another person on the tube if you tried. However, this was my adventure and I will enjoy it. Anyway, after being ridiculously proud of myself for using about the london underground system, I stepped off the train with the biggest smile on face. This. Is. It. No more home for as long as my money lasts. Tomorrow I will begin my journey round Europe. My very own adventure! After all my positivity raised and my smile was back I got on the bus to a place called Norbury to stay with my friend Amy before catching the train to Paris the next morning. I met Amy in school and we quickly become very close friends. She moved to London when one of her friends moved so she could enjoy the 'Party' life. Which she undoubtly enjoyed more than she should of, however, She is now a happy mother, loving girlfriend and has redeemed herself completely. We toured a bit of London, seeing the Big Ben in all it's overrated glory and the London eye which I was too afraid to go on! Although it's PARIS tommorow and i'm so nervous I decide a mountain of wine is needed to calm my nerves. Ok so, Hangover in hand and a struggle to get out of bed at 5am, I am up. Backpack on back and nerves higher than the sky itself. I venture back into the horrible world of the underground and get myself to St. Pancras station. Once I finally arrive, I give myself a good telling to not be scared and enjoy the ride, I realise most of my nerves have gone and my spirit levels rise by at least 80% and i'm ready to board the train. Enjoying the scenery and taking in the countryside views, I almost forget i'm on the train to Paris, France until my mobile phone tells me i'm in Brussels, after almost having an anxiety attack that I have got on the wrong train, I realise that the train passes Brussels en route to Paris. I start to have another attack wondering what I am going to do when I get to my destination. I haven't booked any hostels, I don't know anyone. I don't even have any contacts and I can't speak French. What am I doing!? Was the next thing that entered my head. It's ten minutes until the train reaches my destination and I am a ball of nerves yet again but I am here now and there is nothing my unimpulsive side can do about it.
  14. Hey John, I am travelling Europe haha i'm currently in Nice :) heading to Italy in 2 days :)