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  1. Welcome aboard PP! We appreciate that you've been taking your time to gander about! Thanks, Mahesh
  2. Definitely! I do plan to buy one sooner than later. Programming strings and stuff would be much more fun than trying to remember what keys to press on a computer keyboard. An ideal companion for any musician working with a DAW. Hopefully soon!
  3. What Rudi said. The shapes are going to be more than less different. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. It allows for chord voicings that would have been either not possible or difficult to use in standard tuning because of the limitation that we have because of the number of fingers and their lengths. Even at the basic level, there is a lot of room to play around. For example, there are many tunings in that chart which are set to certain chord tones themselves. That means that simply playing it all open strings without holding any fret would give us a nice full chord. From here, it is easy to make some deductions and try many ideas. For example, if you take the Open D tuning, simply playing the all the strings without holding any frets gives us a D chord obviously. But that means, if you just barre the 2nd fret and hold all the strings there and give it a whirl, you've got an E chord. This way, without even having to learn any shape, you are already on your way to playing many chords, adding to it the ability to simply side between them giving you creative space. Figuring out a minor shape from here wouldn't be that difficult since you'd simply have to flatten the 3rds. Basic stuff, sure, but you get to reap much more by experimenting.
  4. Ditto. I do plan to buy a small midi keyboard to make things a bit more convenient though. When the opportunity strikes.
  5. Meh, you guys need to drink some more and up your game But you're right about that, I'd be all over the place lol
  6. A very happy birthday to ya Mike! Thanks for all the contribution you've made around here all these years. I hope the coming years grow more fruitful and merry!
  7. The tunings? Try the last one, triqueen. Sounds wonderful when you just let all the strings open. I'll definitely be using the harmonics of that tuning as well as the other ones on my EP. They just give such a different vibe.
  8. Hiya Tom, Your assumptions aren't wrong. I do have my manager taking care of the page to a certain extent. But I've also made another fake/anonymous Facebook profile which is simply for managing the page. So I've no friends on there or anything like that. This way, it keeps things clean. Huh, That's unfortunate. I just tried the tuning you mentioned, beautiful indeed. I've only gone to a dropped D tuning until now for a couple of songs. Time to start exploring and seeing the kind of sounds I can create.
  9. Now we're talkin'
  10. As someone who deals with symptoms of depression (& laziness! lol ), I decided to deactivate my Facebook profile. It was consuming way too much of my time, not just because of my presumably weak will power to resist social media but also because of the constant formality of keeping in touch with people and of course, lots of business/career related communication. While I only have my Facebook Artist page now to manage, I use the internet for extracting some useful/interesting/funny/memorable content. So... cheatsheets anybody? I'd rather see it as a cohesive set of useful basic concepts in one place, which is all that it is anyways. and of course, my favorite.
  11. Now that you mention it, being here for years myself as a moderator and member, I always felt the musician's lounge was not casual enough. It's just how it was perceived thru my eyes in any case. Probably, that is the only thing that needs to change. To be honest, I'd love to post random music and non-music related stuff with as much freedom and fun as it was in the mosh pit albeit in a different direction.
  12. +1 on the coffee house idea. I would laze around on the virtual couch all day for ya'll to visit. *hint hint @john *
  13. YAY Jan! This is just great! Such a catchy production. The horns are just perfect for such a track. Beautiful!
  14. Absolutely perfect. Not a word off.
  15. This is only for the first 60GB though. After that, back to sh*t.