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  1. Not much of an Ed Sheeran fan but that's beside the point that this is inspiring. Thanks for the share John!
  2. LMAO. Always with the hats, Steve. I can't believe John came out of his cave to see some daylight. lol Right on, bud!
  3. I love it Alistair! I didn't expect that pre chorus, such a wonderful transition. The songwriting is top notch as well, in my opinion. I'm just waiting for this to turn into a fully arranged song.
  4. Good to meet ya Mike! Welcome to Songstuff Mahesh
  5. Such a wonderful voice you have Emily. I think the song is super catchy. In terms of the mix, I would agree that it is on the sharper side. It's mostly the synth and the hi hats and crashes that is making it seem like that, at least in my opinion. But you're definitely getting there with the mix. I'll keep an eye out for further updates. Thanks for the lovely listen. Mahesh
  6. Ah, You should be getting confused with the redirection to the respective articles section. All related topics to the instruments are in the same board you're seeing if you scrolled down, as David mentioned.
  7. And you couldn't find any topics? I'm not sure I understand. lol
  8. Rudi, All instrument forums should now come under the single "Performance" forum. "All existing sub boards will be merged into their parent. In other words, boards for individual instruments will be removed, leaving only an overall Performance Board, Specialist Music Industry boards will be removed leaving only "music Industry" as a board etc. Only the boards above will be left."
  9. Hey Tamara! Welcome aboard. Mahesh
  10. Welcome aboard to Songstuff Jari! Nice to have you here. Mahesh
  11. I love Norah Jones. No, really! This started out as an exercise to get better at vocal harmony as I prepare for my EP but it turned out to be a fun song to do. So I decided to put it up. After one thing leading to another, I had Norah's sister Anoushka Shankar (who is an exceptional musician herself as many would be aware of) commenting on my Facebook profile saying that she'll mail this song to her sister. Now, I'm not sure if that'll happen and if I'll ever get a response. But I'm happy as it is! Anyways: Thanks, Mahesh
  12. Welcome aboard Gecko. Satire music. Very interesting, I look forward to listening to some of your music here on the boards. Regards, Mahesh
  13. Welcome aboard Scott.
  14. Sreyashi, Yup. I'm able to connect much better now with the gigs. Some days better than others. Being in the zone as David mentioned still holds strong. Being able to emulate that emotion at the beginning will help get into the nature of the song a little more and then you end up being more connected, at least in my experience. Regarding your question of keeping emotion every time while doing a song repeatedly, I got this tip from John. To be able to reassociate the emotion in the song to a current situation or a recent life event really helps. At first this seemed a little difficult for me since my mind is used to associating the song to the original reason I wrote it for. But then, a song is interpreted by every person in their own way. In fact that's the beauty of it which brings people together through the music. This works for the artist too. You just got to get out of the habitual way of thinking. I'm known for tearing up on stage quite often. That's because of all these tips and things I've learnt from other musicians. Anyways, on a side note, there will be a new article about this - "Keeping Emotion" very soon. I'd interviewed John about this topic a while ago and being the editor, I added my own views a bit as well. This topic is super close to me and I look forward to publishing it soon.
  15. @Just1L , I just read your edited comment, are you still not able to access the link? That's weird indeed. @Steve Mueske Thanks very much Steve! I hope you're doing well my friend.