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  1. lol, Amen!
  2. I wasn't always into music deeply though I enjoyed its company. I remember picking up a guitar for the first time when I was 15 years old (being 24 now). Maybe that's when my interest in music increased and kept my teenage mind occupied. Being in India and coming from a middle-class background, my only source of international music back then was the radio. Every night at 9:00PM, the local radio would air the feed of Top40 with Ryan Seacrest or Casey Kasem and I used to fall asleep to it. The more I recall those nights, the more I realise how significant it has been for me to ever have my doors open to this wonderful world of music. Around the same time, I came across and heard 'Gravity' by John Mayer. That changed everything. I'm sure there is always one moment in life for every single person that proves to be monumental in deciding what the rest of their life is going to be. Listening to Gravity was mine. Never was I so moved with the words being sung and the music going with it. That's when my fascination with songwriting, making music, expressing was born. My frustration with my noob guitar playing skills further motivated me to write my own words and melodies. lol That's how it began. From there, I would try to find every opportunity to sing in front of an audience. Since I was in school, most of that would be singing competitions. I guess being part of those competitions really helped me gain confidence in myself to stand in front of an audience and perform. There was no stopping me from there. And then Songstuff & John happened. For those of you who know Derek Sivers is would also know that he was an active blogger/writer as well and was open to discussions with any person who would send him a mail. I did so, seeking music advice back in 2011. He said that the best way to get better at what you do is to share it with like minded people. He suggested I find communities online. And obviously, the first one to pop up was Songstuff. I joined Songstuff in Feb 2011 (I just checked, it marked my 6 years of Songstuff just yesterday) and I was quite the excited one. John noticed. I started getting involved with more things Songstuff and we started talking more about music and what not. Back then, I had a very basic phone with internet capabilities at the lowest. I had no computer, no equipment. In fact I had no room of mine either & was living in a room with my two brothers and my mom. But I had these songs. And John suggested I put an EP out with those songs. Now, note that I'd never performed anywhere but in school and college. I had no equipment, no money and quite evidently, no sense of challenge. And John says - "If that's where we've got to start from, then let's start". I did all I can to put some money together (saving lunch money, claiming that I needed lunch money from friends lol) and then went to a studio and recorded 5 songs and called it Beyond the Door. It was just one guitar (with barely average guitar playing) and my voice. But I did it. That's the point John had all along. Use what you've got and work with it. As if there was any other choice. I put the EP out online, sent it indie radio stations all over the globe (I did get my songs aired in a handful of radio stations and podcasts in the UK, US and Japan. I think that was super sweet of the people running the shows), got a 'music video' prepared with the help of my brother. A few people in the city took notice, invited me to perform at a few places for free. Two venue owners saw me there and offered me my very first paid gigs and on I went on my journey to become a full time musician. With John's direction always being there, I continued to stay active and build my music career while in college. As you would know how it is in India when it comes to parents pressuring you to pursue a more 'meaningful profession', I ploughed on as I finished my bachelor's degree in computer science. I worked for about a year and then made the decision to call it quits and pursue music full time. My parents were obviously against it but being stubborn, I did it anyways. John and other friends helped me to be smart about it. Being a singer-songwriter in India is not exactly a financially stable option lol I had to make sure that my education loans were still being taken care of as well that nothing changes in the financial equation I have with my parents. I wasn't a kid anymore. I did have a responsibility. It's been two years since I called it quits. Looks like things haven't gone to the shits yet lol I don't plan on it to. My parents came to a gig of mine a couple of months back. Their very first gig. After years of quarrel, fights, debates and what not, my dad on his way back said "I understand what he's doing now". He's not opposed my music or has shown distaste towards it ever since. In fact, it has been the opposite. Over the years, I've got to support some of the best bands in the country. I opened for Lucy Rose and Luke Sital-Singh when they came to India. I got to perform with Christian Galvez, one of the best Jazz musicians in the world which was a life time opportunity. There is a LONG way to go. And being a full time musician is a real struggle every single day. But it's all worth it! Every single bit. Years have passed and John has continued to mentor me in my career. He's been a greater friend and has helped me in the toughest of my days even when I was at a stage where I was 'hurting' myself. And it is such a mind-boggling thing for me to comprehend how someone on the other side of the world who has never met me in person has had so much selfless concern and passion in helping me. Well, helping people. I mean, this is what Songstuff is all about. It sounds like I'm exaggerating but believe me, John is probably THE biggest reason for any success I have earned and will ever earn in my music career. I try to remember that every day. Well, that's me.
  3. Thanks you guys! Hi Richard, Actually, I did change the name to Come Find Me. But since there is no update on that song I've put online, seems like the interviewer has caught on to the initial video. I need to put an update on that song soon.
  4. Hi ya'll, Looks like I'll be guilty in including this topic under the "Shameless promotion" tag of the Musician Lounge but I was excited to share it here anyways, especially when this is where I've grew up as a musician. John has been the biggest mentor! Anyways, just wanted to share with you the Rolling Stone India interview I did for the next month's magazine issue. Here's the online version of it. Hope all is well on that side! Cheers, Mahesh
  5. Welcome aboard Kathy. I hope you get the help you are looking for around here. Mahesh
  6. Welcome aboard PP! We appreciate that you've been taking your time to gander about! Thanks, Mahesh
  7. Definitely! I do plan to buy one sooner than later. Programming strings and stuff would be much more fun than trying to remember what keys to press on a computer keyboard. An ideal companion for any musician working with a DAW. Hopefully soon!
  8. What Rudi said. The shapes are going to be more than less different. But that is not necessarily a bad thing. It allows for chord voicings that would have been either not possible or difficult to use in standard tuning because of the limitation that we have because of the number of fingers and their lengths. Even at the basic level, there is a lot of room to play around. For example, there are many tunings in that chart which are set to certain chord tones themselves. That means that simply playing it all open strings without holding any fret would give us a nice full chord. From here, it is easy to make some deductions and try many ideas. For example, if you take the Open D tuning, simply playing the all the strings without holding any frets gives us a D chord obviously. But that means, if you just barre the 2nd fret and hold all the strings there and give it a whirl, you've got an E chord. This way, without even having to learn any shape, you are already on your way to playing many chords, adding to it the ability to simply side between them giving you creative space. Figuring out a minor shape from here wouldn't be that difficult since you'd simply have to flatten the 3rds. Basic stuff, sure, but you get to reap much more by experimenting.
  9. Ditto. I do plan to buy a small midi keyboard to make things a bit more convenient though. When the opportunity strikes.
  10. Meh, you guys need to drink some more and up your game But you're right about that, I'd be all over the place lol
  11. A very happy birthday to ya Mike! Thanks for all the contribution you've made around here all these years. I hope the coming years grow more fruitful and merry!
  12. The tunings? Try the last one, triqueen. Sounds wonderful when you just let all the strings open. I'll definitely be using the harmonics of that tuning as well as the other ones on my EP. They just give such a different vibe.
  13. Hiya Tom, Your assumptions aren't wrong. I do have my manager taking care of the page to a certain extent. But I've also made another fake/anonymous Facebook profile which is simply for managing the page. So I've no friends on there or anything like that. This way, it keeps things clean. Huh, That's unfortunate. I just tried the tuning you mentioned, beautiful indeed. I've only gone to a dropped D tuning until now for a couple of songs. Time to start exploring and seeing the kind of sounds I can create.
  14. Now we're talkin'
  15. As someone who deals with symptoms of depression (& laziness! lol ), I decided to deactivate my Facebook profile. It was consuming way too much of my time, not just because of my presumably weak will power to resist social media but also because of the constant formality of keeping in touch with people and of course, lots of business/career related communication. While I only have my Facebook Artist page now to manage, I use the internet for extracting some useful/interesting/funny/memorable content. So... cheatsheets anybody? I'd rather see it as a cohesive set of useful basic concepts in one place, which is all that it is anyways. and of course, my favorite.